The Flying Luttenbachers swoop down from on high like the heroes they are with new album Imminent Death

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Uh… Well, sooo, yeah. I guess it’s like the headline said:

Experimental punk-jazzers The Flying Luttenbachers, having relatively recently reincarnated, are now about to release a new album called Imminent Death, which, according to the band, it consists of “seven long tracks of rhythm and insanity.”

How imminent is IMMINENT?

November 30. All things considered, I’d say that’s fairly imminent. (Head here to pick it up-up-up on your choice of digital, CD, and double-vinyl courtesy of Weasel Walter’s ugEXPLODE label and/or God Records.)

How INSANE is “insanity?”


Imminent Death by The Flying Luttenbachers

Imminent Death’s sudden, immediate tracklisting:

01. Praalude
02. Get The Fuck Out (GTFO)
03. 7 and 7 Is Not
04. Grants, Residencies and Trust Funds
05. White Wine and White Lines
06. Serial Plagarism
07. The Stomp