Lauren Daigle Is The Christian Adele

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Lauren DaigleEvery few years, a major national publication will publish an overview of the Christian music industry. This week, Kelefa Sanneh has a good one in The New Yorker. Sanneh’s history of Christian rock and pop begins way back in the 1950s, with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s advice-column exhortation that gospel and the devil’s … More »

Bijou releases blazing G-House original, ‘Gotta Shine’

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Rising g-house sensation Bijou has released a bruising original on Dim Mak titled, “Gotta Shine.” Featuring gritty vocals from $uicideboy$-affiliate Germ, Bijou incorporates elements of hip-hop with deep house vibes.

“Gotta Shine” is saturated with ominous undertones, unrelenting waves of bass, and is tied together by eerie interludes of dissonant notes. Bijou flexes his signature style within each build and climax, as the up-and-coming producer creates an intricate structure categorized by many different layers of sound on top of intriguing rhythmic patterns.

Bijou quickly amassed support among listeners from all over the world for his distinct take on the genre. He’s also been championed by house music powerhouses like AC Slater, Destructo, Don Diablo, and Malaa.

With his first track of the year, Bijou has set the bar high for future releases this forthcoming year.

$uicideboy$ Pay Tribute To Dolores O’Riordan

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Yesterday, we learned that the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan died suddenly at 46 of what police are calling “unexplained” causes. The New Orleans-based rap duo $uicideboy$ honored the late singer at their show in Stockholm last night, putting on the Cranberries’ massive “Zombie” and singing along to it with the audience. Watch fan-shot footage of … More »

We’re In Another Three 6 Mafia Moment, And That Is A Beautiful Thing

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The first wave of UK punk was a big, loud, obnoxious negation of almost everything that had come before, of all the tasteful ’70s stuff that had been in the air. Johnny Rotten famously wore an “I hate Pink Floyd” shirt to his Sex Pistols audition, and the entire movement existed in direct opposition to … More »

So There’s This French African Rapper Named MHD, And He’s Really Good

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We were only there for three or four songs. It was enough. Last Thursday was one of those rare nights when Chris DeVille and I, the two Stereogum staffers who refuse to live in New York, were in the city anyway, splitting a hotel room the night before we jumped on a train up to … More »

Stream Five New EPs From $uicideboy$

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Right now, one of the buzziest groups in rap is a duo of scraggly, face-tatted white skate punks from New Orleans. $uicideboy$ make swirling, jittery lo-fi music that explicitly calls back to early Three 6 Mafia, building on that group’s dark themes and quick-tongue cadences. They’ve cobbled together a musical and visual sensibility that call … More »

We All Need To Be Grateful For Lil Wayne’s Continued Existence

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Three and a half years ago, your entire Stereogum staff was at the FADER Fort during SXSW, watching the beautifully random one-off set where the Afghan Whigs were Usher’s backing band. It was a great moment, and we couldn’t enjoy it. A few minutes earlier, we’d learned that Lil Wayne was in a hospital after … More »

Diplo and Friends Get’s Grimey with Getter’s Lastest Mix

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Getter who currently is on his “Shred Zone” tour recently uploaded his official Diplo and Friends Mix. The DJ and producer uploaded the almost hour long mix to his official Soundcloud and it does not disappoint. The original “Suh Dude” manages to put together a blood pumping mix of dubstep, rap and little of his own work.

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$uicideboy$ & Getter’s Collab Features A Sample Straight From A Pack

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Another day, another controversy for rap group $uicideboy$. The rappers were in hot water recently from deadmau5 who discovered that they had ripped the melody straight from his collaboration with Kaskade, “I Remember,” for one of their new songs. That song has since been scrubbed from the internet.

Now, a much lesser but still rather interesting controversy for the group, it’s been discovered that their collaboration with Getter which came out in July, “Stop Calling Us Horrorcore,” is built entirely around a single sample found in the ‘808 Mood’ sample pack by Trap Veterans on Producer Loops. It’s not known at this time whether any of the other tracks on the Radical $uicide EP follow the same pattern.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong or illegal or “against the rules” about this. However, with production and loops/samples, we expect producers as experienced as Getter to actually modify the loop/sample in some discernible way. Listening to the collaboration and the sample pack, they’re virtually identical.



It should also be taken into account that this track is not EDM, and so perhaps our own high standards don’t apply in the hip hop world.

In this case, we’re willing to put more of the responsibility on $uicideboy$ than Getter, considering that this is something they’ve dealt with before. But still, Getter is named on the track and it’s not a good look. Listen to the collab below and head here to compare to the sample pack.


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