The U.S. has the most record shops in the world

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When it comes to vinyl, the U.S. seems to have set its own record.

Music database Discogs and its ‘sister site’ VinylHub have determined that the United States is the host of the most record shops in the world, with 1,482 total vinyl-selling storefronts. The United Kingdom trailed behind the US with 537 shops, with Germany coming in third with 453.

When Discogs and VinylHub narrowed its focus to specific cities, Tokyo emerged as the city with the highest number of record stores, at 93 total shops. Berlin followed with 87, and London with 79.

The top three U.S. cities were New York with 47 shops, Chicago with 30, and Los Angeles with a close 29. Berlin surfaced as the site with the ‘densest cluster of shops in the world,’ where 46 record shops exist within a kilometer of each other. Discogs and VinylHub’s results indicate that even in the digital age, vinyl remains a preeminent musical form.

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‘Stranger Things 2’ soundtrack gets the vinyl release it deserves

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Last year, Stranger Things exploded into one of the top pop culture highlights of 2016 and the hype around the second season of Netflix’s 80s fetishizing smash hit has largely picked up and progressed from exactly where the show’s pilot season left off. The sci-fi sensation is an authentic examination and homage to the 1980’s matched with a dark, contemporary take on the decade’s immortalized synth rock and new wave sonics, scored by members of Austin-based synthesizer quartet S U R V I V E. Now, the second season’s soundtrack is getting a vinyl release that’s as quintessentially Stranger Things as it gets.

Multiple vinyl versions will be pressed and released, led by the “Upside Down Inter-dimensional Blue Vinyl,” available on December 22 via Lakeshore Records. Early 2018 will bring three additional versions, including a “Purple Crystal Vinyl,” a blue and white splattered “Crystal Clear Vinyl” and a standard 180 gram black vinyl on January 12, via Invada.


And, if you’re like us at DA, and shamelessly devour all Stranger Things content with little regard or self restraint, then enjoy everyone’s favorite freshman foursome in this cheeky Late Late Show appearance with James Corden where the boys play reuniting members of Motown supergroup The Upside Downs after television superstardom strikes.

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Vinyl Sales Are On The Rise Again ? Here?s Why?

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Maybe it’s time to dust off your old vinyl collection.

Nina Kraviz may have just lost a decade of music

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Nina Kraviz, who is considered of the reigning queens of techno and electronica, may have just lost over a decade’s worth of music following The Social festival in Kent, England.

According to a post from the Kent event’s Twitter, Kraviz lost her leather bag which was left in a corridor at the Hilton Hotel in Maidstone, Kent containing  “some incredibly sentimental items” as well a decade-spanning music collection.

The Social festival is a boutique music festival that took place over the weekend, where Kraviz delivered on her recently released solo EP out on her ТРИП imprint.

We’re hoping that some good samaritan will deliver the missing tunes shortly.

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This miniature turntable plays teeny tiny cookie records

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Lovers of records can, at last, have their vinyl and eat it too thanks to the amazing work of the Dimensions Plus agency in Hong Kong.

Dimensions Plus was tapped by Oreo themselves to create perhaps the collaboration of the year in an effort to make the sugary treats hip again. Oreo Vinyl is thus a mini turntable capable of playing vinyl record versions of the specially crafted cookies.

With etched grooves on the surface of the cookie, the delectable treat is packaged alongside its very own mini record player. Oreo Vinyl is capable of playing the Oreo anthem in four distinct styles: jazz, classical, Chinese, and yes— electronic.

Dimensions even went on to detail their creation of the mini records:

“The data on the cookie is embossed with a mod which is made with laser cutting and engraving technique. And we wrote a program to transform the music into a pattern. After that, we make it into a laser-engraving friendly format and produce the mod for the Oreo Vinyl production. ”



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Vinyl sales experienced monstrous growth over the past decade

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Vinyl has made a triumphant return this past decade — despite many saying that the medium’s resurgence was nothing but a fad.

Yet, a recent report states that vinyl sales have risen 1500% on average over the past 10 years. Such monstrous growth points to a healthy and viable market for records in spite of streaming’s continued growth and dominance in the market. The report also indicates that vinyl is now set to become a 1 billion dollar industry, with 40 million records on target to be sold this year alone.

H/T: DJMag

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Watch A Glorious TBT Video Of David Guetta DJing A Vinyl Set In Ibiza

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Many people forget that David Guetta was one of the godfathers of electronic dance music. The man is still a legend even after being meme’d to an inch of his life. Today David posted an incredible video of him DJing in Ibiza many years ago. You can take a look at some old school DJ

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Calvin Harris Releases Vinyl Edition Of ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’

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Back on June 30th, Calvin Harris shook up the music industry by dropping his highly anticipated 5th studio album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. The album which features collaborations with Ariana Grande, Young Thug, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, Migos, Katy Perry, A-Trak, Future, Khalid, Ariana Grande and a handful of other celebrity artists received mixed

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Beyonce will release a limited edition Vinyl set of ‘Lemonade’

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Beyonce further cemented her status as America’s Queen when she dropped her surprise album titled Lemonade in 2016. The album went on to win a Grammy for the Best Urban Contemporary Album, while earning another win for Best Music Video for her track “Formation.” The album was a stunning success, so die-hard Beyonce fans have yet another Beyonce-special to celebrate as it was recently announced that Beyonce will be releasing a limited edition Vinyl box set of Lemonade.

BEY_how to make lemonade

The set will contain a double vinyl LP as well as audio and visual album downloads. The album itself was released alongside a 60-minute HBO film also titled Lemonade, so it is only fitting for her vinyl release to have visual components as well. Lastly, the set will come with a 600 page coffee table book titled How To Make Lemonade.

How To Make Lemonade features behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the album as well as notes, poems and essays from the artist. Its forward is written by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, with additional poetry by Warsan Shire. Fans can pre-order the limited edition set on Beyonce’s website starting at $299.99.


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Reverb to launch online vinyl storefront, Reverb LP

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However surprising or unsurprising, vinyl records have persisted as a highly popular physical music format in the digital age. In accordance with vinyl’s continued prominence in music sales, a product of younger generations’ fascination with the tangible music type, accustomed to digital files stored on a phone or computer, and duly, the result of older generations’ tendency to collect favorite records in vinyl, Reverb has announced its intent to launch an online platform for buying and selling vinyl records. The Chicago-based company will also host other physical music formats for sale.

Reverb burst into the music market in 2013, allowing musicians to buy and sell a variety of items that range from professional turntables to vintage amps. Reverb’s introduction of a storefront geared towards vinyl seeks to attract basic music listeners, or in other words, a population of non-musicians to the website. Reverb’s CEO, Dan Melnick, reiterated the website’s goal of enticing non-producers to visit the site: “We feel very strongly that Reverb has a brand that identifies with musicians and passionate music fans who might not be musicians themselves. We’re looking for ways those users can interact with us.”

The vinyl branch of Reverb will be called Reverb LP, and can be expected to make its debut later this year. Much like Reverb’s current organization, Reverb sellers may list items on the website for free. Sellers only encounter a fee of 3.5% when the given item is sold.

Reverb LP will launch solely on the web for now, poised to rub elbows with MusicStack and Discogs, the only two existing online platforms that solely specialize in vinyl, cassette tapes, and CDs. Reverb LP will seek to set itself apart from other online marketplaces by offering shoppers a comprehensive customer service team and an image-rich platform. Reverb LP, if successful in its aim, will revamp the current system of physical music sales online.

The venture is anticipated as a profitable one for Reverb—vinyl records are projected to garner approximately $1-billion-dollars in global revenue in 2017, a pattern shattering figure when evaluated in the context of previous years’ sales. Deloitte Global predicts that the market for “new vinyl” will see a “seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth.”

Given Deloitte’s estimations, it seems the “digital age” is about to grow increasingly physical in its musical endeavors.

Via: Chicago Tribune

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