Niko Zografos Delivers Powerful Trance Track “The Vision” feat. Crystal Blakk

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A massive uplifting trance track has just been added to Aly & Fila’s Future Sound of Egypt label by the talented Niko Zografos. Hailing from Greece, the trance artist has been on the radar in the trance community for some time, having gotten the attention from Armin van Buuren’s radio show A State of Trance,

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U4RIA Trance Festival Lineup Includes Major Names in Trance

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Riding on the coattails of the recent popularity of trance events like Insomniac’s Dreamstate, Electric Escape is producing Canada’s first ever all-trance festival in Toronto. U4RIA will be held on Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd and it includes some major names in the beloved trance genre. Astrix, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Bryan Kearny, Cold Blue,

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The Ultimate Trance Destination: Dreamstate SoCal 2017

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The blue and white streak of lights that circled around Mary Tennisson’s body captured my attention as I roamed the back of the Citrus Building, known as ‘The Vision’ stage. As I approached her, her arms seemed to rotate even rapidly like a windmill catching a gust of wind, creating an almost perfect ring of

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Listen to Gareth Emery’s Monstercat Debut, “Saving Light” + M/V

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In the last year, Monstercat has done releases for a slew of well-established producers in the EDM scene. 2016 brought artists like NERVOSeven LionsSlushii and Candyland to the label’s roster, as well as Marshmello, whose Monstercat debut “Alone” went off to become a #1 radio single. 2017 is looking up, and it all begins with the gloriously uplifting “Saving Light” from trance superstar Gareth Emery.

However, “Saving Light” is much more than a big release. Something much more valuable is at stake: human life. More often than we’d like to admit, bullying and prejudice results in the tragedy of suicide. No matter how much regret we hold, suicide can’t be undone.

In spite of that, Monstercat is looking to make a change in the world. The music video for “Saving Light” displays the harmful effects of bullying and shows how just one friend can save a life.

Disclaimer: graphic content

Throughout the month of February, Monstercat will be donating all profits from “Saving Light” to Ditch the Label in hopes of permanently ending bullying. Donate here or buy the track below to support the cause. If you’re personally struggling with bullying or being bullied, please don’t hesitate to follow this link and get help.

Support on all platforms:

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Source: Listen to Gareth Emery’s Monstercat Debut, “Saving Light” + M/V

Gareth Emery Releases Electric For Life Mix

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Electric For Life headliner Gareth Emery just released a brand new mix ahead of his New Year’s Eve event in Brooklyn, New York this upcoming Saturday. The event will go down at an undisclosed warehouse location taking things back to a proper trance event setting. Emery will be joined by trance acts alike such as Christina Novelli, Dan Stone, Standerwick, and Will Atkinson.


img_0386-3Listen to Gareth’s new mix below which include some of his favorite tracks of the year. Some of which you are bound to hear at Electric For Life in Brooklyn. Make sure to get tickets here:


1. CHVRCHES feat. Hayley Williams – Bury It (Gareth Emery Remix)
2. Gareth Emery – Sansa
3. Gareth Emery feat. Janet Devlin – Lost
4. Alex Sonata feat. Katrine Stenbekk – See What I See
5. Gareth Emery feat. Gavrielle – Far From Home (Vigel Remix)
6. Ashley Wallbridge – Amnesia
7. Christina Novelli – Where We Began (MaHi Remix)
8. Ed Sheeran vs. Alex Sonata – Bloodstream Siren (Gareth Emery Edit)
9. Project 46 feat. Haliene – Search & Rescue (Gareth Emery Remix)
10. Lanos – Ultima
11. Ferry Corsten feat. Aruna – Live Forever (Gareth Emery Remix)
12. Ashley Wallbridge feat. Karra – Melody (DJ Tostie Remix)
13. Luke Bond vs. CARTEL – Once More (Dan Stone Remix)
14. Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter – Reckless (Standerwick Remix)
15. Will Atkinson – Pat Butcher

Photo by: John Wright

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Source: Gareth Emery Releases Electric For Life Mix

A Perpetual Dreamstate

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I was about ten years old when I stumbled across an unfamiliar CD in my uncle’s catalog of discs he kept in his room. Out of all of the Spanish Rock, Pop and R&B albums, this one particular case stood out from the rest; the album cover had a man dressed in black and his

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Armin van Buuren compiles 70-track playlist for ‘die-hard trance fans’

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“Who’s Afraid of 138?!”(WAO138) is a concept that has united hardcore trance fans across the globe. Armin van Buuren  launched the movement in 2012 with the mission of bringing attention back to the harder, faster, and more underground shades of trance. Since its inception, WAO138 has expanded from a sub-label of Armada into an entire brand of its own.

Van Buuren has catered to “die-hard trance fans” by curating a 70-track WAO138 playlist filled with recent hits from his label and sub-labels. Clocking in at over 4 hours, the playlist includes cuts from well-known artists such as Ben Nicky, Aly & Fila, Standerwick, Bryan Kearney, and progressive psy-trance heroes Vini Vici.

Listen to the playlist in full below.

Via: DJ Mag

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Aspire to Inspire 147: Charlie Hedges

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(Original Photo By: Marc de Groot)

There is an old saying where if something isn’t difficult, it isn’t being done right. Achieving our dreams never comes easy. If they were, dreams wouldn’t be so far-fetched that we referred to them as such. For Charlie Hedges, the idea of hard work and constantly having to push for what she wanted never phased her. Growing up in a household that attended many concerts and constantly had music in the background, it was only a matter of time before she expressed some sort of interest in the arts.

“I remember looking up at one of the stages at a radio festival when I was a kid and telling [my parents] ‘I want to be that person up there one day.’ I am so, so fortunate to have traveled the path that I have, and now I really am that person that I once saw as a child living my ultimate dream.”

Charlie wasted no time getting herself out there and into the workforce. At the young and brave age of 13, she began her first job freelancing for a magazine. After coming across an advertisement for an opening at a music-related publication, she jumped at the opportunity. Although she only started as a runner, she quickly climbed the ranks and found herself sitting down for interviews and becoming a major part of the process.

Before she knew it, all of the school lunch breaks spent getting in touch with celebrities and musicians, and time spent pushing to get her work published began to pay off both professionally and personally. Thirteen-year-old Charlie found a way to make people see her abilities beyond her age, which was a major confidence boost. Not only did her perseverance earn her a bigger position down the line, but she began to truly believe in herself as well.

“Eventually, this resulted in me interviewing a DJ that was on the radio station that I now present on. By keeping in touch with the DJs throughout school, I was asked to be a tea girl/runner on the breakfast show too. I started university to study for a BA in Journalism, whilst also being a runner on the show. I’d get to the radio station at about 4:30am, work on the show until 9am, and then drive to uni to study – I did this for three years, every day. I used any spare time to teach myself to DJ. I would stay behind and record my sets, take them home and listen to them, and then go back and do the mixes again until I was happy with them. Since then I’ve released my own music, toured the UK, played with Carl Cox in Ibiza… it’s funny to think that it all came from that one phone call to the magazine when I was 13!”

Of course striving for success doesn’t come without some sort of difficulty. In Charlie’s case, it was a matter of people judging her and her talent before they even heard her play. As a radio DJ, many had the preconceived notion that all she was interested in playing was the commercial house hits, and not delving into the realms of deep or tech house at all.

This resulted in Charlie hearing the word “no” a lot. But instead of being defeated by rejection, she turned it into something that made her smarter and more strategic.

“I’ve had so many people just straight-up say ‘no’ to me – whether that’s to playing certain gigs or events, or in meetings with various people. However, the most important thing I’ve taken from all of these people saying ‘no’ is that it was a ‘no’ for a reason. Maybe I wasn’t meant to work with them or down the line it could have been a bad move for me. You’ve got to believe that everything happens for a reason and when it comes to my career, I always work out a way to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’.”

One change that Charlie would like to see in the world is how people receive the word no and respond to rejection pertaining to their careers. For her, it would be great to see people switch things around and take it as a positive just as she did. By challenging those who say no and to keep pushing until we find a way to make things work will only strengthen us in the long run.

The incredible support Charlie has received from her family over the years has been a major factor in her success. From her parents providing her with sound role models, her brother attending her first big show, to everyone standing behind her as she stepped out into the world to chase her dream, her family and friends have been there for both the happiest and most nerve-wracking moments.

“Sounds cliché perhaps, but throughout life my friends and family have inspired me more than they know. Growing up, my Mum, Dad, and my brother were always the ones to back me up in whatever I wanted to do, no matter how unrealistic it may have seemed at the time. Keeping in mind that I was trying to be a journalist at 13, you can see how important that support was! You’d never guess considering the job I have now, but they helped me grow from being this shy girl who was too scared to pick up the phone and call a local or national newspaper for work experience, to a girl who wanted the world and fought to have that too. My brother came to my first ever gig with me, which really meant the world to me. My amazing friends – some of which I’ve been friends with since I was four years old – are like no others I’ve ever met. They’ve all been a constant source of inspiration because I’ve always missed events, birthdays and other important things in their lives due to touring, but they’ve never held that against me and always pushed me to do more. I know most DJs will look towards their record sales and the lineups that they’ve been on as a measure of their success. For me, when I look back, I really hope that the impact I’ve had on the music industry is to have brought a lot of good memories and amazing nights to the people that have come to my gigs or listened to my music over the years. You can’t really quantify those kinds of memories and experiences, but I think they count for a lot more than numbers on a tick list!”

No matter the journey we’re on or the path we choose, the support we have along the way can make a world of difference. We may not all have the same depth as Charlie in our support system, but there will always be those around us that want to see it all work out. Keep those people close and the sky is the limit.

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Giuseppe Ottaviani announces third artist album, ‘ALMA’ [Exclusive]

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Under his own name, Giuseppe Ottaviani has expanded beyond what he’d begun as part of Nu NRG into one of the most revered names in trance music. His raw, yet intricate brand of trance has brought him legions of fans as he continues to tour the world with his GO Live concept shows that further boost his reputation as an artist. More recently, his work with Solarstone as PureNRG has been lauded heavily by the trance community, with hits like “Secret Of The Sahara” and “Scarlett” earning heavy rotation with the duo’s peers.

Ottaviani now bears more good news: a new album is imminent. Titled ALMA, which translates from Spanish into “Soul,” his third artist record will feature personal pieces showcasing his multilayered production abilities. “ALMA is the result of a two year long journey, that’s taken place both in and out of the studio,” the Italian legend divulged. “Artistically it’s the natural next step in my career.”

While the full tracklist has yet to be revealed, thus far we know his recent singles “Musica” and “Doctor Who” will be included in the roster which the Italian legend notes is “100% new studio material.” “Slow Emotion” will also be making the cut, supporting his new approach to making an album that defies the status quo. Paul Van Dyk, Christian Burns, and Kyler England were also revealed to have played a role in the production process.

ALMA will be released through Black Hole Recordings on September 29.

“It won’t be simply ‘Magenta Pt. II’. With its variety, it’s going to bring several new perspectives to my music. I see myself as not ‘just’ a producer, but as a music lover and ‘ALMA’ is something that’s come from deep within my soul.”

Alma Album Cover 400X400


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The Thrillseekers captures classic trance’s magic with ‘Amber’ under alter ego Hydra

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The Thrillseekers, known for his “15 Years Of Trance” brand, has been an active member of the scene since the genre’s beginning. Reusing his Hydra alter ego for the first time since “Affinity” in 2003, he presents us with a subdued and euphoric new offering, “Amber.”

Classic trance elements abound in “Amber” — synths typical of the era make a subtle appearance in the background, pairing with familiar running bass to instantly trigger nostalgia. An emotive topline, strummed by glittering Balaeric guitars, ties the piece together with a note progression that promotes both tranquility and contentment.

Though “Amber” has a classical influence, The Thrillseekers approached it with the tight production of a contemporary piece, making it an instant favorite in recent sets by other prominent trance DJs.