Martin Garrix has ‘a lot of new music’ on the way

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Martin Garrix has ‘a lot of new music’ on the wayMartin Garri Ultra

When it comes to music production, Martin Garrix knows only the accelerator—brakes be damned. Eponymous star of The Martin Garrix Show, the wunderkind DJ confirmed through Twitter that he has a “lot of new music” poised for release.

Per the tweet, the trajectory of his new material will first include “a bunch of MG music,” followed by “some area21 ideas” that currently remain works in progress. Area21 is Garrix’s two-part alias, comprised of the 22-year-old producer and Maejor. Garrix and Maejor have released a slew of singles to date under their Area21 moniker, including 2018’s “Happy.”

2018 has proven to be a particularly industrious year for Garrix, who has put out a series of standalone singles over the course of the year, published several successive installments of The Martin Garrix Show (now in its third season), and has recently partnered with AXE to develop the brand’s newly founded music platform, AXE Music. Garrix enthusiasts can shorten their wait for the producer’s next release with episode five of The Martin Garrix Show, available here.

And just like that… Kanye West has vanished from social media

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And just like that… Kanye West has vanished from social mediaKanye West Cell Phone Gc Images Credit

As quickly as he came back, Kanye West has now disappeared from Instagram and Twitter, possibly ending a polarizing summer of often batshit crazy pop culture pot stirrings. As of October 6, the rapper’s Instagram and Twitter accounts appear to have gone dark. Ye’s return to Twitter was an integral facet to the “promotion campaigns” behind his Wyoming Session albums that were released over the summer, rejoining the platform just weeks before the string of shortened LPs started landing in May. A return to Instagram followed some weeks later, each platform drawing in millions of followers — but rather than deploying typical marketing schemes to push album sales, the Chicago-born rapper’s social media presence largely spiraled into sporadic nonsense, bloated egotistical musings, and eventually, and perhaps most noticeably, divisive Trump-touting and weak rap beef fodder.

Most recently, Ye’s hastily promised Yhandi LP managed to miss its intended late-September release date. Then the rhymer’s unaired closing speech at SNL, during which he claims he was bullied for his political affiliations, was closely followed by what was likely his most baffling social media post yet — calling to “abolish the 13th amendment,” which brought an end to slavery when it was ratified in 1865. After a messy, albeit entertaining, six month stretch on social media, it seems Kanye West may finally be ready to keep a couple of thoughts to himself. An eventual return seems inevitable, though for now, the Twittersphere may quiet down just a little with Ye’s departure.

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Kanye West readies new project, ‘Yandhi’ as a possible sequel to ‘Yeezus,’ announced as season opener for Saturday Night Live

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Kanye West readies new project, ‘Yandhi’ as a possible sequel to ‘Yeezus,’ announced as season opener for Saturday Night LiveT Kanye West Rainbow Hair

It’s no secret that Kanye West‘s Twitter account is the place to go to find a range of polarizing statements to life musings and of course, cryptic reveals. Today, he announced that he will open this season of Saturday Night Live as the musical guest alongside host Adam Driver by posting a captionless photo. But instead of listing “Kanye West,” the photo includes “Yandhi” alongside Driver’s name.

Immediately following, Ye posted another mysterious photo, this time, a photo of a CD. Fans immediately connected the dots, noting the similar play on words “Yandhi” has to Gandhi, as the album Yeezus did to Jesus, as well as the undeniable similarity to the album art on the 2013 release. Hours later, West took to Instagram to make the announcement official, posting that same CD image with “YANDHI 9 29 18.”

West recently released “I Love It” featuring Lil Pump, following a string of production credits on the Wyoming Sessions albums, including his own album ye and Kids See Ghosts alongside Kid Cudi earlier in 2018,


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ILLENIUM shares empowering tale of triumph, ‘Take You Down’

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ILLENIUM shares empowering tale of triumph, ‘Take You Down’Take You Down Illenium 1

On every end of the music spectrum, addiction is a malevolent and omnipresent cultural reality—EDM, especially, not withstanding. ILLENIUM‘s newest song, “Take You Down,” traces the seemingly hopeless narrative of an addict, while maintaining that, with adequate support, anything can be overcome. “Take You Down” is a hauntingly poignant depiction of the depths of despair, though simultaneously illuminating the beauty inherent in choosing to fight for one’s life. Desperate lyrics told though enduring female vocals are interrupted by a redemptive, altogether arresting melody that serves as a sonic representation of hope—which in ILLENIUM’s case, is music itself.

The 27-year-old artist took to Twitter recently to speak candidly about his longtime battle with opiates, the music that saved him, and the new track. He stated that he owes his sobriety first and foremost to music, as well as to the unrelenting support of his mother and those closest to him. ILLENIUM’s symbol, the phoenix, which he also fashioned a song after, becomes clearer when considering his story—as the bird often symbolizes rebirth and a metaphorical rising from the ashes. Listen to “Take You Down” below.

Elon Musk blasts streaming services for “crazy low payouts”

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Music creatives have long gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to music streaming royalties. Once the honey pot is divvied up between streaming platforms and music labels, artists and songwriters walk away with only a small piece of the pie.

Mercurial tech baron and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, is the latest powerful voice to recently speak out on the issue of unequal distribution. The issue is no new struggle in contemporary capitalism, either. The fact of the matter is: when big business is involved, individuals lose out.

But it seems Musk now has a direct stake in the issue considering he’s now dating Canadian singer/songwriter, Grimes. The couple made their first public appearance as a couple at the Met Gala last week in New York City.

The conversation arose over Twitter when Musk was asked about his favorite Grimes song; for which, by the way, he has two:

One conscientious fan tweeted the tech baron wondering which streaming platform fans could engage with in order to most directly benefit Grimes financially.

Musk responded with an infographic showing Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube as the bottom three platforms in terms of gross payout per stream. XboxRhapsody and Tidal are among the top when it comes to artist payouts, with Apple MusicAmazon, Deezer, and Google falling somewhere in the middle.

While the issue of online streaming payouts continues to be a new frontier for the music industry — especially as it converges with tech giants and new platforms who want a piece of the pie — Musk should be commended for bringing the issue into public conversation. At the very least, it is a genuine show of online activism when powerful tech elites raise their voices for unheard, underpaid artistic creatives who often get no say in the matter.

The Chainsmokers Brutally Respond To Cheat Codes After Recent Accusation

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Just days after Cheat Codes got in a rather strange altercation with a fan at one of their recent shows, Cheat Codes are back in the news for calling The Chainsmokers “pussies.” The dance music trio wrote to Twitter “What else are you pussies gunna copy? @TheChainsmokers.” Cheat Codes said that it was their thing

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Kanye West announces imminent return with two new summer albums, with Pusha T, Kid Cudi, and Teyana Taylor in tow

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We’re all in for a damn G.O.O.D. summer.

Kanye West‘s recent return to Twitter hasn’t been all for naught. His sporadic bursts of activity on the platform always turn out to be entertaining, though this time around seemed like it was leading up to some sort of action from the G.O.O.D Music camp. Now, we finally have confirmation. The hip-hop giant announced in a flurry of tweets that he’s preparing to bless us with not one but two albums in June. West also shared that one will be a solo LP and the other will be a joint project alongside Kid Cudi called Kids See Ghost. The last time Ye dropped off an album in June, he gave us Yeezus in the summer of 2013. If history repeats itself, maybe we just officially rename the month to Yeezy Season moving forward?

The good news just keeps coming though. The Chicago emcee also announced new LPs from Pusha T and Teyana Taylor as well, with Pusha’s follow up to 2015’s King Push: Darkest Before Dawn landing on May 25 and Taylor’s album slated for one month later. Megastar rappers Drake and J. Cole both recently used social media as the vehicles for their next album announcements, with Cole opting a surprise drop this week and Drake gearing up for a chart battle against West in June. Hip-hop’s top heavyweights all seem to be mobilizing right now — June is really shaping up to be one for the books.

[LISTEN] Oshi releases new track citing he will delete it within a day

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Oshi has released a new track, “h a p p i n e s s,” ahead of playing at the famed Coachella this weekend. On his Twitter page, he notes that he will probably delete the track within a day because it is a ‘throw away song.’

The track’s elaborate combination of instrumentals, synthesized vocal accents, and pulsing beat is anything but throw away, so listen while you can! The song is available for free download via Oshi’s Soundcloud page

What are Lady Gaga and Boys Noize up to?

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God bless Twitter. It’s a lawless breeding ground for the Internet’s worst moments, but among many other uses, it has become a powerful vehicle for speedy, viral marketing grabs and not-so-subtle distribution channel for our favorite artists. Whatever Lady Gaga and Boys Noize are up to with the recent exchange of some very juicy tweets — we’re already salivating for more. In just three tantalizing sentences between them, the day’s reigning techno don and pop megastar respectively may have confirmed the collaboration we’re likely not yet worthy of.

“And it spit out beautiful weirdness afterwards.” 

Yes, of course it did, but what could this mean? Perhaps BNR‘s head honcho is writing a new track on Gaga’s next project? Is the Perfect Illusionvocalist lending her iconic vocals to a dark, industrial masterpiece? They each sound like a long shot, but the writing is on the Twitter wall for us to relentlessly pick apart. Who knows what came from Lady Gaga’s rather careless episode in Boys Noize’s studio? Whatever they’re up to, Lady Gaga and Boys Noize sound like a strange match made in electro heaven, and we’re already hooked.

Getter is Catching Some Heat on His New Music and We Can’t Help But Wonder, Why?

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Getter has made a name for himself in the Electronic Music scene over the years with his hard hitting bass sound. Delivering some of the raddest sounds to the World, the American DJ/Producer has garndered on of the largest bass followings in the United States. Over the past year or so, the San Jose native

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