King Truth – “Don’t Know Me” (Feat. Young Thug)

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Every March you can be sure Trae The Truth, one of the veterans of the Houston hip-hop scene, will make the trip to Austin for some SXSW gigs. Owing to proximity, he is a very consistent presence at the fest, one you’re bound to encounter at some point if you attend enough rap showcases down … More »

A-Trak & Young Thug drop off vintage skate demo-inspired music video for ‘Ride For Me’

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Recently A-Trak and Young Thug linked up for a throwback to the Low Pros days, dropping off their grinding new collaboration, “Ride For Me,” via Zane Lowe on Beats 1. The track was met with equal parts surprise and praise, with Young Thug delivering one of his most aberrantly eccentric vocal performances in recent memory, complemented by rising rapper 24hrs’ tempered contribution, all wrapped up and packed tightly into a slow-burning A-Trak trap beat.

The pair have now released an official video accompaniment that ties together genres, styles, cultures, and even generations. Thugger and A-Trak rope in a heavy dose of 90’s nostalgia, linking with renown skate video director and Zoo York founder Eli Morgan Gesner for “Ride For Me‘s” one-of-a-kind concept.

The video clips together Gesner’s archived footage of legendary NYC skaters from two decades ago with cuts of A-Trak and Thug revisiting the same spots in the present day, filmed with the same Hi-8 camera, making the clips of 1994 and 2018 nearly indistinguishable. The feature’s visual aesthetics, which A-Trak describes perfectly as, “both nostalgic and post-modern,” play right into the track’s sonic appeal, juxtaposing a retro snapshot of life in the urban underground with a soundtrack of futuristic, new wave hip-hop.

Young Thug: “I Wanna Act Deaf For A Year”

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Young Thug will always be good at demanding our attention. Earlier this week, for instance, he jumped on twitter late at night to announce that he’s changing his name to SEX. We don’t yet know whether he plans on sticking with that, but the mere fact that he’s saying it is pretty amazing. And … More »

Young Thug Says That His Name Is “SEX” Now

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It only rarely works out when rappers attempt to change their names mid-career. Young Thug, a truly exciting rapper saddled with a truly generic name, once tried to change his name to Jeffery, even releasing a (very good) album called No, My Name Is JEFFERY. But nobody calls him Jeffery, and now he’s attempting … More »

Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther And The Art Of The Corporate Crossover

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There’s a moment on “Opps,” a track from the Kendrick Lamar-curated compilation Black Panther: The Album, where the South African rapper Yugen Blakrok says, “Stand behind my own bars like a seasoned criminal / Gotham City streets, I’ll play the Riddler.” Except we don’t hear the word “Riddler”; all we hear is a prolonged beep. More »

A-Trak Releases New R&B Infused Track “Ride For Me”

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A-Trak has truly surprised us with his recently released track, “Ride For Me.” Slightly different from his typical style of music, the DJ-producer has not failed to create an outstanding hip-hop infused track. The new music piece also features artists such as Falcons, Young Thug, and 24hrs. If you are one who enjoys the great

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Young Scooter – “Trippple Cross” (Feat. Future & Young Thug)

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Once upon a time we at Stereogum were excited enough about Young Scooter to put him on our annual Best New Bands list. Nearly half a decade has passed since then, and we admittedly have not always been so excited about the Atlanta trap star during that interim, but it may be time to … More »

Young Thug Made A Video With Birdman & Paris Hilton

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Hey, remember Paris Hilton? If you’re too young, Hilton was basically the Kylie Jenner of 2004, except somehow vastly more annoying. (She also recorded at least one very good song, “Stars Are Blind.”) This morning, Hilton has popped up again, as a sort of human status symbol, in the video for a new … More »

Your Guide To The 2018 Grammys: Will They Leave Kendrick Out In The Cold Again?

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The Grammys are this weekend — Sunday at 7:30PM EST on your local CBS affiliate, to be exact — and as always, we’re (almost certainly naïvely) hoping they won’t suck this time. They probably will; they always do. Yet thanks to a somewhat promising slate of nominees in the major categories, a similarly half-decent … More »

Young Thug – “MLK” (Feat. Trouble & Shad Da God)

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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Young Thug is celebrating the same way he celebrates most days: by releasing new music. Specifically, he’s released a new song called “MLK,” which features Trouble and Shad Da God. Hear it below. More »