Jeremy Olander shares long-awaited label album

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Jeremy Olander shares long-awaited label albumJeremy Olander Press Shot 2019 Credit Artist Team

After a decade of EPs, progressive house’s proper hero of the underground, Jeremy Olander‘s first full-length release has arrived. Balance presents Vivrant comes in mixed and unmixed variations, each featuring two hours of progressive and melodic house split into two sides. Olander, who founded the Vivrant label in 2015, calls on several label mates for original tracks, including La Fleur, Tim Engelhardt, Miguel Payda, and more. The bulk of the mix however consists of new tracks from Olander himself, including four songs under his new moniker J.Singh.

Olander describes the mix album in a post for Balance:

“I approached the first side as I would the first few hours playing an open to close set at a club. The atmosphere and vibe is stripped down, the drum patterns are different from what I would play at peak time. I hope it will be a nice fit for when youʼre getting ready to go out, come home from a night out, or just drive around in your car…

The second side mimics more of a typical peak time set from me compressed down to just over an hour. This side has a few curveballs as well. I was really lucky to have some of the producers out there that I admire the most offer up unreleased music for the project, like La Fleur, Locked Groove, and Ejeca…

This album has been the biggest undertaking of my career so far, and itʼs incredible to finally put it out there, and let it get a life of its own.”

Balance presents Vivrant is available now on digital and CD, and LPs will be available on January 24, 2020.

Jeremy Olander talks upcoming warm-weather debut at Vujaday [Q&A]

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Jeremy Olander talks upcoming warm-weather debut at Vujaday [Q&A]Jeremy Olander 1

Just a few days before his Vujaday debut in sunny Barbados, Jeremy Olander sat down with Dancing Astronaut to shed a bit of light on some new personal and label developments, as well as what he’s anticipating most about the destination festival.

A Swedish electronic stalwart after his years of cementing his name to the forefront of the house/tech scene, Olander also runs his own record label, the Stockholm-based Vivrant, which as of last year, secured an impressive nine of its then 14 EPs No. 1 spots on Beatport. Olander received global attention following a decisive recording contract with Eric Prydz‘s Pryda Friends imprint and auspicious tour spot alongside the prolific label boss. Now, the Stockholm native is looking to add the coastal Carribean Vujaday to his illustriously on-brand festival record, which includes map-spanning performances at London’s Steelyard, Sydney’s Electric Gardens, San Diego’s CRSSD, and Croatia’s Labyrinth Open, to name a few.

Olander will hit the Copacabana Beach Club Wednesday night, April 3, to jump-start the five-day affair. Tickets to Vujaday, which runs April 3-7, are still available here.

This is your debut performance at Vujaday Music Festival in Barbados this April. What excites you most about Vujaday? 

I’m very excited for it. Some of my own personal favorites are on the bill and the location is something else. I also plan to have a few days off so I can explore what the island has to offer.

This year’s lineup is pretty stacked with genre-defining names like Sasha, Lee Burridge, and Bob Moses, to name a few. Aside from your own, what three sets would you recommend catching at Vujaday?

As you mention, Sasha is definitely one that I would check out myself. Aside from that, Moodyman and DJ Tennis are two masterminds behind the decks and I think you’ll be sorry if you miss those two.

Since its inception in 2015, your label Vivrant has seen the #1 spot on Beatport multiple times. Any new developments on the Vivrant front these days? 

We just recently dropped one new EP and one new single, the Docks EP and “Shogun.” The other ones that are completely done is a new EP by André Hommen, which I’ve been playing out quite a bit. We also have a killer remix EP of Khen’s last release with Karmon and Magnus International, which is due soon. Apart from that I don’t want to spill the beans quite yet.

Tell me about the vision behind incepting your own label…

The initial vision I feel has been reached but as time goes on the vision keeps developing. I want to keep things interesting and over time, dip my feet in other creative areas outside of music.

Anything new in your pipeline (production or otherwise) for 2019?

I’ve been working on some really exciting stuff during the last weeks but I can’t tell you the news just yet, you’ll have to be patient.

What’s been your most memorable performance to date? 

Wow, tough question. It’s really hard to pick just one. I have so many memories from touring, every show is special in it’s own way.

Jeremy Olander’s ‘Docks’ oozes class [EP Review]

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Jeremy Olander’s ‘Docks’ oozes class [EP Review]Jeremy Olander Docs

It’s been a moment since the progressive world has been blessed with a Jeremy Olander release. The prodigious Swede has been enormously busy as of late, balancing his personal life with appearances on the Cercle series, managing a relentless world tour schedule, and of course, running his now-renowned Vivrant imprint. However, the wait always proves to be worth it, and such is the case with Olander’s brand new Docks EP.

The two-tracker shows off a new stage of Olander’s artistic evolution, in which he continues to synthesize new influences he’s picked up along the way into his own sound. Title track “Docks” opens things up on an atmospheric note, with a cavernous build and warm analog synth riffs that snake through layers of harmony and toned-down percussion. It’s explosive, yet introspective, built to keep heads down on the dance floor in hypnosis.

“Brando” is a bit more on the emotive side, with melancholic melodies that build in their power as the the tune progresses and eventually let loose into a dreamlike state post breakdown. Subtle hi hats make for a pleasurable touch. It would appear that Olander has been taking a page out of Stephan Bodzin’s book in this tune in terms of its overall emotive qualities and abundance of warm synths; that being said, “Brando” stands completely on its own as a bonafide Jeremy tune. Overall, Docks is another class EP from a top producer in his field, and it meets the standard one has come to expect from the progressive stalwart.


Order a copy of ‘Docks’ here

Eekkoo unleashes smoldering, weapons-grade menace with ‘Bangalore’

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Eekkoo unleashes smoldering, weapons-grade menace with ‘Bangalore’Eekkoo Bangalore Single

Eekkoo‘s reputation for masterfully crafted techno spans just about every mood. Whether unleashing moody peak hour burners on Jeremy Olander‘s Vivrant imprint, or gracing mau5trap with brooding stompers like 2014’s “Elysium,” the producer has built a foundation of quality that allows him to infiltrate European warehouses and unsuspecting Spotify playlists with equal aplomb. Now, the Montreal-based maestro is back with a fresh dose of club-ready fire on a new self-released single titled “Bangalore.”

Front the jump, it’s clear the track means business as analog arps and growling bass bursts flank a massive break beat. Washing into an interlude steeped in mystery, the drums return to demolish dance floors as strings and echoing vocals drive the record forward.

Eekkoo is currently on tour in India spreading his deliciously dark gospel overseas and named “Bangalore” after a South Asian city of the same name. It’s safe to say the producer’s arsenal has gained another weapon with his latest offering.

Jeremy Olander vs Kamaliza – ‘Zanzibar’ (sthlm Edit)

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Jeremy Olander vs Kamaliza – ‘Zanzibar’ (sthlm Edit)Jeremy Olander Kamaliza Zanzibar

Jeremy Olander would never leave his loyal fans without new music for too long, despite pumping the breaks a bit after an elongated slew of releases following Vivrant‘s debut onto the world. Four months following his enormously sentimental Karusell EP, the Swedish icon celebrates summer by putting out a bittersweet edit of Kamaliza’s “Zanzibar.”

He settles the original’s vintage atmosphere and gripping vocals into a lush, 4/4 foundation, where he proceeds to tug at the heartstrings with haunting synthesizers and contrasting harmonies. That said, there’s still somewhat of a whistful air about Jeremy’s rendition that has, and will continue to conjure many hands-in-the-air moments on the dancefloor. This is a skill he’s demonstrated consistently over the years, so the effect his edit of “Zanzibar” is unsurprising.

Prior to Karusell and this edit, Jeremy closed out his 2017 with his Crossed EP on Anjunadeep. Vivrant also opened its doors to André Hommen for is Abakus project. Jeremy will be playing at San Diego’s CRSSD Fest on September 29-30.


Jeremy Olander enchants in ‘Karusell’ [EP Review]

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jeremy olander

Each piece of music Jeremy Olander output exudes the amount of care the Swedish producer places in its creation. Roadtested for extended amounts of time and painstakingly edited to top form, fans of his know that his work is worth the wait.

Olander’s Karusell EP is a testament to this methodology, with both of it tracks transforming into deep, ethereal progressive cuts that fit the producer’s current aesthetic. The EP’s eponymous A-side treads lightly on twinkling synthesizers, subtle chimes, and a bassline that serves as its backbone, evoking a light, joyful feeling among its listeners.

“Andköln” adds weight to Karusell, dressing its breezier with deeper, harder-hitting melodies and a more poignant arrangement. Buzzing notes post-breakdown give way to a gentle finish, making for a well-rounded conclusion to the EP as a whole.

Order a copy of ‘Karusell’ here

Premiere: Jeremy Olander – Shuttle (King Unique ’94 Remix)

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King Unique

King Unique sought to turn back the clock for a nostalgia-fueled re-work to Jeremy Olander‘s “Shuttle,” and it is safe to say that he succeeded in his mission to do so.

Like a piece labeled “’94 Remix” might imply, this interpretation of “Shuttle” is rife with influences from the decade. The original track’s touching progression is doused in punchy, classically-inspired percussion and dramatic builds that develop across a multitude of soundscapes. Tying together the overall effect, King Unique adds nostalgic filtering and laces the finished product with subtle guitar flutters — vintage indeed. Despite its classic elements, however, the piece still fits perfectly into the present, and makes for a well-rounded take on Jeremy Olander’s beloved single.

“Shuttle (King Unique ’94 Remix)” will be released on February 23. Pre-order a copy here.