Ty Segall announces break from playing his new songs to play his old songs

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Ty Segall is a busy man, everyone knows this, his prolificness is well-covered. Every handful of months, it feels like there’s a new batch of Segall songs to get excited about. In particular, new songs to get excited about seeing performed live, Segall puts on an energetic, memorable live show. But now, the game has changed forever, because Ty Segall is announcing a break from playing his new songs…to play his old songs.

Segall is embarking on a series of residencies where he and the Freedom Band will be performing select albums from his catalog, in full. Each night will feature a performance of either Melted, Goodbye Bread, Emotional Mugger, or Manipulator, along with an as-of-yet unconfirmed ~*mYsTeRy*~ set. So don’t lose hope yet, fans of Slaughterhouse, Twins, Sleeper, Ty Rex, Reverse Shark Attack, Fudge Sandwich, Hair, etc. You may get to hear some cuts from your favorite Ty Segall albums yet!

The residencies will take place in every American’s two favorite cities — Los Angeles and New York — with a handful of European shows in London, Paris, Berlin, and Haarlem. Shows in LA will take place every Friday from July 26 to September 27 at the Teragram Ballroom. In NY, Segall and The Freedom Band will play five consecutive nights at Warsaw in Brooklyn.

Head down below to check out the full slate of Ty Segall’s upcoming shows, with details of which album he’s confirmed to be performing in full that night. His latest album, the live document Deforming Lobes is out now via Drag City.

Ty Segall and the Freedom Band residencies

07.26.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Melted)
08.02.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Melted)
08.09.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Melted)
08.16.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Goodbye Bread)
08.23.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Goodbye Bread)
08.30.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Emotional Mugger)
09.06.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Emotional Mugger)
09.13.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Manipulator)
09.20.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Manipulator)
09.27.19 — Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom (Manipulator)
10.01.19 — Brooklyn, NY — Warsaw (Melted)
10.02.19 — Brooklyn, NY — Warsaw (Melted)
10.03.19 — Brooklyn, NY — Warsaw (Goodbye Bread)
10.04.19 — Brooklyn, NY — Warsaw (Emotional Mugger)
10.05.19 — Brooklyn, NY — Warsaw (Manipulator)
10.09.19 — Paris, FR — La Cigale (Melted)
10.10.19 — Paris, FR — La Cigale (Manipulator)
10.11.19 — London, UK — Oval Space (Melted)
10.12.19 — London, UK — Oval Space (Goodbye Bread)
10.13.19 — London, UK — Oval Space (Manipulator)
10.15.19 — Berlin, DE — Festsaal Kreuzberg (Melted)
10.17.19 — Haarlem, NL — Patronaat (Melted)
10.18.19 — Haarlem, NL — Patronaat (Manipulator)

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Ty Segall announces break from releasing studio albums to release live album

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Ty Segall — wild child, bon vivant, poet laureate — makes a lot of music. This is wellworn territory.

There comes a time in every artist’s career however, where they need to take a step back from it all; stop writing, recording, and releasing studio albums, and just veg out. As such, Ty Segall has announced he will be taking a break from releasing new studio albums…to release a new live album.

Out March 29 on Drag City, Deforming Lobes was recorded live at the Telegram Ballroom in Los Angeles during Segall’s tour with the Freedom Band — Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart, Emmett Kelly, and Ben Boye — in support of last year’s Freedom’s Goblin. Another fun tidbit: the album was actually recorded by notable recorder-of-things Steve Albini! And while only eight tracks long, Deforming Lobes covers material from across Segall’s catalog, serving as a sort of bookend/exclamation point to the Freedom’s Goblin era.

Deforming Lobes is out March 29 via Drag City. Listen to “Love Fuzz,” and check out the album’s artwork and track listing down below. Pre-order the album here. See you all here again in three months when Ty announces a new studio album, which we’re going on-record to predict will be called Transcendental Burro.

Deforming Lobes by Ty Segall

Deforming Lobes

01. Warm Hands
02. Squealer
03. Breakfast Eggs
04. The Crawler
05. Finger
06. They Told Me Too
07. Cherry Red
08. Love Fuzz

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The C.I.A. – “Oblivion” Video

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Live Blog: Desert Daze 2018

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Desert Daze 2018
Moreno Beach; Lake Perris, CA

[October 12-14, 2018]

2018 saw Southern California’s psychedelic freakout fest Desert Daze reaching its highest highs, as well as it lowest lows. Between a change in venue, a drastic boost in attendance, and an unfortunate weather-related catastrophe, this year’s festivities tested its attendee’s patience in more ways than one. And yet, in spite of some serious mishaps, Desert Daze amazingly managed to pull through for yet another wild weekend, proving yet again why it’s one of the more unique, all-in-one festival experiences out there today.

For a festival that prides itself on its good vibes, this year’s Desert Daze started out on a pretty harsh note. Day 1 was basically a disaster, with the line just to get into the parking lot taking a solid three and a half hours, and that’s after driving two hours from L.A. to get to the festival’s new home of Moreno Beach in Lake Perris, CA. We didn’t even make it into the campgrounds until around 6 PM, and by the time we had settled into our campsite, we only had time to try and catch Tame Impala’s headlining set that night. Little did we know that the travesties were only beginning; less than 10 minutes into Tame Impala’s set, the band was rushed offstage by a sound guy who informed us that there was a freak lightning storm headed straight in our direction, and that we essentially had to get the fuck out. Cue the pouring rain (as well as a frantic series of text alerts warning us to not take shelter under trees, buildings, or tents — leaving us where exactly?), and Day 1 amounted to one of the most ridiculous series of events that’s happened to me at a music festival.

But from there, the clouds hanging over the weekend surprisingly cleared up. I must admit that I was skeptical of the festival moving from Joshua Tree — one of the most legendary parks in America — to the middle of San Bernardino, but Moreno Beach was an absolute dream. Getting to go for a swim in between sets was lovely and once again proved Desert Daze’s affinity for offering much more to festival-goers than just a series of stages to hustle between before driving back to the hotel for the night. Between all the colorful art installations, the bountiful camping accommodations, and the silly activities in the Mystic Bazaar, Desert Daze is a fun festival to hang out at for three days, to say nothing of their penchant for booking an expansive range of artists stretching from Julia Holter to Slowdive to Earth to Death Grips.

The prices are still more expensive than they should be, but there’s something about going from floating in a lake to basking in the apocalyptic noise of My Bloody Valentine that’s hard to beat. Take a look at our photos from this year, and see if you can catch a vibe or two.

Words by Sam Goldner, Photos by Stephanie Riesco

Tame Impala

Kevin Morby

Kikagaku Moyo


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Julia Holter


Death Grips

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Ty Segall, Boygenius, Playboi Carti, & More Offering Free Concert Tickets For Voters

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Voters can score free entry to concerts from Drive-By Truckers, Playboi Carti and indie supergroup Boygenius on election day just by doing their civic duty. Voter turnout initiative #iVoted has secured free tickets for 78 events across 32 states and counting for Tuesday Nov. 6, the day of midterm elections in the United States. More »

Ty Segall Surprise Releases 5th Album Of 2018 Limited To 55 Cassettes

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