The Thrillseekers captures classic trance’s magic with ‘Amber’ under alter ego Hydra

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The Thrillseekers, known for his “15 Years Of Trance” brand, has been an active member of the scene since the genre’s beginning. Reusing his Hydra alter ego for the first time since “Affinity” in 2003, he presents us with a subdued and euphoric new offering, “Amber.”

Classic trance elements abound in “Amber” — synths typical of the era make a subtle appearance in the background, pairing with familiar running bass to instantly trigger nostalgia. An emotive topline, strummed by glittering Balaeric guitars, ties the piece together with a note progression that promotes both tranquility and contentment.

Though “Amber” has a classical influence, The Thrillseekers approached it with the tight production of a contemporary piece, making it an instant favorite in recent sets by other prominent trance DJs.