Blanck Mass – “Please (Zola Jesus Remix)”

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Last year, Fuck Buttons’ Ben Power released his latest Blanck Mass album, World Eater. It found Power moving the project forward, leaping from its noise origins into a dancier, but no less haunting place. And today, he’s released a surprise epilogue to the collection: a digital-only EP titled World Eater Re-Voxed. More »

Goth pop’s high priestess Zola Jesus moves listeners on new single, ‘Bound’

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Nika Roza Danilova has been recording and performing under her Zola Jesus moniker for more than a decade. Now, she’s rising from the depths of her darkest release Okovi with “Bound.”

“Bound” is Adult Swim’s Single Series’ latest installment and it’s a sound encapsulation of the noisy, avant-garde flavor that Zola Jesus is known for.

Despite Danilova’s current sonic proclivities, the artist originally began as a classically trained opera singer. When her experimental interests began to pervade her work she moved towards a series of lo-fi releases that pitted her soaring vocals against harsh industrial clatter and gritty synths.

A year after her return to the Wisconsin woods in which she was raised and her imprint Sacred Bones Records — which boasts experimental evangelists like Blanck Mass and industrial heavyweights like The Soft Moon and Jenny Hval — Zola Jesus announced she’ll also be following up Okovi with the LP’s B-sides, Okovi: Additions.

Zola Jesus’ B-sides project will pair four previously unreleased Okovi outtakes with remixes and will be released April 6.

Photo Credit: Tim Saccenti / Michael Cina

Alice Glass – “Stillbirth (Zola Jesus Remix)”

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Earlier this week, Zola Jesus shared the new track “Bound” and announced the impending release of her companion-piece album Okovi: Additions. She also announced that she and fellow world-destroying post-goth queen Alice Glass would head out on a co-headlining tour this spring. This is amazing news, since both are the sort of live performers … More »

Zola Jesus – “Bound”

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We were big fans of Zola Jesus’ 2017 release Okovi — like, so big that we called it one of the year’s best albums and interviewed her at the Basilica Soundscape festival. Today she’s reminding us why we like her so much with a fresh addition to the Adult Swim Singles Series. More »

The 50 Best Music Videos Of 2017

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In this space in past years, I’ve usually written about which music-video directors had the best years. It’s a variation of the auteur theory, as visionaries like Nabil and Hiro Murai have used artists as vehicles for their ideas and approaches. This year, though, it feels like the artists themselves who are driving things, and … More »

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

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Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It?” is a pretty bad video, and it’s not even bad in the ways that you would expect a Taylor Swift video to be bad. It’s expensive and meaningless and even maybe slightly pretentious? But at least it’s not boring? I have no idea what’s happening with it, and I … More »

Zola Jesus – “Siphon” Video

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Last month, Zola Jesus was in Upstate New York to play a stunning headlining set at the Basilica Sound Festival. (I interviewed her there.) While she was up there, Zola Jesus teamed up with the great music-video director Zia Anger to shoot a striking, weirdly moving video for “Siphon,” one of … More »

Q&A: Zola Jesus On Living In The Wilderness, Making Bangers, And Learning To Let Go

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There may be better places to see Zola Jesus than a desiccated upstate New York factory full of intense-looking art-goths, but there probably are not many. The bottom of the Mariana Trench, maybe? A deep-space probe? Adrift on an ice floe through inky-black nighttime water while the Northern Lights dance above you? Point is: There … More »

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

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The world moves on, another week, another column. Yes, friends, as we head into Labor Day Weekend, we present to you our latest edition of of 5 Best Songs. And no, ya gurl did not make the cut. Who knows, though? Maybe at some point TayCorp will deliver a second single off Reputation. Stranger … More »

Basilica SoundScape announces initial 2017 line-up with Zola Jesus, Jlin, serpentwithfeet, John Maus, Blanck Mass, and more

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Hey loser! JK, JK! Let’s pretend for a second that you’re cool enough to attend this year’s iteration of “Prole-chella,” a.k.a. the Basilica SoundScape festival in Hudson, NY—where you can enjoy a full weekend that offers “a thoughtful mix of music, visual art, and literature” for the MERE cost of a $60 pass (or $110 with camping). It’s a fantasy worth contemplating, because the fest’s initial lineup has just been revealed, and there’s quite a lot of COOLNESS to be excited about.

On the music side, SoundScape attendees will enjoy the aural experiences of heavy-hitters like Jlin, John Maus, Zola Jesus, Blanck Mass, and Protomartyr, alongside those of up-and-comers like serpentwithfeet, Priests, and more. The festival will also host readings by Darcie Wilder, Eileen Myles, and Patty Schemel, and visual art by Naama Tsabar, Emma Kohlmann, Marianne Vitale, and Jessy Draxler. That’s a lot of talent under one industrial roof!

Of course, if those weren’t enough serialized names for you, there are also lots of important people are working behind-the-scenes to make sure this year’s event lives up to its sterling legacy. Basilica Hudson’s creative directors Melissa Auf der Maur and Tony Stone have joined with editor-in-chief of The Creative Independent, Brandon Stosuy, for the sixth year in a row to program the festival, while Pitchfork editor Jenn Pelly came on as a special guest curator and Michael Renaud returned as creative director. Truly a pedigree you can trust.

Basilica SoundScape 2017 takes place September 15-17, and potential attendees are “encouraged to purchase tickets early” because, unlike all other events taking place in physical space, this one has “limited capacity” (I’m sure there’s no bias there). If you’d like to learn more about the festival, check out the full list of announced artists on a website that’s formatted slightly differently, or purchase those hot tix, I recommend clicking this link…and hoping to God you become a lot cooler by September.

(How “cool” are we talkin’? This would be a good rough goal:)