Bid farewell: net neutrality will formally cease to exist on June 11

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The net neutrality rules that are currently in place, protecting Internet users from “discriminatory behavior” by ISPs will no longer exist effective on June 11. The last segment of the official document rescinding the rules will be published in the Federal Register on May 11, and will become active 30 days later.

Net neutrality rules prevent ISPs from controlling the Internet via fast and slow lanes and from prioritizing their own content. A lack of net neutrality regulation will consequently render ISPs’ blocking, throttling, and prioritization of content permissible. ISPs, however, will be required to publicize their blocking, throttling, and prioritization, if they enact such behavior.

Although net neutrality advocates will continue to fight the repeal of net neutrality, it is unlikely that a reversal of the recent ruling will come to fruition.

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Jennifer Lopez delivers ‘Us’ produced by Skrillex and Poo Bear

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Credit: Genaro Molina

Recently Jennifer Lopez unveiled her long-rumored collaboration with Skrillex  live in concert, and now the pop icon’s newest track, “Us,” is finally ready to see the light of day. Skrillex and his trusted co-proprietor of crossover pop products, Poo Bear, join Jenny From The Block on a vivacious, salsa-inspired dance piece that follows “Would You Ever‘s” basic formula of playful vocal chops in the melody and comfortable percussion rhythms. It’s a palatable radio-primed pop number that will have Skrillex diehards weeping, commercial EDM consumers satisfied, and fans from J.Lo’s late ’90s heyday scratching their heads.

“Us” comes ahead of Lopez’s promised full-length Spanish project, which is due sometime later this year via Sony’s Epic Records. The album is set to be produced by Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony. With Latin music experiencing such a swell right now, it’s not entirely surprising to see Sonny Moore link up with one of the biggest Latin pop stars of all time to deliver his contribution to the flavor of the moment.

Featured photo by Genaro Molina

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

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Thor: Ragnarok has two different battle scenes set to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” and if I could put both of them on this list, I would. Instead, this week’s picks are below. More »

Flapo ft. Josh Rubin – Us (Original Mix)

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Colombian producer and instrumentalist Flapo has spent his life expressing his intimate creativity through music. At a young age, he discovered instruments like guitar and bass, and he eventually began producing everything from hip-hop to electronic.

“I really wanted to do something different with this track. Josh and I wrote this song back in 2015 but it remained untouched for all of 2016. I decided to get back at it this year, when I finally had the inspiration to finish it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do.”

His latest, “Us,” features a more downtempo vibe with an easy beat, bittersweet lyrics and colorful vocals by Josh Rubin. Flapo is known for his relaxing, yet enthralling style that features vocalists who mesh perfectly with his experimental, laid-back feel. With his latest, Flapo brings a flare of his own artistry to the table, showcasing a song that can only be described as a mellifluous, transcendent masterpiece.

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Flapo Releases All New Chill Single “Us” [Free Download]

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Colombian producer and multi-instrumentalist Flapo is an artist who doesn’t just make music, but tells a story with each track. What he calls the “Language of Feelings” is something that he has strived his entire life to express through music. Throughout his release history he has time and time again displayed this musical transcription of emotion

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U2 to Headline Bonnaroo 2017

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March 2017 is a big month for the classic heart-throb band, U2. March marks the official 30th anniversary of the band’s LP, The Joshua Tree. To celebrate this great achievement, the band has promised us big plans for 2017, including multiple shows that will be dedicated to the classic studio album. Unfortunately, the dates have

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Experts Warn Molly & Ecstasy Sold In The US Is Far More Dangerous Than In Europe

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There are a lot of differences between the US and Europe when it comes to electronic music. For two of the largest existing markets of the brand, and two of the regions most responsible for its spread everywhere else, things actually couldn’t be more different. And we’re not talking about taste in music. Experts have warned that the quality and contents of substances being sold as ecstasy or MDMA in the US are far more dangerous and less pure than anything found in Europe.

There are many reasons for such a radical difference to be reflected in drugs. For one, EDM has become thoroughly commercialized in the US, leading to multimillion dollar festivals and a lower average age of attendees. When the club scene was in its infancy in the ’80s and ’90s, there was a known community of people who you could trust to provide ecstasy as advertised. Now, the community has become fractured and most people going to a festival for their first time are forced to rely on shady strangers selling bunk in the parking lot.

The Guardian found that, according to data collected from a range of sources, “anywhere between 30% and 60% of what is being sold as molly or ecstasy in the USA is not in fact MDMA.”

The rest is made up of mostly synthetic cathinones such as methylone, butylone and ethylone (nicknamed bath salts), that are designed to mimic the effects of MDMA. Other drugs found in pills and powders include: ketamine, a powerful tranquilizer; methamphetamine, a powerful synthetic stimulant; PMA or PMMA, or “Dr Death”; and alpha-PVP, known as flakka (or the Florida zombie drug).

Another reason for the rise of adulterated samples in the US is stricter drug policies which more closely control what substances are imported into the US. Without pure ingredients to create MDMA, research chemicals and more risky substances are being used to cut pills and powders.

“Instead of hundreds of thousands of users who have used that combination for many years, maybe they are the first person. We have no idea what will happen,” Mitchell Gomez, national outreach director of DanceSafe, told Guardian. “Adulterated markets radically change the risk profile of drug taking.”

Your EDM covered a similar story last year that suggested certain groups in Europe are also keeping the quality higher. Word of mouth and a constantly shifting production process kept fakers in the dust and relied on word of mouth of dealers to push legitimate product.

It’s always important to remind users that no drug is inherently safe or without risk, no matter the purity or dosage. Be aware of what you are taking with test kits and have a sober friend with you if you can.


via The Guardian

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Source: Experts Warn Molly & Ecstasy Sold In The US Is Far More Dangerous Than In Europe

EPROM To Donate All Album Proceeds To Planned Parenthood

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Music mixed with politics is a difficult subject to navigate for many artists. It would seem that many electronic artists these days try to steer clear of any political messages with their music in hopes to maintain bigger fan bases (though many others don’t seem to mind). After all, many people use music as a means of escape – especially now, considering the state of anxiety and uncertainty the United States is in right now.

Historically, however, music has provided a platform for a message to be broadcast globally. This was evident in large scale during the Vietnam war when folk music begged the message of peace, love and unity, some of the same pillars that electronic music are based on today. This leads me to believe that music is more important now than ever in our generation’s time to incite the change we want to see.

The talented bass producer EPROM has recognized this power and has taken to his Facebook to make an exciting announcement.

Eprom will be donating all the proceeds from music sales from his Bandcamp to Planned Parenthood until the end of 2017. With huge collaborations and countless earth shattering EPs, this producer will help make ripples of change with his music. He’s also decided to make each album a “pay what you want” donation suggestion, leaving the choice up to his fans to impact Planned Parenthood how they see fit. Check out the Facebook post below:


Photo by Alix Perez

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Source: EPROM To Donate All Album Proceeds To Planned Parenthood