Bill Browder Calls Out Robbie Williams For “Selling His Soul” For Russia World Cup Gig

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Robbie WilliamsThe World Cup kicks off tomorrow in Russia, which is super exciting if you love soccer and a little depressing if you’re an American who loves soccer, seeing as the US didn’t qualify for the first time in 32 years. You know who will be there, though? Robbie Williams. More »

Listen to the anthemic Diplo and Will Smith World Cup soundtrack, ‘Live It Up’

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Will Smith Diplo

Teamwork makes the dream work, and in the EDM arena, there’s no better all-star captain than the venerable Diplo. The “Get Lit” Will Smith has slowly been making his way into a musical comeback, and now, he’s on the starting lineup with Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi for Diplo’s FIFA 2018 World Cup anthem, “Live It Up.”

In previous years, World Cup anthems have beared some resemblance to their host countries — see Shakira’s “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” as just one notable example — but Diplo’s Latin-flavored EDM jam, on the other hand, oozes the pop troupes and preferences he’s come to align his production work with. “Live It Up” doesn’t even vaguely align itself with Mother Russia. Instead, it dabbles in the high-energy, horn-heavy, layered tendency of popular music that’s taken the world by storm on tracks from artists like J Balvin.

Though Smith has just two verses on the track, “One life/ One dream/ One moment/ One team/ One you” and another where he almost sings, “You wanted it/ You got it/ The whole world is watching/ So let’s get this popping,” he sounds fatigued.  His singular points of reference echo the singular approach to this worldwide arena primer. And while the track’s general appeal lies in it’s relatively formulaic approach, “Live It Up” contains all the classic elements of a summertime highlight and will inevitably morph into a hit given the World Cup’s status as the most-watched television event in the world.

Will Smith, Diplo, And Nicky Jam Made A World Cup Anthem

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Nicky-Jam-Live-It-UpThe World Cup is coming to Russia this summer, and tournament organizers FIFA have just unveiled the tournament’s official song, which doesn’t even sound remotely Russian. It doesn’t even feature any artists whose countries will be represented in the tournament. Instead, it’s a Diplo-produced and vaguely Latin-flavored EDM jam that features generically motivational vocals from … More »

Diplo and Will Smith link up to produce 2018 World Cup anthem

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Will Smith, Nicky Jam, Era Istrefi, and Diplo are reportedly joining forces for the World Cup’s 2018 anthem, and judging by the star power inherent in this grouping, the incoming theme song sounds like it’ll be a veritable sonic goal.

Smith, Jam, and Kosovo vocalist, Istrefi, will perform the number, with Diplo handling all things production related. Titled ‘One Life to Live. Live it Up,’ the finished production is expected to drop on Friday, May 25.

@nickyjampr @Diplo @strefie @WillSmith – One Life to Live. Live it Up. #WorldCup

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Given the World Cup’s status as the most-watched television event in the world, the anthem will enjoy prevalent airtime. Previous World Cup anthems have included Pitbull’s ‘We Are One (Ole Ola),’ and Shakira’s wildly popular ‘Waka Waka,’ among others.

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♫ Listen: World Cup – Quiz Show Kid

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Primetime, in a made-for-television, too much reality, but everyone on ice: Quiz Show Kid by World Cup is that awkward, out-of-nowhere holiday programming that gathers families and friends around the television/fireplace. Yes, this is exactly what I need to move. I cannot sit, for my toes are in that motional attitude that only rests upon seat, and there is never a chair to be sat. Rarely. 20% rarely. World Cup is the glory of the adventure, whether almost home or weeks past when things come back around to recollection. So fall in. Concoct.

Quiz Show Kid has more than just answers: