Whethan and Oh Wonder talk Mamby On The Beach, new collab, + more [Q&A]

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Whethan and Oh Wonder talk Mamby On The Beach, new collab, + more [Q&A]Mamby Whethan 1

Since 2015, Mamby On The Beach has been allowing Chicago’s festival-goers to relish a diverse roster of acts right from the lakefront, the awe-inspiring Chicago skyline as its backdrop. Perched atop the sands of Oakwood Beach, Mamby is known for its eclectic lineup, which this year featured everything from Chicago rap deity, Common, to the indie accents of Cold War Kids, along with electronic titans like Gorgon CityDuke Dumont, and Jai Wolf

For some musicians, it might seem counterintuitive to tap a 19-year-old to partner up with for a first-time collaboration. For Oh Wonder, that couldn’t be further from the case.

After years of shooting down a plentitude of offers, the London-based alt-pop duo, consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, took a chance on the Windy City’s own Whethan. Before long, “Superlove,” a radiant synth-pop track about a compulsory love, was born. To everyone’s surprise, Oh Wonder joined Whethan on stage after finishing up their own set to debut the song live for a packed crowd at Mamby’s Beach Stage—a jolt of warmth as the sun began to dip under the Chicago skyline.

Though young, Whethan, lesser known as Ethan Snoreck, is no ordinary teenager. In addition to being uncannily talented, at 19, he has played Coachella twice, worked alongside Skrillex, and is best friends—not to mention serial collaborators—with fellow Chicago-turned-LA-natives and young EDM royalty, Louis The Child. Both he and Oh Wonder joined Dancing Astronaut at Mamby to discuss inspiration behind “Superlove,” their similar ascensions to fame, what’s in store for the rest of 2018, and more. Whethan also spoke separately on tour-life as a teenager, his relationship with Louis The Child, and fine-tuning his unique sound.

How did you guys link up for this new collaboration?

Anthony: We were over in LA for a few weeks…

Whethan: I was a fan of their music for a long time, and someone said you should come to the room.

Josephine: And we did. And it was sick.

Who wrote the lyrics for the track, and where did the inspiration come from?

Josephine: A song is what you want it to be, right? I don’t want to prescribe a narrative to it if somebody’s enjoying it in their own way. But I think it’s the idea of when you’re so overwhelmed and in love with someone to the point where it’s a little bit creepy. To me, it’s like when you’re almost addicted to someone, like obsessive love. You think, like, ‘This is not good for me, but I don’t give a sh*t because I love you so much.’

Anthony: We were trying to be as creepy as possible.

You all have similar come-ups in the sense that you began experimenting with production, and started to receive recognition very early on. When you were putting those first few pieces together did you ever imagine that you would reach this level of success?

Whethan: I never imagined [this]. I was shooting blanks, just making little tracks on my computer at 15-years-old, and then next thing you know, different DJs started playing them at different festivals.

Josephine: Were you ever in the crowd?

Whethan: One time when I was really young.

Who was that for?

Whethan: Zeds Dead was the first at HARD Summer. I was like,

‘Woah, I guess my songs can be played that loud and on speakers that big.’

Because I didn’t even make music on monitors, pretty much just headphones and this weird bluetooth speaker. So I was like, ‘Oh, I can do this.’

Josephine: We just uploaded songs to SoundCloud for a year, just trying to build a portfolio. And then people were like, ‘You should come play these songs live.’ And we just kind of linked. Coming up on four years later we’ve just been touring constantly for four years. We put two records out.

Anthony: Didn’t expect any of it. So it’s all like a bonus for us.

Did the track turn out the way you guys wanted it to?

Josephine: Hell yeah.

Whethan: We worked extra long to make sure the version was the best it could be.

Anthony: We’ve never collaborated with anyone before.

Josephine: We’ve never worked with anyone on music. Ethan was super accommodating and awesome, and totally respected the fact that we were like, ‘Ah! We’ve never written a song and given it to someone.’ He made it sound better than what we could imagine.

Did you guys have reservations about collaborating in the past or did the right opportunity just never arise?

Josephine: We’ve said no to pretty much everyone over the last three years. Art is so personal. I think it has to be organic and come from the right place.

What can we expect from each of you for the rest of 2018?

Whethan: A lot of singles for me, personally, that might show the bigger picture of what the project will be, but I’m working on a project now. It doesn’t have a date or anything.

Anthony: For us, a bit more touring. And then we’re going to go home, write another record, spend some time in LA. Just make more music.

At this point, the conversation turns to Whethan, OWSLA recruit and critically lauded EDM wunderkind. Fresh off of his Mamby performance, we dove into an exciting day in the life of one of dance music’s newest torch carriers. 

How do you feel being on your home territory at Mamby?

It feels good. I feel like it’s been a little while, but it hasn’t been that long. I feel like Lollapalooza was so long ago. I’ve been home since then, but not actually playing. It’s beautiful. It’s sunny. It’s been a great day. We’ve got this nice beach. Got some people coming through for the set, so that’s always good.

You’re vocal about how much Flume and the guys from Louis The Child inspire you. Who’s someone else who’s been inspiring your music lately?

Lately, Ive been on a really big Calvin Harris buzz. I just look at his entire discography and he’s got so many songs that are so good and well-put together. I look up to him.

In what ways do you think you’ve evolved as an artist these past few years?

Well I definitely did evolve. At first it was a lot more bass-heavy and almost instrumental music. But then I just started focusing on the actual songs: the songwriting and the lyrics. Artists like Oh Wonder who can really write a good lyric with a good vibe. So I guess I’ve been focusing more on pop kinda stuff, but I’m finding really cool ways to implement that in with dance music, too. When I first started it wasn’t really dance-y. It was kinda just like you can listen to it and bob your head. But I’m forever evolving.

What’s it like being 19 and playing huge festivals and being on tour?

It’s pretty crazy. It’s started to feel, not normal. It’s weird because I’ve only really been playing shows for like two years. I’ve just been blessed to be able to start to do really cool shows and travel to really crazy parts of the world. I got to go to South America and Europe recently for the first time, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I wasn’t touring. Being 19 is really crazy because I feel like the youngest person a lot of times wherever I go. I don’t let it get to me, though. I don’t even know what I’m going to be making in five years. People always tell me I have so much potential and room to grow, so much time.

There were a lot of events I feel like I missed out on because I just wanted to make music in my room. Now, I live in LA so I’m far from my family a lot. I’m in the same boat as a lot of my friends like Louis The Child who are also doing the same thing as me. Having fun to us is the same thing, just making music.

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Whethan releases intense new future bass track

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Whethan releases intense new future bass track15493819 1195507060532921 90434525552801890 O

Whethan dropped a surprise track on his Soundcloud last night, and “stunning” is the only way to describe the track’s cutting drop. The song, titled “THATS TOO SLOW” has high pitched synthesized vocals dancing around future bass chords that envelope the listener with their intense soundscape. The Chicago based producer noted on his SoundCloud that he produced the track in a hotel room in Brazil.

Whethan will be departing on a headlining tour called his ‘Life of a Wallflower‘ tour, and the track is the perfect addition to his roster of releases for a high energy set drop.

Photo credit: Verge Campus

Whethan announces 2018 tour alongside new track ‘Superlove’ ft Oh Wonder

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Whethan is on fire. He’s not only been featured on the “Fifty Shades Freed” soundtrack with Dua Lipa, but has also worked with Charli XCX, Flux Pavilion, and more, with no signs of letting up. Fresh off a viral performance at Coachella with the Yodeling Kid and the release of “Be Like You” featuring BROODS, the 19-year-old producer unveils his new collaboration “Superlove” with London-based alt-pop duo Oh Wonder. The release reaches fans alongside the announcement of his 2018 Life of a Wallflower tour.

This track is led by a melodic bassline, topped with bouncy synths and seductive vocals from Oh Wonder’s Josephine Vander Gucht, providing some overall beach vibes.

“Being able to collaborate with Oh Wonder was such an honor. I have been a fan of them and their music for a long time,” Whethan says of the tropical masterpiece. “So excited to show this song because it takes me to such a happy place. Josephine and Anthony were amazing to work with and couldn’t be happier with this final product.”

Whethan kicks off his 2018 tour at Firefly Music Festival on June 17, hitting all the US stops through October. Visit his website here for more info.

Whethan Drops Honeyed ‘Superlove’ feat. Oh Wonder

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Whethan employed quite the interesting stint to tease his newest single involving a phone number for fans. Upon texting, eager fans were able to hear a snippet of what we now know is “Superlove” featuring Oh Wonder. Whethan fans everywhere can rejoice! Whethan – ‘Superlove’ feat. Oh Wonder The newest from the Chicago-based producer is

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BLAISE – Love The Way [Prod. by Whethan]

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BLAISE has been making fast moves as of late, propelling himself into the scene with his viral single “Dua” — a catchy love song to the English superstar — which received a stellar remix from DJ/producer Vincent. As one of Atlantic Records‘ newest signees, the singer/songwriter is definitely one to keep an eye on with the release of his new single “Love The Way” produced by Whethan.

The multi-talented musicians collaborated prior on BLAISE’s track “Aw Yeah,” taking this latest release to grave new heights. Whethan creates a downtempo, R&B-esque bass-line that drops into off-beat, distorted synths, complimenting the LA-based singer’s smooth, heartfelt vocals.

Whethan flips Clairo’s ‘Pretty Girl’

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From bringing out the Walmart yodeling kid at Coachella to a feature on the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack with Dua Lipa, Whethan has had a massive 2018. The Chicago native recently wrapped up a European tour with Louis The Child and is showing no signs of rest, releasing a new bootleg of “Pretty Girl” by 19-year-old electropop artist Clairo.

Whethan’s edit stays true to Clairo’s original, taking key aspects such as upbeat synths and catchy vocals and ramps up the BPM. This heightened tempo takes a wild turn as Whethan takes the drop for a spin, adding in some heavy bass and harmonies. Keep an ear out for this one as the 18-year-old producer takes the stage at Mamby on the Beach in Chicago June 23, followed by a supporting performance at Zedd in the Park July 3.

Whethan Drops Deliciously Attractive Edit Of Clairo’s “Pretty Girl”

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There is no doubt that Whethan has been taking the world by storm over the past year. This producer is constantly releasing track after track, each one better than the last. It seems like there is no end to his creativity and talent. Today Whethan dropped a slightly unexpected but very welcoming edit of Clairo’s

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Get down with Oliver Tree and Whethan’s new joint ‘Movement’

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In a day when memes can become rappers — where the Bhad Bhabies and Big Shaqs of the internet are out here scoring major record deals (honorable mention, Mason Ramsey) — somehow living meme incarnate Oliver Tree is actually flipping the already wild idea on its head. Although signed to a major label himself, he’s warping indie-rap into something completely new, and ultra-contemporary, and considering the rhymer’s hilarious aesthetic, it’s ironically working, really well. Putting on his own blend of tenacious electro-punk/hip-hop, his latest,”Movement,” falls right in line, with a lo-fi gut-punch anchored around Tree’s fearlessly swaggering versework.

The Whethan-produced track lays down a plucking bass line with the beat building into a thundering glitch-hop backdrop on which the Alien Boy wunderkind delivers his latest bars. Proving to be a formidable pairing with Whethan once again following “Enemy,” Oliver Tree adds another rinse-worthy hybrid cut to his arsenal with “Movement.”

Walmart yodeling kid makes his Coachella debut during Whethan set

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Eleven-year-old Mason Ramsey, aka the “yodeling boy,” skyrocketed to social media fame last week with a video of him yodeling in his local Walmart, which went viral overnight. On Thursday, rumors followed that Ramsey would make an surprise guest appearance during any number of artists’ sets at Coachella Music Valley Music & Arts Festival. Rumors, as it goes for bigger events, are almost always true.

During day one of the California mega-festival, the yodel kid joined electronic dance producer Whethan onstage to perform his rendition of Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues,” garnering one of the biggest crowd reactions of the festival. Whatever the case, it’s become apparent the young yodeling star has quite the successfully awkward career ahead of him.

Even Justin Bieber was capture grooving to Ramsey’s performance, which was tweeted out by a number of attendees.

Meme culture peaks, Kygo brings out Jamie Foxx & more: Here’s everything that happened at Coachella day 1

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Kygo brings out Jamie Foxx

Kygo‘s Coachella performance exceeded our wildest expectations. Not only did he bring out an impressive slew of artists for live performances, including Parson James for a live rendition of “Stole The Show,” the Norweign DJ stunned in bringing out Jamie Foxx for the two to perform a live rendition of Kygo’s Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing” remix — which was certainly all the healing we needed and more.

Kendrick comes out for Vince Staples

Vince Staples was in top form. A fiery testament to his place among the modern rap pantheon,  Staples wrapped up his set with his Big Fish Theory song “Yeah Right” and managed to surprise the entire crowd by saving the best for last, bringing out King Kendrick for his almighty verse and to take his place atop the hip-hop throne.

@vincestaples brought out Kendrick Lamar at Coachella 🙌🏾

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Some entrance gates were delayed two hours

Originally reported by the Desert Sun, it appears some Coachella attendees were delayed two hours in entering the festival. Though it seemed to be due to miscommunication amongst festival security, according to the security, the delay was neither their fault nor the festival’s groundskeeping of which they originally claimed was the initial culprit.

RL Grime’s surprise Do LaB set

RL Grime was the Do LaB‘s surprise guest for day 1 of Coachella, and as expected, it WENT.

Alison Wonderland plays the cello, brings out Trippie Reid, and sings new track off Awake

Alison Wonderland took Coachella by storm. Performing atop a pyramid, she sang, played the cello, brought out Trippie Reid for their collaboration, and even managed to sing her new track “Easy” amidst Virtual Self‘s “Ghost Voices.”

The Sahara tent is completely redone…. and it’s huge

The Sahara tent got a significant upgrade this year, and it’s very much similar to the Ultra worldwide stage now.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Coachella

TroyBoi brings out dance crew Kinjaz to perform

TroyBoi told us he had some special dancers he’d be bringing out for his performance in the live stream YouTube interview, but America’s Best Dance Crew All-Stars, the Kinjaz, was certainly a nice surprise.

Meme culture peaks: Yodeling kid comes to Coachella

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Coachella

Ah yes, and last but not least, the pinnacle of meme culture, Whethan brought out the Walmart Yodeling kid in a turn of events that will go down in Coachella history. Though the two didn’t collaborate on a new EDM rendition of the track, we peg this as the most ambitious crossover of all time, so take that Marvel.

Yodel kid also got a selfie with Justin Beiber

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Coachella