Watch: Final Heal – Millennium Fantasy X

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We’ve been experiencing a true dearth of escapist, end-of-millennium fantasy sounds. Heart-rending trance, with enough open chords to match even the most melodramatic, pre-rendered cut scene. Final Heal is as ambiguous as the aforementioned sound they capture. With Quantum Natives, they’ve put out a true thorn-barbed fantasy, as saccharine as elixir but cruelly distant and much needed at the edge of this wilderness. I think more than any project I’ve heard to date, Final Heal’s Fata Morgana embodies the bladelike, emotional charge of JRPG music. Grimly ominous piano, giving way to techno-like pursuit through surreal cathedrals-turned-dungeons. Post-death load screen, a haunting elegy on loop reminding you of your failures.

Heaven-sent is not always a blessing and with it comes portents, tribulation, and death. She who divines the beauty of the cosmos and illusions is the villain here, a sorceress. She is not without sympathy but you’ll have your starborn obliteration nonetheless. Let Final Heal comfort you with these stellar laments. If death is certain, let it at least come with an incantation for eternity, with elixir at the lips.

Fata Morgana can be found over at the stellar Quantum Natives.