Stereogum’s 90 Favorite Songs Of 2018

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Each December, in an effort to celebrate outstanding achievements and commemorate The Year That Was, the pop culture media industrial complex foists lots of lists upon the world. We here at Stereogum are party to that deluge; we shared our collective conclusions about 2018’s best albums a week ago and have been More »

Iggy Pop & Underworld let the power of sheer dance floor bliss shine on latest, ‘Get Your Shirt’

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Iggy Pop & Underworld let the power of sheer dance floor bliss shine on latest, ‘Get Your Shirt’Underworld Iggy Pop Bells Circle

ICYMI, the punk and dance deities Iggy Pop and Underworld have crossed paths for a collaborative EP.

Teatime Dub Encounters is out on July 27, and so far the paring have released three tracks off the album.

Iggy Pop’s done kitschy spoken word poetry about “the good ol’ days,” gone to great lengths to speak about friendship, and its effect on him, but now it’s Underworld’s turn to shine. With very few words from Iggy Pop, and some actual singing this time around, the two’s new track “Get Your Shirt” is a blissful invitation to the dance floor. Described in a press release as a “lament to bad decisions, regrettable rips-offs, presidential flirts, and unlovable jerks,” “Get Your Shirt” feels like an invitation into an apocalyptic wasteland and a warped world that is seemingly impossible to escape.

Underworld & Iggy Pop – “Get Your Shirt” Video

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British dance music pioneers Underworld and American punk rock pioneer/#1 Mitski fan Iggy Pop were both famously featured on the Trainspotting soundtrack. And a couple of months ago, they teamed up for a surprise collaborative track called “Bells & Circles,” a weird, fascinating composition that found Pop delivering a half-ironic, stream-of-consciousness, spoken-word … More »

Underworld & Iggy Pop – “I’ll See Big”

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Underworld-Iggy-Pop-Teatime-Dub-EncountersLast month, British electronic godheads Underworld teamed with American punk godhead Iggy Pop for a surprise collaborative track, “Bells & Circles.” It was a transfixing composition, Underworld’s charging and pulsating electronic backdrop underpinning a sort of intensifying spoken-word poem from Pop. The tone was also a curious one, with Pop reminiscing about the days … More »

Iggy Pop and Underworld release heavy-hitting stream-of-consciousness collaboration, ‘Bells & Circles’

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Remember smoking on the airplane?

Iggy Pop does. Here’s a list of other things the former Stooges wildman and the brains behind seminal songs like “Lust For Life,” “Real Wild Child (Wild One),” and “The Passenger” remembers: snorting cocaine off tray tables, picking up stewardesses, and, he sings matter of factly,  losing the number of the stewardesses he snorted said large quantity of cocaine for in the first place.

Basically, Iggy Pop’s punk as shit and his new stream-of-consciousness Underworld collaboration, a severely punk electronic crossover, points to this imperative truth.

Having recently collaborated with Oneohtrix Point Never on Good Time’s “The Pure And The Damned,” comes Iggy Pop’s second new electronic coalescence. This time, Iggy’s joined forces with the underground English producers Underworld — best known for their hard-hitter “Born Slippy (Nuxx)” — on “Bells & Circles,” which rides on an extensive spoken-word bit from Iggy about the good halcyon days of air travel.

Underworld, who began their career playing punk and new wave, contributes menacing breakbeats that would send shivers down Boys Noize‘s spine. Clocking in just under eight minutes, “Bells & Circles” is a collaboration made in heavy-hitting heaven. Apparently, the track was dreamt up during an afternoon tea encounter, at least according to a press release, but as the track swells, and it becomes clearer the track will see out plentiful playtime on the dance floor, we’re more and more curious what dinner and drinks could mean for these underground passengers.

Underworld & Iggy Pop – “Bells & Circles”

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Underworld & Iggy Pop - "Bells & Circles"Underworld and Iggy Pop are both legends of underground music, and they were both famously featured on the Trainspotting soundtrack, but the music they’re actually known for making is very different. Underworld, a British electronic duo, had been making new wave and alt-pop for years before they got big, but they got big by … More »

Underworld – “Brilliant Yes That Would Be”

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After a six-year break, British electronic veterans Underworld have been on a roll since the release of 2016’s Barbara Barbara, we have a shining future. They reissued their 1999 album Beaucoup Fish last year and were part of the hubbub surrounding T2: Trainspotting, contributing an new song to the soundtrack. And today … More »

Exclusive Premiere: Shane 54 Reworks Underworld’s – Dark & Long (Dark Train) To Perfection

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The progressive worlds legendary Shane 54 is packing a punch with his superb new rework of Underworld’s “Dark & Long (Dark Train)”. Having branched off to do his solo project, Shane 54 has crafted a main room ready, melodic anthem that will be sure to make every hair on your body stand on end. Progressive inspired

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Tomorrowland announces addition of Dua Lipa, Rødhåd b2b Âme, Pan-Pot, and more to lineup

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Tomorrowland 7

As the countdown to festival season continues, Tomorrowland has been gradually releasing the names that will grace the stages of one of the world’s most celebrated festivals. Along with the January announcements that brought on artists like Alesso, Alison Wonderland, Prydz, the Belgian festival has announced the addition of nearly 20 more artists to kick off February.

Tomorrowland 2018 lineup additions:


Armand van Helden


Curtis Alto

Dua Lipa

Henri PFR

Lil Pump


Nora en Pure


Rødhåd b2b Âme

Roger Sanchez

Sam Feldt Live


Steve Aoki

Sub Zero Project

Todd Terry


Tomorrowland will return to Boom, Belgium July 20–July 22 and July 27-July 29. Tickets and travel packages are still available here.

tomorrowland 2018 lineup additions

UNKLE Made Us a Playlist of Tracks That Helped Inspire for ‘The Road’

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In preparation for the release of UNKLE’s sixth album, The Road Part 1, we chatted with James Lavelle about the musical inspirations behind the exciting cinematic twists and turns that drive UNKLE’s work. Like UNKLE’s incredibly eclectic catalogue, Lavelle’s playlist is entrenched in British trip hop and rock with a valiant helping of bold music samplings that ultimately pay off. Check out the playlist with Lavelle’s commentary below, and be sure to grab a copy of The Road Part 1, available August 18th.


1. Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song

From this song to “A Whole Lotta Love,” John Paul Jones’ arrangements were a big inspiration on tracks like “The Road” and “Nowhere to Run,” and of course John Bonham’s drums are a huge presence in sample culture.

2. The Young Disciples – Freedom Suite

Taken from their incredibly underrated album, The Road To Freedom. This album was a huge influence for their arrangements and how tracks moved and featured multiple artists and takes me back to my original roots which was a key factor in the album.

3. The Sindecut – Simple Jealousy

Again going back to my sound system roots, this track and album were the sound of my youth and, like the Young Disciples, a lost classic–I like the rawness of the production and the multiple guests.

4. Massive attack – Blue Lines

The title track from their debut classic album, a blue print for Mo’ Wax and UNKLE–wanted to go back to that period especially working with MINK, Elliott Power, ESKA and Ysee. I wanted to reflect that lazy, collaborative British hip hop sound which was a soundtrack to my early years as a teenager and made me want to make records, and of course “Unfinished Symphony” was a major influence too, a record that changed my life! (Will Malone who scored this track also worked on the album).

5. Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters

Taken from Michael Mann’s closing credits of Heat–I love the string arrangements on this track and the fact it’s electronic. I love the sound of the production as well as artists like Underworld and Carl Craig and Detroit techno and dance music in general–club music is in my veins!!

6.The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

Probably the first ever sample collage record in modern music history. The Beatles were a big inspiration as they pushed things forward, George Martins arrangements and the soul of George Harrison also have a big impact on this album.

7. Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place

Radiohead have always been a huge inspiration, how they push the bar of classic song structure with modern technology. Kid A and Amnesiac and In Rainbows were big references in the new album.

8.The Electric Prunes – Holy Are You

Their harmonies and chorus arrangements were an inspiration. David Axelrod’s production was a massive part of my musical life, the drums and bass and space. A big ref on tracks like “Farewell.”

9. Dennis Wilson – River Song

A guilty pleasure of arrangements – pacific blue is an amazing album. I love the layers and emotion of the recordings.

10. Pink Floyd- The Dark Side of the Moon

I love the soul of this track and the way the album works as a journey – I wanted to create a cinematic experience.

11.Wendy Carlos- Synthesized 9th movement

I wanted to fuse electronic production with classical music and push the boundaries, coming from an upbringing of techno and symphony and my love of Stanley Kubrick.