Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” Gets A House Remix From Scissors

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The London duo, Scissors, describe themselves as “Music addicted guys trying to put some fresh ideas into dancefloor classics,” which is exactly what they did with their latest spin. The guys took Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” and transformed it into a Deep House track by bringing out the basslines and adding some deep synths. There’s even a

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A Little Bit Country, A Whole Lot Of Streams: Bebe Rexha Has Cracked The Code

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Bebe Rexha - ExpectationsIf it’s meant to be, it’ll be: Regarding Bebe Rexha’s unlikely takeover of the country charts, this is both the savvy execution and the only explanation. More »

Remember When Justin Timberlake Was Good?

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“If you know what’s good!” It’s supposed to be an exhortation, a call to the dancefloor. But that line, the first from Justin Timberlake’s new single “Filthy,” sounds more like a cry for help — a wail of confusion from a man who no longer has any idea what’s good. The man who once … More »

Justin Timberlake – “Filthy” Video

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Justin Timberlake may be a Man Of The Woods now, but that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly grown a big bushy beard overnight. “Filthy,” the first single we’re hearing from his recently announced new album, was co-written by longtime collaborators Timbaland and Danja, and it’s a far cry from Bon Iver. James Fauntleroy and Larrance … More »

Timbaland – “Grab the Wheel” (Feat. 6LACK)

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Back in the ’90s, the Virginia producer Timbaland introduced a spaced-out, synthy sound that absolutely changed the entire aesthetic for radio-friendly rap and R&B. In recent months, Timbo has been busy again, working with younger artists like the SoundCloud rapper Ski Mask The Slump God. And today, Timbaland has teamed up with the Atlanta R&B … More »

Timbaland Talks Painkiller Addiction, Justin Timberlake’s New Album

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Timbaland is the subject of a new feature in Rolling Stone, wherein he reveals a private struggle with pill addiction that he says almost cost him his career and maybe even his life. “I was on drugs, dude,” Timbaland tells the interviewer, explaining that he got hooked on OxyContin while treating nerve damage … More »

Sam Smith – “Pray”

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Last month, Sam Smith, the heir apparent to Rick Astley’s “sad and nonthreatening and vaguely sleepy British white-guy soul singer” throne, shared a new single called “Too Good At Goodbyes.” Today, he’s got another new song, and he’s also announced that he’ll release The Thrill Of It All, his sophomore album, next month. More »

Timbaland Is Looking For The Next Big Boy Band

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Timbaland Lands New Reality Looking For A Pop Star

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(AllHipHop News) Music producer Timbaland is heading to reality TV to discover the next big pop star.

“The Pop Game” will follow Timbaland, who has worked with Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, and Missy Elliot, as he works with aspiring singers and their parent-managers while they navigate the music industry.

At the end of the show, one of the contestants will be crowned the winner and signed to Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group label.

“Being a mentor is what’s missing in music,” Timbaland told Billboard magazine.

“It’s really artist development, and this is part of owning a record label. Now, everything is on the phone and everything is visual so I think this is the new way of showcasing artists. If I show you how the process is done, I think you’ll respect it more.”

Singers JoJo, Macy Gray, Nelly Furtado, and Jordin Sparks will also appear on the show, which will be executive produced by fellow hip-hop stars Queen Latifah and Jermaine Dupri.

“It helps that I went through the same thing, basically, that these kids are going through (on American Idol),” Sparks said. “They have so much passion and they’re excited. I remember that excitement and also the feeling of the unknown. My prayer for them is that they continue to have that wonderment and that they’re able to exude that passion and fire.”

“The Pop Game” will premiere on America’s Lifetime network next month.

Timbaland Talks Being Inspired By DJ Premier, Dr. Dre & Jay Z Bringing Out His Unique Production At Remy Martin Producer Series

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Photo credit: Noe Montes/ Remy Producers

The Rémy Martin Presents “The Producers Series” “Season 3-West,” Los Angeles vs. The Bay finale took place at the Warwick nightclub in Los Angeles. The event was certainly one for the books as it was headlined by the legendary, multi-platinum, award-winning super producer Timbaland.

The event was also hosted by The Breakfast Club’s own Charlamagne Tha God, featuring Real 92.3’s DJ Carisma, Power 105.1’s DJ Rey-Mo, and 106 KMEL’s DJ Amen on the ones and twos throughout the evening.

The energy in the room was incredible as the Warwick night club was packed out with producers, artists, media, key influencers, and music industry professionals.

N.O.R.E, Soulja Boy, Seven Streeter, DJ Damage and more were also in attendance showing their support for the one-of-a-kind producer platform.

Four finalists rose to the top of nearly 800 submissions to battle it out for the winning plaque, meetings with label executives, and a $5000-valued gift.

Compton’s own Buckmouth Beatz & LA reigned supreme emerging as the winner of the “Season 3-West” competition.

Charlamagne did what he does best by asking in-depth questions that not only got Timbaland to chronicle and reflect on his musical success, but also provided inspiration to the producers in attendance.

Timbaland revealed that his favorite producers included DeVante Swing, Teddy Riley, Pete Rock, and more with Dr. Dre being at the top of his list of inspirations.

Timbaland also shared that he sat on Ginuwine’s hit record “Pony” for 7 years before it came out!

When it came to advice, Timbaland advised that when everyone is going right musically, producers should take their music and go left, and people will adapt and gravitate towards it.

Charlamagne asked Timb about him being known for sampling sounds like the burp sound in Ginuwine’s “Pony” and the crying baby in Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”.

“I did that song [“Are You That Somebody”] in two hours. I had to turn that in in 3 hours. When I did that beat, I loved when I stacked the guitars. I didn’t pay attention to if it was a baby; I just listened to the rhythm of the baby laughing.

Static [Major] had it. We had to turn it in the next morning for the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack. She [Aaliyah] did it, and people were like I don’t know if we can play this record; it has a baby crying. People criticized it. Then when it went out, it was the biggest thing ever.”

When Charlamagne asked Timb what would he tell a producer as far as [not] limiting their hustle. Timbaland replied saying,

“Somebody gonna tell you that they don’t like something but it’s a billion people in the world. So if that one person don’t like it, there’s a thousand other people that do, so don’t let that throw you off your game.”

Charlamagne also asked Timbaland who was the first producer that he met, talked to, or heard something from that inspired him to believe he could also be a producer.

“I believe DJ Premier. I think I met him in New York. Very brief; I was a young cat. I shook his hand. Biggie brought something out of Premiere that maybe Guru brought something different out of Premier. So it’s like when you find those special cats that match to your production it brings something out of you. You find the greatness out of you,” said Timbaland.

Charlamagne compared the Biggie and Premier situation to Jay Z and Timb, and Timb revealed that Jay Z showed him something in Hip Hop that he didn’t even see, as he showed him something great about himself and his production by following Jay’s lead on “N-gga What, N-gga Who.”

The Remy Martin “Producer Series” has proven itself to be a first of its kind music producer series, as it has featured over 10 top super-producers, and reviewed almost 4,000 tracks! Next, the “Producer Series” ‘Season 3-Midewest’ finalists from Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland and Indianapolis will meet up at the Soulja Boy headlined finale in Chicago to determine who deserves the Midwest crown.