Trip Metal Fest 3 goes down next week in Detroit, feat. Wolf Eyes, Universal Indians, Martin Rev, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Puce Mary, Drew McDowall, and more

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Unlike, say, that creep James Hurley; the Detroit-based, fiercely DIY, artrock provocateurs in Wolf Eyes are still cool.

And Trip Metal — the band’s increasingly-annual experimental music fest that descends upon the Motor City each spring — has always been cool (which I guess isn’t so hard, since there’s only been two of them so far…but EVEN STILL.)

So, yeah. Now that that’s out of the way: Trip Metal Fest 3 is taking place on Friday, May 25 at El Club and will feature yet another plethora of “diverse musical and cultural” offerings guaranteed to grab your precious little sensibilities by their earlobes and give them a good hard yank. In addition to Wolf Eyes and Universal Indians — who will be collaborating on stage as “Universal Eyes” — the line up will include Martin Rev (of 70s NYC art-punk legends Suicide), The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Puce Mary, Drew McDowall, and several more.

And, as a further testament to how COOL the lupine lads in Wolf Eyes have always been and still are, the whole shebang is once again 100% “FREE / Pay what you will” and “open to ALL”. Tickets can be nabbed right here for a suggested donation of $20.

BTW, May 25 will also mark the release of “a newly recorded Universal Eyes 2xLP” called Four Variations On “Artificial Society.” As an aural warm-up for next Friday, feast your ears on the track “Artificial Society #7” from that down below; then, train your eyeballs by staring hard at the rad poster for Trip Metal Fest 3. Who knows? Keep putting in a little work like this each day, and you too will be PERENNIALLY COOL in no time!