Louis The Child and Wafia strips down “Better Not” for a completely acoustic version

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Earlier this year Louis The Child released the perfect summer song and perhaps one of their biggest hits to date in “Better Not,” featuring the wonderful Wafia. The track bounced with steel drums, clean percussion and vibrant synths that perfectly showcased Wafia’s every word while painting sunny mental images.

However, right when listeners thought the track couldn’t get any better, the guys now deliver a broken-down acoustic version that features Robby on the bass, Freddy on the piano, a string quartet, and of course Wafia on the mic. In doing so, they create an emotion-packed video that really allows the listener to connect with the artists as they perform the gentle ballad. It also shows their versatility and ability to create anything from fully electronic productions to delicate live performances.

Photo from Facebook: Louis The Child

StayLoose Flips Louis The Child’s Hit “Better Not”

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With a little help from his friend Freddy from Louis The Child, StayLoose flipped the boys’ 2018 chart-topper “Better Not”.  The Denver native stayed true to the soft intro of the original track, but added his own style of guitar synth that lead into the beautiful vocals of Wafia.  However, once the drop hits StayLoose

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StayLoose takes a swing at Louis The Child’s ‘Better Not’ ft Wafia

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Denver producer StayLoose, previously known as StéLouse, has been fine-tuning his pop-infused electronic productions since his initial debut in 2014. In the past couple of years, he has grown his following with stellar singles like “Sociopath” featuring Bryce Fox and his vibrant remix of Rozes‘ “R U Mine.”

He got connected with Louis the Child‘s Freddy in 2014, and they continued to stay friends as their careers progressed. After hearing the Chicago duo’s release of “Better Not” featuring Wafia, StayLoose immediately connected with it and decided to put his own spin on it.

In his rendition, StayLoose keeps the integrity of the track by introducing delicate guitar riffs, and Wafia’s whimsical voice, while subtly building with percussion which then guides in the synth-heavy and emotion-filled drop.

Louis The Child releases remixes for ‘Better Not’ from Hotel Garuda and more

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Hotel Garuda

Producer duo Louis The Child are known over the years for their individual style that is readily evident across their excellent remixes and bouncy originals.

With their upbeat sound and foolproof productions, it’s no surprise that they release a beautiful 9-track remix package for their latest release. “Better Not,” featuring the ever so swaggy Wafia.

Hotel Garuda reimagines it by kicking the tempo up a notch and, adding a four on the floor beat. In doing so they deliver an excellently house tune that is sprinkled with groovy strumming bass.

Other remixers include Krane, who takes the remix and builds the track into a cinematic wonderland. Picture driving at hyper speed surrounded in emotional chords and following the sound of the heroic lead as it guides you through the bass ridden drop.

Montell2099 also comes in and delivers an uplifting funky soul tune that provokes dancing so be warned.

Louis The Child and Wafia share fun loving music video for ‘Better Not’

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Louis The Child Wafia

Power duo Louis The Child released an ideal summer track “Better Not” in April right before their performances at Coachella. Since then the song, which features Wafia, has had immense success, hitting No. 1 on the iTunes Electronic Chart and on HypeMachine while reaching nearly 11 million streams globally.

As if “Better Not” wasn’t catchy enough, the guys now release a colorful music video directed by Matty Peacock that fully captures the output’s lighthearted aesthetic. Steel drums swirl as Wafia’s delicate voice floats atop scenes of friends hanging out on the beach, skating, Robby and Freddy in Mario-inspired getups, syncopated choreography and other feel-good visuals.

This music video anchors around Louis The Child’s bubbly personalities along with Wafia’s effortless perfection, that makes the video a perfectly accenting accompaniment to a summer-scoring jam.

Your Favorite DJ Entered in a Louis The Child Drawing Contest

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Louis the Child has taken over the EDM world with their unique production sound and smashing of festival stages across the globe. Most recently, the guys dropped a banger of a set at Weekend 1 of Coachella that most certainly gained them even more fans. Last week, they dropped “Better Not” featuring the outstanding vocals

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Louis the Child get constructively creative on ‘Better Not’

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Louis the Child has long toed future bass territory as a site of creativity and exploration in their songs. The duo’s latest single, “Better Not,” materializes as an extension of the mastery of production techniques that the group has exemplified on prior tracks, while notably delving deeper into soul touching terrain.

“Better Not” centralizes the vocals of Wafia, admitting optimistically up tempo steel drum and xylophone accents that complement the tonal purity of Wafia’s contribution, while signaling the slightest shift in Louis the Child’s genre inclination. The single seems a thoughtful experimentation with future bass influenced sonics that remain malleable, and one not so easily defined.

The track harnesses an effervescent, happy-go-lucky spirit that is noticeably fresh in sound.

Ta-ku & Wafia – Love Somebody (Mr. Carmack Remix)

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Future Classic‘s rising stars Ta-ku and Wafia linked for a two-track EP in August that strongly displayed the former’s chill, contemplative production ethos and the latter’s sultry, versatile vocal stylings. The Australians’ release was well received and now is getting the remix treatment, with Mr. Carmack putting his spin on the duo’s “Love Somebody.”

While the original is a masterclass in Ta-ku’s style, mostly matching Wafia’s singing with an optimistic, though melancholic production, Carmack opts to do what he does best: flip the whole thing on its head as only he can. He bumps the tempo up and replaces the slowly unfurling synths of the original with ebullient chord stabs and a plethora of electronic blips. At the same time, Carmack manages to sneak in horn samples and truly idiosyncratic percussion elements. It’s a reproduction in every sense of the word, prominently featuring what made the original successful while at the same time transforming it into a completely new track.

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Ta-ku & Wafia Debut Three-Part Music Video Series For (M)edian EP

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Following the release of their collaborative EP, (m)edian, Ta-ku and Wafia have just unveiled a three-part series of associated music videos, directed by Damon Cameron and Ta-ku himself. Spanning three of the EP’s five tracks, the series takes a highly stylized and personal plunge into the deep and complicated relationships the two artists have with their fathers.

Recurring thematic elements carve their way through each of the three clips, evolving and progressing into overlapping narratives that give direction to the various scenes laced in symbolism. The result appears to be some sort of catharsis that emerges from a long period of confusion and struggle.

Coming as Ta-ku’s directorial debut, the three music videos set the stage for what we hope to be a continuing trend in his multi-faceted career. Watch the playlist below, and take an aural and visual journey through the minds and hearts of two truly talented creators.

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Ta-Ku and Wafia Delivered a Stunning, Transcendent Set [Photos]

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Photos by Erik Rojas

On a clear and warm 2016 Autumn Solstice, Downtown Los Angeles was graced with the elusive presence of the highly talented composer, singer, and self-proclaimed bedroom-producer Regan Matthews, better known as Ta-Ku (aka Yung Dramatic). Joined by his recent collaborator, fellow Aussie, and phenomenal vocalist Wafia, of Brisbane, Australia, Taku took LA on a swirling and textured ride of his music spanning from 2013’s Songs to Break Up To through this years EP (m)edian.

Stunning motion design smoothly played behind the two artists, teleporting the audience into the realm of Ta-Ku — one filled with nostalgia, memories, broken hearts and warmth, all at once. The show was a full-fledged audio-visual experience, and at times, it was jarring to realize you were in a venue in LA and not transcending space and time. Ta-Ku has not only honed a unique and beautiful sound on his last two records, but a truly experiential live performance to go along with it.

JMSN, another collaborator featured on 2015’s Songs to Make Up To took the stage to join in Ta-Ku’s highly popular “Love Again,” a melancholic love story punctuated with a heavy drop. His slightly raspy falsettos blended with Ta-Ku’s modulations and heavy drums in a perfect and emotional harmony.

Ta-Ku and Wafia concluded the night with a couple fantastic cuts off of (m)edian, soaked in reverb and melancholia. If you are able to somehow see the creative genius of Ta-Ku, do it — he and his fellow musicians create a transcendent performance that will be engraved your soul.