Anabel Englund and Jamie Jones share soothing house feeler, ‘Messing With Magic’

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Anabel Englund and Jamie Jones share soothing house feeler, ‘Messing With Magic’Anabel Englund

LA-based Anabel Englund recently released a satiating dancefloor feeler, “Messing With Magic,” with Ibiza mainstay, Jamie Jones, through Ultra Records‘ Area 10 division. With a dark twist in the form of a brooding bass supporting Englund’s resonant vocals alongside heartbeat percussion, the track offers its due diligence with a sprinkle of light, uplifting piano chords. The verses dive back into a more menacing tone, as the hooks bring the piano house into play. An electro-techno synth line casually creeps in to add to the track’s nonchalant air.

“Messing With Magic” follows another Ultra release for Englund, “So Hot,” which received a remix from MK and Nightlapse. Her debut EP is set for release in 2020.

Boris Brejcha rips and tears with new single, ‘Lieblingsmensch’

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Boris Brejcha rips and tears with new single, ‘Lieblingsmensch’Boris Brejcha

Having just clocked in at No. 2 on Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artists of 2019, Boris Brejcha continues his hot-streak of genre-bending club releases with “Lieblingsmensch,” his next successive single on Ultra Records in almost as many months. Translated to “favorite human ever,” “Lieblingsmensch” ticks all the boxes that make his tunes so matter-of-factly Boris.

A healthy balance of in-your-face light/dark elements? Check. How about a bottomless toolbox of uniquely textured elements? Check. Melodic twists and turns? Those, too.

Sure, his style revolves around the build/drop dynamic, but between his understanding of dance music and sophisticated songwriting, even that takes a refreshing spin through the cosmic corridors of “Lieblingsmensch.”

Brejcha is no newcomer to the electronic zeitgeist. He’s been known for minimal and techier sounds since much earlier in the now dwindling decade. But those who have seen him behind the decks as of late likely remember this release for the lynchpin that it is in his current mix/live set setup.

Boris Brejcha’s upcoming LP, Space Diver, is expected out on Ultra Records this coming January.

Photo: TribalMixes

NGHTMRE taps Gunna for latest hip-hop offering, ‘CASH COW’

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NGHTMRE taps Gunna for latest hip-hop offering, ‘CASH COW’NGHTMRE Gunna

NGHTMRE is keeping his portfolio of music diverse with newest release “CASH COW” featuring Gunna. The single is a Hip Hop release, and it is a refreshing change of pace for listeners who are a fan of NGHTMRE’s ability to produce a wide variety of musical genres.

Many electronic producers have diversified their sound by releasing cross genre singles. These songs frequently enlist elements of non-electronic genres but fuse them with electronic drops. Unlike many electronic music producers who release cross-genre singles, NGHTMRE is known to release strictly Hip Hop singles with no electronic elements juxtaposed with his heavy hitting electronic output.

“CASH COW” is an example of one of NGHTMRE’s strictly Hip Hop releases thanks to its simple and catchy note progression that builds around Gunna’s lyrics. Gunna’s rapping serving as the focal point of the release, and the low BPM makes the track the antithesis of what fans could expect to be featured in NGHTMRE’s live sets. “CASH COW” would find a perfect home in a Hip Hop club.

The single follows NGHTMRE’s recent collaboration with Grabbitz, “Bruises,” which is contrastingly melodic. “CASH COW” is out now via Ultra Records.

Photo supplied by Ultra Music

SNBRN and Lucati release cool house heater, ‘DMs’

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SNBRN and Lucati release cool house heater, ‘DMs’SNBRN Press Image

SNBRN has teamed up with Lucati and vocalist 1993 on their new house cooler, “DMs,” released via Ultra Records. The track summarizes the important messages sent through social media direct messaging, or DMs as colloquially known. With a groovy bassline driving the sound, 1993’s voice swims alongside the walking low end melody as the house percussion completes the exoskeleton of the project. A surprise whistle playfully interrupts for a well-rounded house heater.

Hailing from Los Angeles, SNBRN is known for his catchy deep house sound. His originals such as “Raindrops” and “Gangsta Walk” with Nate Dogg alongside infectious remixes that include Bebe Rexha‘s “I Got You” are a testament to his delicate technique and playful narrative development. “DMs” looks to follow that trend, supplementing the artists deep house repertoire.

Boris Brejcha shares ‘Never Look Back,’ from upcoming Ultra album [Stream + Watch]

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Boris Brejcha shares ‘Never Look Back,’ from upcoming Ultra album [Stream + Watch]Boris Brejcha 01 Credit Florian Schmitt 1

German joker-masked king of High Tech Minimal, Boris Brejcha has unfurled another fragment, “Never Look Back” from his debut album due in January on Ultra Records.

A recent staple in Brejcha’s 100% originally soundtracked sets, “Never Look Back” imbues the FCKNG SERIOUS label boss’s penchant for bleeding the boundaries of striking techno, progressive house, and trance. His inspiriting, melodic earmark assumes the driver’s seat, yet again, alongside one of his cornerstone pitched-down vocal cuts. The production is nothing short of cosmic.

Having just wrapped up his first US tour and another successful branded soiree at Amsterdam Dance Event, Brejcha continues to permeate his unparalleled sound design to pandemic proportions. In addition to erecting his own music label just a few years ago, Brejcha made his Cercle debut this year at the Grand Palais, which has garnered over seven million streams on YouTube alone. Those who haven’t heard the news about the one-man High Tech Minimal army taking the global club front for ransom would do best to briskly familiarize themselves.

Photo Credit: Florian Schmitt

CRAY embodies dark pop on ‘seasons change and so do i’ EP

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CRAY embodies dark pop on ‘seasons change and so do i’ EPCRAY At Hard Summer Credit Her FB

CRAY has released a seven-track EP, seasons change and so do i, trading in her DJ gear to express her indie-pop side. The personal extended play is about her evolution as an artist while turning heartbreak into self love. The Twitch gamer and producer took a big step this year, signing to Ultra Records, where this project is signed. This signing helped her work with producers Dan Whittemore, Naderi, Alex Mendoza, and Cameron Hale to bring her darkened pop vision to life, joining her on her new sonic direction.

“This EP was written over a year and half period,” CRAY said of the project in a press release. “The first half of the EP was written when I was in a relationship and was struggling with being okay and happy and the end half I wrote when the relationship ended. It’s very much like a diary and that’s why the artwork is hand made and the songs have dates next to them to explain the journey of when I wrote them.” 

She adds, “This EP is almost a story of falling out of love with someone and back into love with yourself. It’s angry, sad, hopeful and powerful. My inspiration for this is directly from my experiences and my writing, each song is personal and true to me and the writing process was emotional for me but very therapeutic as well.”

CRAY is continuing to tour and play festivals in addition to intimate seasons change and so do i showcases in Los Angeles and New York City.

Photo credit: CRAY Facebook

Black Coffee and Usher link for a must-listen R&B afrobeat hybrid, ‘LaLaLa’ [Stream]

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Black Coffee and Usher link for a must-listen R&B afrobeat hybrid, ‘LaLaLa’ [Stream]Usher Coffee

Black Coffee throws scerene drums and melody at 2000’s R&B chart dominator Usher, in an infectious new after hours groove titled, “LaLaLa,” landing on Ultra Records. This is the first single from the South African producer since his 2018 track “Wish You Were Here,” and similarly Usher’s first offering of 2019.

“La La La,” carried by plucks and twirling air, is guided nicely towards a familiar, soothing pop-inspired backdrop. Then, joined with a vibrant afrobeat appeal, the track comes together to make for a sensual dance between voice and rhythm. Swinging percussion elements accent the track’s crooning vocals as the chemistry seems effortless between Usher and Coffee.

Usher’s last effort came last year on a joint album alongside Zaytoven, A. In that time, Black Coffee collaborated with David Guetta, Drake, and Alicia Keys, as he continued cementing his undoubtable legacy as one of Red Bull Music Academy‘s proudest exports.

Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

4B – Told You

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4B – Told YouToldyou

4B is back on Ultra Records with a heavy-hitting single that serves as a battle cry for his forthcoming “Explosive” EP. A blend of hardstyle and trap, “Told You” is not for the feint of heart or the mellow-minded. This track is a sonic assault. Led by a percussion-heavy build and a driving bassline that stabs and serrates your ear drums, the 26-year-old producer has primed his party-ready and hard-hitting style with “Told You.”

If the rest of his EP is as “Explosive” as the name suggests then “Told You” is the fuse for a megaton bomb of bass.

Adventure Club enlist Said The Sky for atmospheric new offering, ‘Already Know’

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Adventure Club enlist Said The Sky for atmospheric new offering, ‘Already Know’Adventure Club

Since their ascension through the electronic ranks amid the US dubstep craze of the early 2010s, Adventure Club have maintained a fierce foothold at the helm of dance music’s consciousness.

Now the duo has aligned themselves with aural counterpart and one of the scene’s synergistic and new talents, Said The Sky, for their new collaborative track, “Already Know,” out on Ultra Records. In the few short years of his release tenure, the producer/multi-instrumentalist has rendezvoused with some of the most eminent like-minded melodic bass purveyors around, including Seven Lions, Illenium, and SLANDER.

“Already Know” exudes the equally delicate and robust nature of Adventure Club and Said The Sky’s melodic bass methods. The static-laden, atmospheric allure of the reverb-friendly production melds mellifluously with the romantic euphoria inherent in Carly Bevier’s vocal contribution. The release is another momentous notch in its esteemed creators’ veteran and nascent respective catalogs.

Photo Credit: Karel Chladek

Exclusive: Deorro commissions Hektor Mass for ‘Shake That Bottle’

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Exclusive: Deorro commissions Hektor Mass for ‘Shake That Bottle’Deorro

Tomorrow, Deorro officially returns to Ultra Records for another release on the storied label housing. But listeners can hear the effervescent offering today exclusively through Dancing Astronaut.

“Shake That Bottle” follows in the footsteps of the Mexican-American dance floor deity’s previous Ultra efforts, including the pensive, emotionally charged “Obvious,” the nostalgia and vocal chop-laden “All This Time,” as well as his ravenously streamed, pulsing recent electro track with Danny Avila, “Keep It Goin’.” This latest Ultra-approved endeavor, bolstered by Barcelona-bred Hektor Mass, proves a simmering showing of the longtime Spinnin’ mainstay’s affinity for bouyant basslines, with a hint of Melbourne bounce for good measure. “Shake That Bottle” is set to arrive just in time to score the remainder of this festival season’s ill-behaved and well-attended outdoor affronts.

The “Five Hours” producer is currently on tour through North America, making stops along both the US and Mexican club/festival fronts until mid-November. Tickets and dates available here.