Hear Torres’ New Song Inspired By The 5th Amendment

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TorresThe people behind WNYC Studios’ More Perfect podcast are putting together 27: The Most Perfect Album, a compilation of original songs inspired by the 27 Amendments to the United States Constitution. The project will feature contributions from artists like Palehound, Cherry Glazerr, Stef Chura, Kevin Morby, Dolly Parton, They Might Be Giants, and more. More »

Torres – “Gracious Day”

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TorresThe last we heard from Mackenzie Scott, who puts out music as Torres, was earlier this year when she said that she was dropped from 4AD for “not being commercially successful enough.” Her last release with the label was 2017’s Three Futures. More »

Torres Says She Was Dropped By 4AD “For Not Being Commercially Successful Enough”

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It’s been a rocky year for critically acclaimed 4AD signees. First Grimes called out the “shit label” and now Mackenzie Scott, who records as Torres, has revealed she was dropped from the label for “not being commercially successful enough.” … More »

Watter – “History Of The Future” Video

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Watter is a supergroup featuring the following lineup: Britt Walford (Slint), Dominic Cipolla (Phantom Family Halo, Torres), Rachel Grimes (Rachel’s), Bundy K. Brown (Tortoise), and Todd Cook (Shipping News, The For Carnation). In case it wasn’t obvious, their connection to the old Kentucky post-rock scene runs deep; they even once collaborated with Will Oldham on … More »

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

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It’s a breezy, beautiful day in New York City and while it feels like fall, we’re in for a hot weekend. Chris and Tom are back in their respective cities and the rest of us miss them, but we had a rad time at Basilica Soundscape. If you didn’t check out our coverage you can … More »

Torres – “Helen In The Woods” Video

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Mackenzie Scott, the singer-songwriter who makes music under the name Torres, is following up her powerful 2015 LP Sprinter with Three Futures, her first album for 4AD. We’ve heard the intense “Skim” and the lovely title track, and now she’s shared a new track called “Helen In The Woods,” which comes with … More »

Torres Outlines ‘Three Futures’ on Latest Single [Video]

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And just like that, we’re back in a familiar house—the same bland, midcentury ranch house that we were transported to in the video for “Skim,” the first single off of Torres’ (aka Mackenzie Scott) upcoming album, Three Futures.

The video for her latest single, also named “Three Futures,” returns us to that depressing space, and we’re presented with three potential versions of Scott: a sad, bored housewife; an apathetic cowboy that looks remarkably like Eli Cash; and then Scott as we know her today. It’s safe to assume that these are the three futures that Scott alludes to, though what exactly they represent is not particularly clear; the song and the video are entrancing enough that it doesn’t really matter.

As in the past, Torres specializes in a kind of dark honesty that is fascinating though hard to hear—I’ve never quite been able to shake the brutal lyrics of “Strange Hellos,” the opening track off of her spectacular 2015 album, Sprinter.

While Sprinter was more of a heavy dirge, “Three Futures” seems like it will have more room to move and explore.

And whereas Scott used to have an aggressive power propelled by her crunching guitar, on “Skim” and “Three Futures” she seems to be accessing new emotional depth thanks to introspective lyrics and the addition of synths, which give her a broader sonic palette to play with.

If the “Skim” video dealt with issues of control, “Three Futures” must be about choice—the choices that we consciously make in life that dictate our future. In her case, there are three futures: one “alone, one with you, and one with the love I knew I’d choose.”

If the video is in any indication, the latter means a sort of self-love, which leads to the video’s most NSFW moment, as one version of Scott pleasures another.

Watch the provocative video above and decide what you think it all means, if anything. Three Futures will be out September 29th on 4AD.