Turnstile – “Disco / Time + Space” Video

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Turnstile-videoA Turnstile live show is a fucking war zone. The Baltimore-born band might be the biggest thing happening in hardcore right now, even if they are currently serving as opening act for Buffalo OGs Every Time I Die. And when they play, kids go off. Bodies fly everywhere. The pit spills all the … More »

Turnstile – “Bomb / I Don’t Wanna Be Blind” Video

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Turnstile-Bomb-videoThe great Baltimore hardcore band Turnstile, whose live show is the sort of thing that you really need to experience, came out of the DIY ranks earlier this year, releasing their big-label debut Time & Space. It’s a great album. And now Turnstile have used their newfound powers, or at least … More »

World’s Fair – “Dundas Street West” (Feat. Nasty Nigel, Cody B. Ware, & Turnstile’s Freaky Franz)

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World's Fair - "Dundas Street West" (Feat. Nasty Nigel, Cody B. Ware, & Freaky Franz)Did you know Franz Lyons, the bass player in Baltimore hardcore heroes Turnstile, is also a rapper? Before Turnstile achieved their current status near the top of the modern hardcore scene, Freaky Franz was scoring local hip-hop hits in Columbus. As someone entrusted with covering the Columbus music scene back then, circa More »

The 50 Best Albums Of 2018 So Far

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Have you ever talked to your parents about what it was like to live through the late ’60s? National leaders were gunned down right and left. Entire generations were asserting themselves loudly. War was erupting, and nobody seemed quite certain why. People were walking on the moon. Hippie cults were chopping people up. A few … More »

Egg Men – “Outside The Shell”

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Egg-MenTurnstile are busy. The Baltimore band have spent years rising to the top of the DIY hardcore circuit. Earlier this year, they pushed their sound in a bunch of new directions on Time & Space, their major-label debut. They also headed out on a huge tour, which is a pretty normal thing for a … More »

You Should Go See Turnstile

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There are stagedives, and then there are stagedives. Maybe two songs into Baltimore hardcore band Turnstile’s set last night, frontman Brendan Yates launched himself into the sky. He got tremendous air. Yates seemed to hang there for a small eternity before, in mid-air, somersaulting forward and landing on the crowd. It was Booker T’s old … More »

Stream Turnstile Time & Space

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Over the last few years, the Baltimore band Turnstile have risen to the top of the word-of-mouth-driven DIY hardcore scene, packing shows everywhere and developing their own melodic, groove-driven sound. And now they’ve made a big leap. Later this week, Turnstile will release Time & Space, their first album for the big indie Roadrunner Records. More »

Turnstile – “Moon” Video

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Next month, Baltimore hardcore marauders Turnstile will complete their leap out of the DIY universe when they release Time & Space, their Roadrunner Records debut. And after sharing the early tracks “Real Thing” and “Generator,” they’ve got a video for new song “Moon,” a searching and melodic two-minute energy burst. Bassist … More »

Diplo has a production credit on a forthcoming Turnstile track

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The question “what would Diplo do?” might best be rephrased as “what is Diplo doing;” the electronic virtuoso’s next step ever unpredictable. Diplo has quickly shifted gears from his recent photoshoot with L’Uomo Vogue to earn a production credit on “Right To Be,” a track expected to appear on Turnstile’s LP Time & Space, due out on February 23.

The accreditation adds “hardcore” to the extensive list of genres with which Diplo has been involved over the course of his career. Given that Diplo boasts quite a star studded list of previous productions for artists ranging from Die Antwoord to Big Sean, however unexpected Diplo’s work with hardcore style arrives, his influence on the forthcoming Turnstile track can only be expected to be advantageous for the punk crew.


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Turnstile – “Generator”

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Baltimore hardcore warriors Turnstile have risen through the DIY ranks, and now they’re out here working with Diplo and shit. The band recently signed a deal with the massive metal-leaning label Roadrunner, and now they’ve announced that they’ll follow up last year’s Move Thru Me EP with a new album called Time & Space. More »