BOT & Will Clarke are ‘Feeling Good’ with long-awaited collaboration

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BOT & Will Clarke are ‘Feeling Good’ with long-awaited collaborationFeeling Good Will Clarke BOT

“Feeling Good” has been making its way around the house and techno circuits for quite a few months now. The mellifluous stomper, which has been revealed as another BOT & Will Clarke, is almost too effective at getting stuck in the mind with its pitched-down vocal hook and creeping progressions. Paired with crackling analog elements, machine sampling, and acid blips at play below driving percussion, “Feeling Good” positions itself as a peak time jaunt capable of smashing the dance floor into bits. It’s this fierce personality that has led Claude VonStroke, Solardo, and other top tier talent have been giving the record a fair rinse in their sets throughout the festival season.

Tiger Stripes was also called into action for remixing duties—an act not seen much around the DIRTYBIRD nest, but one the label admires greatly. The Swedish producer adds a bit more of a melodic and spacey take to the original, adding consistency via distinctive synth stabs and even tougher percussion. Tiger Stripe’s version is equally adaptable to the peak time while standing completely on its own.

Prior to “Feeling Good,” BOT and Will Clarke enamored the dance world with “Techno (not techno).” They’ve made it clear that music with both their names in the credits is not to be missed.


Lunar Lunes: Vincent and Yetep get on the ‘Same Page,’ Will Clarke and Nick Monaco thrill with new original, Jai Wolf delivers two new tracks + more

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Lunar Lunes: Vincent and Yetep get on the ‘Same Page,’ Will Clarke and Nick Monaco thrill with new original, Jai Wolf delivers two new tracks + moreLunar Lunes E1540831560592

Each week, New Music Friday sweeps through with torrential force, showering streaming platforms with immeasurable amounts of new tunes. Just like Dancing Astronaut rounds up 25 of the biggest songs of the week for the Hot 25 Spotify playlist each New Music Friday, Lunar Lunes serves as a landing pad for SoundCloud users who want a whole new dose of tunes to kick off the work week.

In his latest, Vincent has teamed up with Yetep and Brooke Daye to deliver the lighthearted “Same Page.” Will Clarke and Nick Monaco concoct some techno madness with their new collaboration, “Like A Girl,” on Dirtybird. In a seven-minute Steyoyoke Recordings venture, Rinzen has created “Forms,” an ethereal techno odyssey. Jai Wolf released two tracks from his forthcoming debut album, The Cure To Loneliness, “Lose My Mind” and “Telepathy.” Those who’ve seen a k?d performance can finally enjoy his show edit of “Find Paradise,” which he released via SoundCloud. KUURO have covered Post Malone‘s “Better Now,” and Sam Void‘s released “Feel The Low” on Protocol Recordings. HERO has revealed a “VHS pop” Fool’s Gold EP, containing disco-influenced tracks like “Nightcrawler.” Rainer + Grimm deliver their rendition of R3HAB‘s “Radio Silence,” and Syn Cole puts his spin on Nina Nesbitt’s “Colder.”

The selection is updated every Lunes (Monday).

Will Clarke & Nick Monaco empower in ‘Like A Girl’

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Will Clarke & Nick Monaco empower in ‘Like A Girl’LikeAGirl 3000

DIRTYBIRD is off to a strong start for the year. Its first release, “Like A Girl,” comes from two of its strongest players, Will Clarke & Nick Monaco. The result is an extra-terrestrial heater, whose laser shots take on the form of pointed synth progressions and whose low-end is positively destructive in the best of ways. It’s hard not to feel abducted by this pair’s immensely catchy tune.

Beneath the catchiness is something a bit more nuanced, however. “Like A Girl” features lyrics penned by Nick Monaco, who’s known for championing radical equality and fluidity across his art. They speak of doing various actions, “like a girl,” giving off a Madonna, “What It Feels Like For A Girl” tone of empowerment. Deep as it is fierce, we imagine the collaboration is already positioned to be one of the strongest DIRTYBIRD records of 2019; and that’s saying a lot.



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Sian & Will Clarke run AMOK on Octopus

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Sian & Will Clarke run AMOK on OctopusWill Clarke Sian AMOK

A new project has been born between Sian and Will Clarke, and is proving to be positively destructive. Under the moniker AMOK, You Only Want Me has arrived as a three-track introduction to what they collectively stand for. The EP’s namesake opener quietly creeps up on its listeners before detonating into a menacing tech weapon that stirs unease on the dance floor. Right away, AMOK sets a tone of seriousness that persists throughout the rest of the EP.

“The Creeper” follows up with a searing bassline and acid tones that are joined by a speedy tempo to wrap its targets in a tight grip. Breaking free of the darkness feels like an impossibility. Finally, “It Is Nothing” is a high-octane ending to You Only Want me. Steamy vocal samples are doused in nostalgic synth stabs and keyboard hits, conjuring images of 90s warehouse parties while carrying a sharpened modern edge. You Only Want Me ultimately shows an even blend between AMOK’s members, with Clarke infusing his feel-good UK elements into the hardware rabbit hole that his production partner’s sound.

Sian’s really shown his experimental side throughout 2018. Prior to becoming AMOK, he also worked heavily with Marc Houle as Marsian, where they debuted a new live setup around key spaces in North America. Will Clarke has always shown versatility in his sets and a willingness to evolve, making his pairing with Sian a sensible fit together.


Exclusive: Nick Monaco – Drama (Will Clarke Remix)

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Exclusive: Nick Monaco – Drama (Will Clarke Remix)Drama Will Clarke Remi

It’s time to cozy up to another pumping remix by Dirtybird mainstay Will Clarke. The self-professed cuddle aficionado and producer of raunchy tech beats has added Nick Monaco to his sizeable collection of 2018 reworks, following up a pungent edit of “Dubplate,” by My Cat Snoop. His refreshed take on Monaco is part of Dirtybird Campout West‘s compilation, which sonically hints at a raucous weekend.

The track he’s targeted this time around is “Drama,” a tensely melodic number originally signed onto Dirtybird’s Selects arm. Wherever the original establishes a sinister tone, Clarke amplifies it with a heavier low-end and bass plucks that chase after the listener like the great white shark in Jaws. This titillating take on “Drama” ought to wreak havoc on the dancefloor, particularly during pitch black nighttime hours.


Order a copy of the 2018 Dirtybird Campout West compilation here

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Will Clarke concocts a cozy house mix ahead of CRSSD [Exclusive]

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Will Clarke concocts a cozy house mix ahead of CRSSD [Exclusive]Will Clarke Press Credit Jvkdvideos

There’s been no stoppage to Will Clarke‘s creative tap in recent months. The Bristol bearded sensation has found his way onto a quite a few imprints beyond his Dirtybird roost, including a jaunt on Solardo‘s Sola, and more recently on Relief Records with his Mercy EP. It’s come time, however, to begin looking toward a return to the nest.

Dirtybird Campout West is swiftly approaching its October 5 arrival in Northern California, where Clarke will be assuming his usual post as a prime camp counselor. Prior to that, however, he’s set to provide San Diego with a round of rattling tech house during its semi-annual CRSSD Festival. Will is no stranger to the festival, having rocked its stages before.

He’s kindly put together an hour of tunes for his fans ahead of both events, however, to help warm up tailfeathers and to showcase his current musical stylings. Per usual, we’re taken on a bouncy ride through standout basslines, commanding vocal clips, and high levels of percussion that knock one into submission and force movement on the floor. It’s a truly cozy mix to snuggle up to when needing a dose of proper house.

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Claude VonStroke announces new Birdhouse Festival in Chicago this fall

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Claude VonStroke announces new Birdhouse Festival in Chicago this fallClaude Vonstroke Djing Dirtybird Campout

While Claude VonStroke‘s skill for DJing and producing is a given, the Dirtybird boss has also become known for his knack for throwing some truly unique parties and festival experiences. With Dirtybird Campouts now on both coasts and Detroit’s Dirtybird BBQ still running strong, VonStroke and the label have now announced their newest event, the inaugural Birdhouse Festival.

Taking place on September 8 in Chicago, the show is headlined by VonStroke himself, who will be bringing along a legion of Dirtybird’s top talent. Will Clarke, Christian Martin b2b Ardalan, and J. Phlip b2b Gene Farris are just a few of the hotly anticipated sets to come at this event. In addition to the music, the event will be hosting a street fair, with carnival games, prizes, and food. Lineup support comes from London’s Zombie Disco Squad, Fancy Fux, and new Dirtybird artist and Chicago native Teknicoz, bringing music, food, and fun together for a comprehensive festival experience.

Claude VonStroke announces new Birdhouse Festival in Chicago this fallBirdhouse Festival

Listen to Will Clarke’s entrancing Dirtybird Campout East set [Stream]

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Listen to Will Clarke’s entrancing Dirtybird Campout East set [Stream]Screen Shot 2018 07 07 At 10.35.45 AM

A live set sure to inspire fervent ID searches, Will Clarke’s performance from Dirtybird Campout East has arrived, just ahead of the Dirtybird collective’s 2018 edition of its flagship Dirtybird Campout West.

Rife with gritty bass, entrancing loops, and penetrating transitions that take listeners from one Will Clarke catalogue staple to another house heater, to yet another unidentified dance floor filler, the unpredictable set is a masterful exposition of both Dirtybird and Clarke’s sonic personalities.

Claude VonStroke delivers his Movement set turned album, ‘Live In Detroit’

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Claude VonStroke delivers his Movement set turned album, ‘Live In Detroit’Claude Vonstroke Live From Detroit 1

Dirtybird don and Detroit native Claude VonStroke announced that he would release his headlining set as a live album after playing Movement Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend. Originally released on Apple Music, the set is now active on all streaming services and titled, Live In Detroit.

Jam-packed with VIP edits and deep cuts, VonStroke went all out, bringing the fans in his hometown some of the weekend’s most dynamic house and techno. From originals like “Grenade,” his industrial collaboration with EPROM and his previously unreleased, “Maharaja” to Wyatt Marshall’s techno remix of the classic “Who’s Afraid of Detroit,” Claude VonStroke has put together 85 minutes of the grooviest dance-floor tunes. With the album consisting of the DJs continuous mix along with 13 individual, unmixed tracks, the Dirtybird boss has blessed us all with this massive offering of house and techno bliss.

Premiere: Will Clarke – Take A Seat

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One of Dirtybird Records’ most cuddly players, Will Clarke, is back with a new dance floor heater called, ironically, “Take A Seat.” This track has been a go-to staple in many of the other Players’ sets for some time now, but thankfully, the time has come for fans to get their hands on it

“Take A Seat” is a showcase of exactly what Will Clarke does so well — the track combines a steady, punchy dose of bass in the form of a very well produced kick, an interesting assortment of other wonky synths and percussive sounds throughout the track, which change as the song progresses, and an infectious vocal hook. The lyrics comically advise that “…people take a seat,” ironic since that’s the opposite of what the track makes people want do — namely, get up and shake that tailfeathers.  Clarke definitely came correct with this new Dirtybird classic, perfectly in step with their signature style of fun, bass heavy tech house music.