Lino Raises $20 Million To Build ‘YouTube On The Blockchain’

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The Silicon Valley startup Lino is preparing to take on YouTube with a decentralized, video content distribution system that will cut out the middleman to more fairly compensate content creators. The company will go up against similar competitors such as Stream, Viuly, Flixxo, and Streamspace, all of which are trying to accomplish the same thing.

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YouTube launches new, low data application in 130 countries

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YouTube Connect

YouTube intends to make big moves as 2018 commences, with the launch of their new application YouTube Go. The video streaming giant is introducing it’s newest product in 130 countries after a successful beta test in India last year and an ensuing trial run in 14 additional countries. YouTube Go provides a redesigned version of YouTube’s mobile interface that’s designed for users in areas with poor connectivity as well as those facing expensive or limited access to cellular data.

The new application gives users the ability to download videos for offline viewing, normally a feature included in the company’s $10 monthly YouTube Red subscription package. Through YouTube Go, users can avoid draining additional cell data by sharing videos locally through a direct device-to-device connection. YouTube Go is also getting a number of feature updates from Google, including functions that will allow viewers to stream and download higher quality content, share multiple videos at once to other devices, as well as a user-personalized feed of suggested content.

The app’s roll out is currently confined to Android users. The international debut of YouTube Go will also skip countries with developed digital infrastructures, such as the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, though future developments could aim to expand the new platform’s availability.

Newcomer Ampzer releases striking original, ‘Phere’

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The ingenious newcomer Ampzer readily displays some clever, unique talents when it comes to fusing disparate styles with contemporary electronic sounds. Beginning with astounding classical piano progressions in his latest release, “Phere,” Ampzer showcases intricate skill and mastery of delicate yet invigorating technique. As the piece builds, the breathtaking piano riffs abruptly cease and ominous, weighty waves of unrelenting bass and synth blare in shocking juxtaposition. The complexity of “Phere” showcases Ampzer’s talent for experimenting with a style that is extremely rare in the dance music realm.

As a mainly underground act, Ampzer has officially released only a couple of tracks. However, these works are quickly amassing support for their unique flavor and colorful vibe. His other piece, “Lotus” varies dramatically from “Phere” as Ampzer flexes his ability to layer different textures in a tasteful medley, resulting in intense builds contrasted by laid back interludes. Nevertheless, with “Phere,” Ampzer shows the scene what’s in store for the future in his very own blend of classic and contemporary sounds.

Dancing Astronaut’s Youtube hot picks: Trap Channels

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Looking for new music? Then you’ve come to the right place. Dancing Astronaut will be highlighting YouTube channels every dance music fan needs to know about. From drum n’ bass to melodic trap, we’ve got something for you. Make sure to subscribe to Dancing Astronaut’s YouTube for the best dance music news in the galaxy.


“Your Favorite Music You Haven’t Heard Yet.”

Started in 2009, Proximity has become a staple channel for the EDM scene for both artists and fans. As one of the largest YouTube music channels, Proximity has racked up over 2 billion views and 5.6 million subscribers. From mashups to original premieres to the ZHU x Proximity exclusive, Proximity has listeners covered for all their dance music needs. Recent track postings from Proximity include Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Galantis, and Cash Cash, among others.

Trap and Bass

If you’re looking for your fill of bass music look no further. Created in 2012 as an outlet for up and coming talent, Trap and Bass has secured a cool 804,000 subscribers. On their channel you’ll find a mix of trap, hybrid, future bass, and bass house. Bringing the channel from irl to url, Trap and Bass has also hosted events and been a part of sponsorships worldwide. Recent track postings from trap and bass include DJ Snake, Oski, and UZ, among an up-and-coming roster of trap producers.

Run the Trap

With the intention of bringing 808 and trap music out of the shadows, Run The Trap was built in 2012 to create A New Order for Underground Culture. With 147,000 subscribers its obvious they know how to curate their music. From heavy trap to atmospheric future bass and with features like the newest Ekali x ZHU release, RTT has your deepest bass desires covered. With recent postings of tracks from Flosstradamus and Louis Futon, its no surprise that Run the Trap is one of YouTube’s most heralded channels for electronic releases.

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Skrillex Joins The Billion View Club Alongside Diplo and Bieber For ‘Where Are Ü Now’

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Hitting one billion views on Youtube is now easy feat. Only a handful of electronic artists have hit this mile stone. Some of which are genuinely surprising. Alan Walker’s breakout single ‘Faded’ was one of the first to hit the mark after massive support from the gaming community. Others like Diplo’s ‘Lean On’, Calvin Harris’

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Skrillex, Diplo, and Justin Bieber are the latest to join YouTube’s billion views club

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Perhaps there was a brief moment of skepticism when it became obvious that Skrillex and Diplo would be instrumental in resurrecting Justin Bieber‘s career. In 2014, Bieber was unanimously hated by every living human over the age of 11, and simultaneously, EDM’s perennial cool guys were riding converging waves into the massive swell that became Jack Ü.

In spite of seemingly divergent paths, the combination materialized anyway, the product was, of course, “Where Are Ü Now,” and the rest is history: over four million units moved, four platinum certifications earned, and a Grammy Award to boot. Any fleeting skepticism washed away as the song came to define the year and dominate the airwaves, and now, the blockbuster collaboration has reached another considerable milestone, as it is the latest to join YouTube‘s billion view ranks.

Coincidentally enough, of less than 50 inductions, none of these artists are strangers to the Billion Views Club, with Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo each already earning previous spots in the club. Seeing a pattern here? The track’s undeniable appeal was also matched with a creative video concept which sourced fan art from admirers around the world. “Where Are Ü Now” joins sweeping hits from Taylor Swift, Adele, The Chainsmokers and more as the past decade’s leading pop hallmarks.

YouTube solidifies deal with Sony and Universal, moves closer towards paid service launch

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Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that YouTube‘s music streaming service could arrive as early as March. The service, which has tentatively been titled Remix, has been experiencing delays in its launch due to its failure to negotiate agreements with major music publishers.

Negotiations with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group have been ongoing for quite some time, and until now had been stunting the new service’s launch. Now, Bloomberg reports that both of the music labels have signed long-term agreements with YouTube.

Sony and Universal’s contracts set an aggressive policing of user-uploaded copyrighted songs. Additionally, the deal means that both companies set the royalty rates for music video rights holders. Ultimately, YouTube will now be able to move towards a Spotify-like subscription model. The paid service will also feature content under a paywall, akin to Spotify’s premium subscription.

Historically, YouTube’s believed to have inadequately policed the misuse of copyrighted material. Many believe their failure to do so has held back the music industry’s growth, and while the Universal and Sony partnership will see out that the paid service is able to launch quite soon, it’s still unclear just how long the contracts are for, or how another new streaming service from a mogul like YouTube will affect the industry.

Source: Bloomberg

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YouTube record label NoCopyrightSounds hits milestone $1 million in sales despite free downloads

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In 2011, Billy Woodford established a unique UK-based record label and music organization known as the YouTube channel NoCopyrightSounds. Since then, NCS has transformed into a global music label with millions of listeners and more than 13 million YouTube subscribers.

NCS is a unique service in that it provides the option for listeners to enjoy music for free, but at the same time, users are presented with the ability to support artists through paid services. By giving away the music for free, creators are able to easily access more material for their work. Free downloads also mean new audiences will discover more music through easy access.

Despite the free download option, NCS has just announced it’s reached more than $1 million in record sales. This unique milestone is good news for the electronic music community as it cements the opportunities labels have in the channels they are monetizing for their acts. Companies like NCS have access to an entire generation of artists and can possibly alter the state of musical communication altogether.

“The demand for fresh original music from Creators is enormous and growing daily,” asserts Woodford. “I believe the music we support on the label compliments all types of content, from the Make-up and Beauty community through to the vlogging and gaming world. The fans of these content creators from each community are discovering NCS artists, and that is translating into traditional sales.”

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YouTube 2017 Rewind Features Marshmello, Ed Sheeran, and More

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As 2017 is quickly coming to an end, the video social networking platform, YouTube, has compiled their annual YouTube Rewind to share with the world what took place during this past year. During the 4-minute-long video, YouTube Rewind shares the biggest cultural moments during the 2017 year as well as songs such as “Shape of

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YouTube Label NCS Reaches 1 Million Sales Despite Offering Free Downloads

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By now you’ve probably heard of NoCopyrightSounds. Whether you’ve heard of them from our copyright free music article, or have seen the famed YouTube channel lingering around since 2011, NCS is a staple in the dance music industry. Despite giving away free downloads and offering copyright free music, the UK label NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) has reached

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