Yoke Lore debuts video for engrossing single, ‘Fake You’

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Yoke Lore drops off lush remix package featuring Yeasayer, Blackbird Blackbird, and more

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Throughout 2017,  Adrian Galvin — the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter behind the indietronica-project Yoke Lore — dropped off a slew of electrifying takes on his 2017 originals “Goodpain,” “Only You,” and “World Wings.”

Now, Yoke Lore’s dropped off an official remix package for the number. Goodpain Remix is a cathartic assemblage of Yoke Lore’s work and presents a charming spectrum of electronica offerings. There are also never before heard takes on the record, including “Level Tools” from the electronic South African and Californian duo AMINA! and “World Wings,” from the textural synth-pop outfit Blackbird Blackbird which echoes satiny sonic sentiments similar to chillwave’s pioneer, Washed Out.

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Yoke Lore – Goodpain (Yeasayer Remix)

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The indie outfit Yeasayer has hit the pressure point in their latest cathartic number, “Goodpain.”

“Goodpain” is originally a single by Adrian Galvin — the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter behind the indietronica-leaning Yoke Lore — but Yeasayer’s reworking elevates Galvin’s lively number with a furthered inoculation of high-spirits and perseverance.

“‘Goodpain’ is about needing to go through necessary periods of difficulty or struggle in order to get to the good part of anything,” Galvin told Billboard of the track earlier this year.

Certainly, Yeasayer takes listeners to a blissful state in their “Goodpain” reworking, but the track’s newfound energy and aspiration for perseverance’s payoff is also plenty palpable.

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Yoke Lore Shared Beautiful, Electro-Pop Track ‘Goodpain’ [Stream]

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Those familiar with the soaring, electronic pop sounds of Yoke Lore may be startled, at live shows, to see bandleader Adrian Galvin take the stage with only a banjo in hand. At recent shows in 2017, Galvin dances between the unlikely combination of a vocal manipulation rig and banjo, while his drummer bounces equally between a traditional kit and at least one SPD SX. Subsequently, Yoke Lore’s performance is a typical electronic indie show, with the caveat of lacquered-on banjo folk.

In April, Yoke Lore released “Only You,” and turned in the most quintessential version of his sound: that percussive banjo, filtered, warped and transformed into an almost entirely new instrument, Galvin’s harmonic vocal textures and ambient synth backtracks. Now, in May, with the release of “Goodpain,” Yoke Lore saddles up with massive electro-tribal drum syncopations, another popular ingredient in his pop-folk recipe book.

Analogous in arrangement to an earlier 2017 single, “World Wings,” “Goodpain” (which is also the name of the new EP, out June 16th) is Yoke Lore sans banjo. In recent interviews, Galvin points to the idea of change, it’s constancies and ensuing difficulties, as a major point of focus. Inevitably, Yoke Lore’s music will change. So as integral as, say, the banjo, (and folksiness, in general) is to his sound, it’s no surprise that other instruments, or even genres, will undoubtedly catch Galvin’s skyward gaze.

Yoke Lore’s Soothing Tour Playlist

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We asked Yoke Lore to make us a playlist in preparation for their show at Bowery Ballroom on Thursday -check out what they had to say below.


If you play a show right, you shouldn’t be able to do much afterwards or the next day. So, when I tour, I try to listen to tunes that soothe – songs that drone me forward onto the horizon line and send me on to do for others what music does for me. In order to make traversing territory into a meditation – to make meaningful how one moves through time, space, and people – you have to be conscious of the space itself. I try not to listen to music that requires too much of me when on the road. That is music for another time. This music prevents me from hitting the ground, but lays me down just enough that I can feel and still experience the earth. This music gives me space, so that I may respect the place I’m in. I want to feel every mile and every gallon and every rock I might displace along my way, so that I know where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and where I need to go next. 

Animal – The Acid

Save Your Day – Jose Gonzales

Forever – Julianna Barwick

Lonely Richard – Amen Dunes 

Anywhere But Where I Am – Foreign Fields

We Have a Map of the Piano – Múm

Sewee Sewee – Mountain Man

Living Room – Grouper

Boreal Kiss pt.1 – Tim Hecker

Loch Raven – Animal Collective 

Yoke Lore Bring Melodic Bliss With ‘Hold Me Down’ [Video]

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Fresh off a brilliant performance at Welcome Campers, Yoke Lore has released an official video for the single “Hold Me Down” from his Far Shore EP. Adrian Galvin’s solo project (aside from Yellerkin), debuted earlier this year and we’re seeing a whole new side of his talents – mostly his mad rollerblading skills that have the fluidity of a figure skater as he rolls through Brooklyn searching for something or someone we never actually meet. Or maybe he’s just looking for a companion on his journey under the streetlights, but there’s a storytelling element between the lyrics and film that makes this night feel both endless and incredibly urgent. 

Photay, Yoke Lore and More Join Welcome Campers Lineup Plus Beer from Prairie Artisan Ales

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Our fourth year of Welcome Campers is less than a month away, and that means it’s time for us to unveil even more tantalizing details about our all-inclusive, action-packed, music-filled return to summer camp (with the necessary adult amenities). Those amenities include stellar camp cuisine, beer from our good friends over at Prairie Artisan Ales and grown-up versions of classic camp activities. We’re most excited to talk about the next round of artists, though — Photay, Maybird, Matt FX, Evolfoand Yoke Lore are joining our already-stellar lineup. And if that doesn’t do it for you, how about activities like arts and crafts with Calliope Musicals, a spelling bee, volleyball with Buffalo Rodeo — the list goes on an on.

This is all taking place August 26-28 just a short and cheap bus ride away from NYC at Camp Lenox in Massachusetts. You can get your tickets and check out more info on the official website here, or check out which friends of yours are going and RSVP to the event on Facebook here.

Full Lineup

Buffalo Rodeo
Matt FX
Calliope Musicals
Yoke Lore
Kid Mountain