25 Great EPs From 2017

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Over the last couple years, we’ve seen the rise of the “mini-album,” an inexplicable term that is, I guess, supposed to signify some kind of intentionality and artistic vision that an EP simply cannot capture. It’s a designation that’s been rightfully met with ribbing derision, but it’s an interesting development that speaks to some larger … More »

Watch: Young M.A. – “Walk”

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Young M.A – “Walk” Video

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The buzz around Young M.A’s 2016 breakout hit “OOOUUU” has officially died down, but she’s still consistently churning out gloomy, diamond-hard New York street rap. Her latest is “Walk,” which arrives today with a no-frills video by A Piece By Guy. Her casually confident tough talk sounds fantastic over an ominous whooshing loop from production … More »

Young M.A – “Same Set” Video

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Brooklyn rapper Young M.A has already given us videos for “Hot Sauce” and “Self M.Ade” off of her recent Herstory EP, and now she’s back with another for “Same Set.” Directed by A Piece By Guy, as usual, the clip finds her rolling with the crew on motorbikes and hitting up the … More »

Pandora To Host ‘Sounds Like You: NYC’ Free Concert With Nas, Young M.A & Dave East

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Young M.A – “Self M.Ade” Video

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Hard-nosed Brooklyn rap star Young M.A still hasn’t signed with a label or put out an album since blowing up with her inescapable viral hit “OOOUUU” last year, but she did self-release a new EP called Herstory last month. And now she’s shared a new video for Herstory track “Self M.Ade,” which features … More »

Is Young M.A. A “Fake Lesbian”?

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(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Young M.A. is getting accused of faking her persona again.

As you know Young M.A. has been very open with her sexuality, especially through her lyrics. She holds nothing back letting you know that the girls are texting her phone sexually, and she keeps her an eight inch [dildo] in the closet.

M.A. has certainly been trying to be Mrs. Steal Your Girl since she hit the scene. Interestingly enough, on multiple occasions some people have accused her of being a “fake lesbian” to push her music and to add hype. I guess they are saying that’s what her “gimmick” is.

Fellow female rapper Mulann Milla even accused MA of stealing her swag just to sell music. Milla said that she wasn’t even really gay. Hell, she also claimed that she knocked out M.A. in the past. Milla might’ve been trying to get a name for herself, or maybe she knows something we don’t know.

Others have claimed that M.A. had a much more feminine look in the past. I don’t know if it was because she was younger and her family may not have tolerated it, or if she’s hiding something from us.

Anyway, and older photo of a younger, softer, and more feminine M.A. has surfaced, and get this, she was even wearing a dress. The picture sparked much talk and even a little debate. Because M.A. obviously has a vagina, men commented that they definitely found her attractive in the younger photo, and shockingly some said they still like her in her “masculine style.”

Some folks who claimed to be insiders said that she used to be the girly type in the past with the long hair out and make up. Another said she’s not really gay because their male cousin had hit that recently, by recently they said in the last two years.

I don’t know, Young M.A. seems pretty authentic to me. Would you hit the old M.A. lol?

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Speaking of Young M.A., here is Lady Luck talking about her younger counterpart.

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Young M.A – “Get This Money” Video

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Young MA - Get This Money videoThe transformative Brooklyn rap star Young M.A might’ve unexpectedly broken into the Billboard top 10 with her song “OOOUUU” last year, but that doesn’t mean she’s doing things differently. M.A still, as far as we know, hasn’t signed a deal, and she’s still making gnarly, low-budget videos for her old mixtape tracks. Case in … More »

Bad Boy “Writer” Says HE IS Young M.A.’s Ghostwriter

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Young M.A. Young MA

(AllHipHop Rumors) Have you ever heard of anybody in the Bad Boy Records ecosystem named D-Ride? I have not. However, it was shocking to see somebody going on the record saying that they were Young M.A. ghostwriter. Dude actually put his face on there like Young M.A. don’t have some BK hittas to handle the dirty biz! So, who is D-Ride? I don’t know I suspect I may be falling into this trolling trap! HE claims to be Young M.A. ghostwriter but if you look at the video, it seems like he’s lying. Why would he play himself out and reveal he was her ghostwriter already? He’s cutting off his own money! He hasn’t even gotten any publishing! Just look at the video and see what you think!

Now, this is the only other evidence I see about my dude. He “exposes” Bad Boy as a part of the Illuminati. Hmmmmmmmmmm……

He put up a gift shop Eiffel Tower in the screen.
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However, Post Malone says, “Do your thing!”
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Young M.A. Has Ghostwriters? King Yella Says YES & Explains!

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Rapper Young M.A performs her hit single “OOOUUU” at Richie Hosein and Zach Edrem’s A.M. Southampton. Photo Credit A.M. Southampton

(AllHipHop Rumors) King Yella gives Young M.A. a Christmas gift the Grinch would love! The Chicago gangster has charged that the BK rapper uses a ghostwriter! Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Most rappers are corny. Young M.A. is not. So, apparently King Yella had a conversation with her management and they informed to him that she uses a ghostwriter and didn’t know what the Tookah line meant. Remember Tookah is the name of a street dude killed by a rival faction. Chief Keef most notably stay something slick about him. Young M.A. said something similar and it was a gross violation, which resulted in a price on her head. King Yella even decided to apologize to Young M.A. since she apparently didn’t even know what she was saying in the rap. I don’t know if she really uses a ghostwriter. In fact. I don’t believe she does. However, it may be time to call that management team on this one. They are good people and I find it hard to believe they would even TELL the enemy a deep, dark secret like that. You think?