Thrill Jockey announces very appropriate release date for new Brendon Anderegg solo album, June

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Unlike that famous Russian guy who wrote War and Peace, I prefer things be simple and easy to understand rather than shrouded beneath a veil of ambiguity and intellectual redundancy. Take Brendon Anderegg’s forthcoming solo album, for instance: that sucker is due out this coming June on Thrill Jockey and thus has aptly been given the title, ermJune.

Like, how easy was that? No superfluous hidden meanings, no hopeless equivocations, no artsy existential enigmas (who likes art, anyway?), and no bullshit. Just the straight-up facts, and I can dig that.

Anderegg (who of course is one-half of the experimental noise group Mountains), limited his sonic arsenal for the new record in a conscious effort to “depart from his previous approach to creating music.” And the results, apparently, were pretty delicious in terms of elemental progression and spatial ambiance:

June [is] a shimmering expanse of synthesizer-fed structure and tone [that produces] a singular sonic landscape with varied emotional triggers, from melancholy to playful,” Anderegg waxes. “The music is a complex network of layers…combining to create a congruous whole.”

You can find out exactly what a “shimmering expanse of synthesizer-fed structure” means on June 15, when whole album comes shimmering out into the world. In the meantime, pre-order it from Thrill Jockey right here and check out an old Mountains track to help get you into that requisite “contemplative listening” mood.

June tracklisting (read for this?):

01. June