Hannah Wants takes ‘What Hannah Wants’ across the USA

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Hannah Wants takes ‘What Hannah Wants’ across the USAHannah Wants Press Shot Dancing Astronaut Credit Insomniac

Hannah Wants is a true juggernaut. Despite going through possibly her biggest trial to date across 2017 and 2018, the stalwart came out on top and is ready to take on the USA for a full-fledged, headlining tour in June. She’ll be hitting multiple top cities across the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami under her freshly revamped “What Hannah Wants” concept.

Through “What Hannah Wants,” the veteran will be heralding back to her DJ roots, playing extended sets to diehard crowds and intimate, small venues. She’d roadtested this tour reincarnation in the UK and Ireland to great success. Along the way, Hannah will also be giving newer artists a platform to grow by handpicking opening acts that she feels deserve the spotlight.

The tour comes off the back of an upcoming single on her label Etiquette as well, titled “Love Somebody.” By the sound of it, the tune is an infectious vocal house ensemble that will heat up the dance floors that she conquers on her travels across the pond.

Hannah Wants takes ‘What Hannah Wants’ across the USAHannah Wants Tour Flyer

Flying close to the sun with Icarus [Interview]

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Flying close to the sun with Icarus [Interview]Icarus New Press 2

Brotherly duo Icarus have been simmering in the underground for years crafting notable tunes and earning accolades from Annie Mac and other icons, but it was within the past year that their career reached boiling point. With the release of their anthemic “Love Has Come Around,” they caught attention, and adoration, from RÜFÜS DU SOL. Their chemistry was instantaneous, and soon the duo found themselves joining the band for an expansive international tour—right in time for them to impress their audiences even more with a newly unveiled live set.

Quality remains at the heart of Icarus’ philosophy, regardless of whether they’re making the next crossover hit like their recent single, “Sirens,” or diving into the deep realm with tunes like their Real Lies-assisted “Man Of The Land.” Each mix is precise, balanced, and harmonious —a true testament to their natural ear for music. Since going on tour, the outfit have dedicated most of their days to the studio, where they’ve been concocting their next batch of fresh tunes to share to the world. Curious to know more about what drives them and inspires them, we sat down with Icarus to explore their creative process, lessons from their first big tour, and more.

What was the most unexpected thing you two discovered/learned about while on your first expansive tour with RÜFÜS?

The biggest surprise to us on that tour was how receptive the
crowds were to our music. We had no idea what to expect before we went, but we were blown away by the energy and positivity the crowds had night after night. The whole RUFUS team made us feel so welcome and to see how all of the different moving parts come together to make one amazing show was really inspiring.

You often spend 8+ hours in the studio each day. How do you maintain that fire and discipline to do so?

It’s a routine we’ve been in for years now and it seems to work pretty well for us. The thinking behind it is to try and maintain some sort of normality by working office hours, but when things are super busy, we can easily be working 12-14 hour days in the studio. A lot of the time, we’ll spend a day or even days and not make much progress on a track, but we’ve been doing it long enough to know that if we keep pushing, we’ll get there in the end!

Where do you go or what do you do to help get your creative juices flowing? Is toying around in the studio your prime sense of creative direction?

It can be, definitely. We’ve got a few hardware synths and toys that will spark some inspiration from time to time, but it also comes from travelling, listening to new music, conversations, anything really. Time away from the studio is arguably more inspirational than the time spent in there. We both always seem to have ideas as soon as we leave the studio, even after a day of struggling to write anything we’re happy with.

Describe how your routine in the studio has changed or evolved between the start of your music career and now. How have you become more refined and skilled as artists?

The main difference between now and a few years ago is the amount of free time we have to spend on writing. When your DJ and touring schedule gets busier, studio time is sacrificed and it can be really hard to find time to be creative. That has forced us to become a bit more focussed when it
comes to writing, which is a good thing, but sometimes creativity doesn’t strike when you need it to and that can be frustrating.

‘Icarus’ obviously brings to mind the Greek legend of Icarus flying too close to the sun (to his demise). How does this legend tie into your name as a band? Does it mirror your philosophy as musicians to be ambitious and ‘shoot for the stars’ at all costs?

The story of Icarus ties into our philosophy as musicians for sure. One of our favourite sayings from early on is “Never get too high, never get too low”. In this industry it’s so easy to get carried away, when things are going great, you feel amazing, everything is falling into place, but then inevitably that doesn’t last forever and things take a turn. It’s then even easier to feel stressed, anxious and insecure. What we’ve realised over the years is that there are always going to be ups and downs, no matter at what level we’re at, and to not get caught up in triumphs or defeats. Having a level head and
positive outlook on things is something we really try and maintain.

On a related note to the last question, I’m guessing you guys openly embrace failure as part of your journey? Is there an instance you bounced back from a failure only to become far stronger artists?

Definitely, we fail all the time. Whether it be in the studio when we can’t seem to write anything we think is good enough, or after a DJ set we felt like we could’ve picked better records, or during a live performance we might have made a mistake and missed a note. All of these things happen all the time and it’s about learning from them and improving, not beating yourself up about it.

You’ve talked at length about how you prepare for a DJ set or mix. But let’s dive deeper into your curation process. How do you go abou finding/discovering new music, and how has this process changed over the years since you’ve become more successful? Do you stick mainly to promos these days, or do you go crate digging online/in stores? Are there specific labels or artists putting out music now that are really hitting it for you?

As our artist project has grown, we’re now in a fortunate position to be sent a lot of brand new music from many of our favourite labels, so that’s definitely a great resource for new DJ tracks. We still do end up buying a lot of records from Beatport though! One artist that springs to mind who we’re loving at the moment is Luces, they’re amazing and we play a lot of their records in our DJ sets.

Have you purchased any new studio toys as of late that have enhanced your productions or made you even more excited to produce?

The only thing we’ve bought recently is an Arturia Rackbrute modular eurorack case. The idea was to start filling it with modular fx units but we’ve been so busy we haven’t got round to putting anything in there yet! Modular fx and sequencing is something we’re keen to experiment with to add a different workflow to our studio process. Hopefully we’ll be able to start experimenting soon!

Do you ever see yourselves moving beyond house-based music and trying out other genres, maybe even under different aliases?

100%. We’ve always been keen to write for other artists in different genres and it’s something we’ll be exploring more this year.

You’ve just released a new EP called ‘This Must Be The Place’ – can you dive into the writing process and inspiration behind it?

The concept for the EP came to us last year as we were fortunate to spend a lot of time travelling, seeing new places and experiencing new things. The
idea behind it was one of constantly moving from place to place, never settling or addressing issues or fears in one’s life, living a nomadic lifestyle. Towards the end of the writing process we were struggling to finish the final track ‘Running Away’ and had tried several times to finish it
whilst on the road. It took going away on tour and having those experiences and then coming back to our comfort zone to make it work. When we got back to Bristol we were able to finish it pretty easily.

What’s next in the Icarus pipeline?

Our UK Live Tour kicks off later this month and we’ll be releasing a brand new piece of music around that time too. We’re also back in the studio working on new music ahead of a busy. We’re also back in the studio working on new music ahead of a busy summer of festivals, some of which we’ll be taking the live show to, so we’re really excited about this year.

Photo courtesy of Insanity Group

Getter cancels the rest of his ‘Visceral’ tour, speaks out on fan backlash

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Getter cancels the rest of his ‘Visceral’ tour, speaks out on fan backlashIMG 9873

Getter has cancelled the rest of his Visceral album tour.

The producer released his debut album—which fused hip-hop, rock, and electronic into an expressive story on life’s rawest moments and emotions—during fall of 2018 as a way to “not only move forward with my career, but my mental state,” he began in the Twitter statement breaking the news. Visceral was a far cry from the party friendly sounds that brought him fame, and ended up facing immense audience backlash as a result. There were even reports of people throwing things at him from stage in anger, which he confirmed in his post.

“I need to make myself happy,” Getter concluded about his decision to cancel the tour. He’s since received an outpouring of support and encouragement from fellow DJs and fans.

Photo credit: Christina Boemio

deadmau5 announces North American Cube 3.0 Tour ahead of the production’s debut at Ultra Music Festival

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deadmau5 announces North American Cube 3.0 Tour ahead of the production’s debut at Ultra Music FestivalDeadmau5 Cube 3.0

Deadmau5‘s famed Cube tour is now returning for its third iteration from September 2019 until February the following year. The producer announced he will be embarking upon a Cube 3.0 tour across North America, and he’s been showcasing his team’s work on the spectacle via his social media. As the tour draws nearer, fans can be sure he will give fans an even bigger look into what can be expected from the forthcoming events. The producer has done test shows for the Cube 3.0 at previous events in Colorado and Utah, and he will continue to innovate the large-scale production heading into the launch of the official tour.

Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA will both have two and three night appearances respectively.  Other cities deadmau5 is coming to include Denver, CO, Washington D.C., and Seattle, Wa, among many others. Fans can sign up for the pre-sale verified fan registration here.

Photo Credit: Visual Atelier

Jai Wolf sets off on spring tour in support of new album, ‘The Cure to Loneliness’

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Jai Wolf sets off on spring tour in support of new album, ‘The Cure to Loneliness’LOLLA 48

Jai Wolf has accomplished monumental growth as an artist in the five short years since he emerged on the scene. Now, as 2019’s spring events circuit starts to heat up, the 27-year-old New York City-native lesser known as Sajeeb Saha is preparing the delivery of his debut studio album, The Cure to Loneliness, due on April 5 via Mom+Pop Music. In support of his first LP, the “Indian Summer” producer is hitting the road on a 33-stop stretch, starting at Ultra Music Festival and leading up to a two-night stint at LA’s Shrine Expo Hall on May 31 and June 1.

Jai Wolf is bringing his new tour from San Francisco to Toronto, with Seattle, Washington D.C., Detroit, and Denver also in his cross hairs. The album, and equally as important, the ensuing North American tour, represent a significant benchmark in Jai Wolf’s journey, as he opens a new, exciting chapter in his still-budding career. See the full list of dates below and grab tickets to The Cure to Loneliness tour here.

The Cure to Loneliness Tour:

MAR 29, 2019 – MAR 31, 2019

Ultra Music Festival

Miami, FL


APR 10, 2019

9:30 Club

Washington, D.C.


APR 11, 2019

Union Transfer

Philadelphia, PA


APR 12, 2019

House of Blues Boston

Boston, MA


APR 13, 2019

Terminal 5

New York, NY


APR 17, 2019

Higher Ground Ballroom

South Burlington, VT


APR 18, 2019

Théâtre Fairmount

Montreal, QC


APR 19, 2019

The Phoenix Concert Theatre

Toronto, ON


APR 20, 2019

The Majestic Theatre

Detroit, MI


APR 21, 2019

The Intersection

Grand Rapids, MI


APR 23, 2019

The Bluestone

Columbus, OH


APR 24, 2019

The Vogue

Indianapolis, IN


APR 25, 2019

Majestic Theatre

Madison, WI


APR 26, 2019

Concord Music Hall

Chicago, IL


APR 27, 2019

The Loft at Skyway Theatre

Minneapolis, MN


MAY 1, 2019

The Truman

Kansas City, MO


MAY 2, 2019

Ogden Theatre

Denver, CO


MAY 3, 2019

Ogden Theatre

Denver, CO


MAY 4, 2019

The Depot

Salt Lake City, UT


MAY 5, 2019

Knitting Factory

Boise, ID


MAY 6, 2019

The Wilma

Missoula, MT


MAY 8, 2019

VENUE Nightclub

Vancouver, BC


MAY 9, 2019

Showbox SoDo

Seattle, WA


MAY 10, 2019

Roseland Theater

Portland, OR


MAY 11, 2019

McDonald Theatre

Eugene, OR


MAY 14, 2019

Fremont Theatre

San Luis Obispo, CA


MAY 15, 2019

Ace Of Spades

Sacramento, CA


MAY 16, 2019

The Catalyst

Santa Cruz, CA


MAY 17, 2019

The Warfield Theatre

San Francisco, CA


MAY 18, 2019

The Warfield Theatre

San Francisco, CA


MAY 30, 2019

The Van Buren

Phoenix, AZ


MAY 31, 2019

Shrine Expo Hall

Los Angeles, CA


JUN 1, 2019

Shrine Expo Hall

Los Angeles, CA


Getter addresses negative fan reactions on ‘Visceral’ tour

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Getter addresses negative fan reactions on ‘Visceral’ tourGetter Viseral Mau5trap

“I used to make music for the wrong reasons,” began Getter on Twitter following reports of booing and generally bad fan reactions to his Visceral tour stop in Houston, Texas on March 15. Even after the former dubstep/EDM artist made edits to his live sound so that it’d be “more appealing” to his currently split fanbase, audience members were evidently still displeased at his overall change in direction both in the studio and on tour. Getter, sticking to his guns, continued his statement addressing this on Twitter by asserting he’d “found something [he] could chase that’s far more complex than the trendy bullshit.” The only thing that matters to him, is that he’s spent his time and money on a project that he truly loves and is proud of, and his staunchness is quite refreshing.

Getter will continue to break his own boundaries musically and do what he feels is right creatively regardless of fan reactions. They’ll catch up eventually. In the meantime, the artist has a steady run of tour dates ahead stretching through April that continues to take him across all corners of the US.





.Paak is back: Artist announces new LP on the way, accompanying tour

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.Paak is back: Artist announces new LP on the way, accompanying tourAnderson .paak Onard Release Date Artwork

Seasoned crooner Anderson .Paak just doesn’t seem to ever run out of steam. Mere months after dropping his highly acclaimed LP, Oxnard, in November 2018, .Paak is back, and eyeing his next album release. The followup to Oxnard bears the name Ventura, and as in the case of Oxnard, Ventura too accredits Dr. Dre as the project’s executive producer. Slated to arrive on April 12, Ventura is the fourth and final installment in .Paak’s narrative series of albums.

“Growing up in Oxnard gave me the grit and the church to find this voice of mine. One town over, I went further and found my depth,” .Paak said in a release. “The duality of each place inspired me greatly and from that I made two albums at the exact same time, but held one back because that would have been too many songs to perform live for you all! I like ending things on an even number, so welcome to Ventura.”

Post-Ventura release, .Paak will embark on a 21-date tour in support of the album. Thundercat will assist at each stop on the tour, while Earl Sweatshirt, Noname, Mac DeMarco, and Jesse Reyez will appear as openers on select dates. The tour, entitled “Anderson .Paak’s Best Teef in the Game Tour,” will take the artist through a myriad of major U.S. cities, spanning New York, Toronto, Chicago, and more. Tickets to the tour will go on sale on March 8. Each ticket purchase comes with either a CD or digital edition of Ventura.

Anderson .Paak’s Best Teef in the Game Tour Dates

May 17 – Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater
May 20 – Cleveland, OH @ Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
May 21 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Met Philadelphia
May 23 – Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena
May 26 – Westbrook, ME (Portland) @ Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row
May 28 – Baltimore, MD @ MECU Pavilion
May 30 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
June 1 – Toronto, ON @ RBC Echo Beach
June 2 – Detroit, MI (Rochester Hills) @ Meadow Brook Amphitheatre
June 4 – Chicago, IL @ Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island
June 6 – Raleigh, NC @ Red Hat Amphitheater
June 7 – Atlanta, GA @ Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park
June 8 – New Orleans, LA @ Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square
June 11 – Houston, TX @ Revention Music Center
June 12 – Dallas, TX (Irving) @ The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
June 14 – Denver, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
June 16 – Las Vegas, NV @ Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort
June 19 – Vancouver, BC @ PNE Forum
June 20 – Seattle WA @ WaMu Theater
June 22 – Portland, OR @ McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheatre
June 27 – San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Empire Of The Sun Reveal 2019 Tour

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It has been a decade since Empire Of The Sun released their seminal debut album Walking On A Dream. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, the group is heading out on a US tour, with tickets going on sale this Friday, February 22nd. As well as playing a whole host of American venues, the Aussie band

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The Prodigy Return With New Tour Dates & Festival Slots

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The Prodigy is one of those legendary groups that have stood the test of time. Not only have they managed to stay relevant through the ever-shifting musical landscape, but they’ve been powerhouse trailblazers of electronic music. It’s an honor to see them live and we’re proud to share their brand new tour dates, along with

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Justice prep premiere of new live film ‘IRIS: A Space Opera’ at SXSW

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Justice prep premiere of new live film ‘IRIS: A Space Opera’ at SXSWDFN17 SUN JUSTICE 1 Credit Ismael Quintanilla

Back in August of 2018, Justice‘s Xavier De Rosnay sat down with Dancing Astronaut to discuss the Woman Worldwide tour that was, at the time, canvassing the globe from major festivals to arenas. During last summer’s discussion, De Rosnay coyly mentioned the idea of a visual accompaniment to the group’s Grammy-nominated record, though he was sure to dispel any certainties at the time. “We’re always trying things. If it’s good enough, it’ll exist,” said the “Safe and Sound” producer—now, it appears the alluring visual De Rosnay was so characteristically tight-lipped about actually made the cut.

Justice has announced the upcoming premiere of IRIS: A Space Opera By Justice, based on the live show the pair created for Woman Worldwide, slated to debut at SXSW this spring. But for those expecting IRIS to follow in the footsteps of the band’s beloved 2008 tour documentary, A Cross The Universe, check that notion at the door.

A Cross The Universe was really about what happens when you take a new French band and you allow them to indulge in the rock and roll cliches we’ve always been told about. But we made it knowing that ten years later, we’d be in a completely different place,” said De Rosnay in 2018.

IRIS: A Space Opera By Justice indeed comes from a much different space. The new visual, co-directed by André Chemetoff and Armand Beraud, is an hour-long rendition of Justice’s live tour performance, presented without an audience. Instead, the spectacle is recorded in an empty, invisible space equipped with all the complexities of the group’s full live show, from a floating platform structure to mirrors and rotating LEDs. The film will debut on March 13 at SXSW, as part of the 24 Beats Per Second screening in the Alamo Ritz at 5:15 p.m. See the film’s official title poster below.


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IRIS A Space Opera by Justice World premiere @sxsw 2019 edition

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