Avicii Invector game launches in his memory

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Avicii Invector game launches in his memoryAvicii Tim

Avicii’s dream and vision to spread positivity and joy through music has been carried on by friends, family, and colleagues, with yet another one of the artist’s unfinished projects coming to final fruition.

First hitting gamer radar’s in 2015, Avicii’s Invector game has officially launched on Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC platforms, and will be available on Nintendo switch in 2020. The game features 25 of the prolific artists’ tracks. Players navigate through different landscapes to the beat of the music.

Tim’s father, Klas Bergling, has been a strong advocate in carrying on his son’s legacy. Knowing how much Tim’s art meant to people around the world, Bergling recently said he hopes that “this rhythm game – with more than two dozen of Tim’s songs – will give joy to his fans.”

All of the game’s net proceeds will be donated to The Tim Bergling Foundation, which aims to strike the stigma surrounding discussions of mental health and recognizing suicide as a global health emergency. Tim’s devotion to his art and his fans lives on in many ways, and Avicii’s Invector is another way to honor the late artists’ life mission.

Fans and stars show continuous support for Avicii in touching tribute concert

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Fans and stars show continuous support for Avicii in touching tribute concertSean Eriksson Avicii

The Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden was filled to the brim on the evening of Dec. 5 as fans, friends, and fellow musicians celebrated the life of Avicii. Avicii’s death shocked the world last year, and sparked an important conversation about the significance of mental health and the dangers that come with a heavy touring schedule in the music industry.

The concert opened with an emotional performance from “Without You” collaborator Sandro Cavazzo. The lyrics from this song, “I’ve gotta learn how to love without you” have become a eulogy for the talented musician. The tribute progressed with a healthy balance of both celebration and commemoration, led by friends of Avicii such as Adam Lambert, Michelle Gonzalez, Kygo, Dimitri Vegas, Aloe Blacc, and more.

The pinnacle of the powerful night was a gorgeous 30-piece orchestral performance of “Lonely Together” that Avicii’s father said was one of his son’s biggest dreams. Backed by beautiful lights and roaring pyrotechnics, the performance truly encapsulated the loving spirit of Avicii that touched so many.

The event was put on by the Tim Bergling Foundation, created posthumously to advocate for mental health awareness internationally in honor of Avicii’s passing.

To learn more and to donate, visit their website here.

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The tribute concert version of Avicii’s ‘Fades Away’ surfaces

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The tribute concert version of Avicii’s ‘Fades Away’ surfacesAvicii True Stories Documentary Limited Theatrical Run

Now that the Tim Bergling Foundation has concluded the Avicii Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness, the industry is reeling from the emotional performances put on by a 30-piece band and multitude of singers from his biggest releases, including Aloe Blacc, Adam Lambert, Rita Ora, and more. The tribute concert version of “Fades Away” featuring Costa Rican singer MishCatt now steps into the spotlight as a source of affecting reverie.

“Fades Away” is the final song on Avicii’s posthumous album release, TIM. The original version of “Fades Away” features vocals by Swedish singer/songwriter, Noonie Bao. MishCatt re-recorded “Fades Away,” performing the single accordingly at the Tribute Concert. The track is the product of a collaborative all-star cast of producers, including Carl Falk, Joe Janiak and Joakim Berg, and Tim Bergling himself of course.

Berg speaks in an official release about the making of the original studio cut at Avicii’s side.

He states, “It may now come across as a sad song, but for us in the studio, writing it, we felt it was uplifting and light hearted. We wrote it in a bright mode, sort of carefree, and there were lots of laughing and joking, so for me ‘Fades Away’ will always be a positive song, a simple message about accepting changes, the passing of time and making the best of what you have.”

Produced by The Tim Bergling Foundation, all net profits from the Avicii Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness are going to supporting organizations which address mental health needs and suicide prevention for young people. The 55,000 seats at Friends Arena sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale in September.

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Tim Bergling Foundation set to live-stream Avicii tribute concert for mental health awareness on December 5

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Tim Bergling Foundation set to live-stream Avicii tribute concert for mental health awareness on December 5Avicii

The Tim Bergling Foundation announced that on December 5 an Avicii Tribute Concert for mental health awareness will take place at Friends Arena in Stockholm. Headlining the event is a 30-piece band performing a two-hour set alongside 19 of the original singers on Avicii’s biggest songs, including Aloe Blacc, Rita Ora, Adam Lambert, Dan Tyminski, and other surprise guests. The headlining set will be live-streamed globally on Avicii’s official YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages from 9:00 – 11:15 p.m. CET (3:00 – 5:15 p.m. EST).

All net profits will go to organizations that support mental health and suicide prevention for young people. Concert goers will see sets from David Guetta, Kygo, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Laidback Luke and Nicky Romero. The benefit concert went on sale in September, and the 55,000 seats arena sold out within 30 minutes.

Klas Bergling, Tim’s father, passed along some words in a press release, stating “We are grateful that [Avicii’s] friends, producers, artists and colleagues are coming to Stockholm to help. They have all expressed a sincere interest and desire to engage in efforts to stem the tide of mental illness and lend their support to our work with the Tim Bergling Foundation. We are very much looking forward to this evening, which will be a starting point for the foundation’s work going forward.

Every year around 1,500 people take their own lives in Sweden and globally up to one million. It is a tragedy that affects families, communities and with long-term effects on relatives who live on in grief. It is a global crisis and the second most common cause of death among young people aged 15-29 [according to the Worldwide Health Organization]. We want this concert to help put the topic on the agenda and pay attention to the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. Policies and tools are needed to detect the risks and prevent suicide, especially among young people.”

Avicii’s father speaks on camera for first time since son’s death

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Avicii’s father speaks on camera for first time since son’s deathEEIc8QDVAAEn5ID

While Avicii’s untimely death sent tremors throughout the entire music industry in April of 2018, an individual among those who undoubtedly felt the loss most poignantly is his father, Klas Bergling. Earlier this year, he appeared as a guest speaker at IMS Ibiza, where he gave insight into the focus behind the Tim Bergling Foundation, founded by the Bergling family themselves, erected to bring awareness to a number of mental health topics like suicide prevention.

In a recently aired CBS News special segment, labeled “Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health,” Klas Bergling appears for his first-ever live camera interview since losing his son nearly a year and a half prior.

In the piece, Klas emphasizes that he wanted Avicii to be remembered as a good human with a good heart. In Avicii’s 2017 documentary, True Stories, the landmark Swedish producer was more than open in speaking on his chronic and pervasive battle with anxiety, which began in his teenage years, preceding severe bouts of depression and cycles of addiction as a response.

Klas, within the episode, touches on the fact that Avicii’s passion towards DJing manifested into a burden once he began appearing at more than 250 shows in a single calendar year: an improbable feat for any touring musician. When he quit the DJ lifestyle to focus on music in 2018, his family believed that he was on a path to permanent stability. Naturally, his death came as an unfathomable “shock.”

Klas states that the ultimate goal behind the Tim Bergling Foundation is to dispel “the stigma away from talking about mental illness and suicide. We hope we can be a voice through Tim, because Tim has so many millions of fans.”

On December 5, an Avicii tribute concert will be held in the artist’s hometown of Stockholm, Sweden, featuring 19 of his original collaborators, a 30-piece band and performances from the likes of David Guetta, Kygo, Laidback Luke, and more.

Via: CBS News

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‘Avicii Invector’ rhythm game will be released on all gaming platforms

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‘Avicii Invector’ rhythm game will be released on all gaming platformsAvicii True Stories Documentary Limited Theatrical Run

A rhythm game inspired by Avicii that’s based around his music will now be released on all major gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch. Similar to other interactive, instrumental-based games like Guitar Hero, etc, Avicii Invector offers “a fast-paced rhythm experience which fuses Avicii’s trademark brand of uplifting EDM music coupled with serene visualscapes.” Those playing it will be able to craft their own tunes using stems inspired by the late Swedish producer, in six different “worlds.”

To honor his legacy, the companies behind Avicii Invector co-creators—Hello There Games and Wired Productions—will be funneling a portion of its royalties into the Tim Bergling Foundation. The Foundation was created by Avicii’s estate after his death to help bring awareness to mental health and provide resources to those suffering and in need.

Avicii Invector was originally released on PS4 only under a slightly different name, and will now be re-released for the platform under the updated name along with added content. This new version will also be released on Xbox One, PC, and the aforementioned Nintendo Switch later in 2019.

H/T: Nintendo Life

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‘TIM’ brings Avicii’s melodies to light, from his darkness within [REVIEW]

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‘TIM’ brings Avicii’s melodies to light, from his darkness within [REVIEW]AVICII TIM

Avicii will always be remembered for his infectious melodies and festival anthems such as “Levels,” “Fade Into Darkness,” “Silhouettes,” “Wake Me Up,” “Hey Brother,” “I Could Be The One” with Nicky Romero, “Without You,” “Waiting For Love,” and Coldplay‘s “A Sky Full of Stars,” among many more. His posthumous album, TIM, is an ode to his keen ear for note sequencing.

The release of “Levels” instantly made him a powerful force within the electronic community. Vocal anthems like “Fade Into Darkness” and “Silhouettes” further cemented Avicii’s status the glistening wunderkid of EDM, and eventually, his discography became so ubiquitous that even older generations began recognizing his sound. Over the years, however, his astronomical success became his worst enemy.

TIM evokes the the past artist’s verity in melody, style, and genre, containing carefully selected, unfinished harmonies from collaborators who where close with him. It’s nice to get one last piece of creation that came from his sessions, even though the album was reportedly just 80% done at his passing. Footprints of his greatness are audible within, and that counts for anyone whose lives were impacted by the impermeable cheer he brought to so many.

Avicii’s posthumous album begins with an acoustically led track, “Peace Of Mind” that features Vargas & Lagola—the collaborators behind the huge hits “Without You,” “Silhouettes,” and “Hey Brother.” The Swedish duo and friends of the deceased took feature roles in three tracks off the long play, including the already released “Tough Love” featuring Agnes that features a melody Avicii showed producers Pontare and Al Fakir after studying the music of northwest India, as he was reaching for melodies beyond his current repertoire.

As the lead single off TIM, “Peace Of Mind” invokes a message to the environment that eventually led Bergling to his unfortunate suicide: “Dear society // You are moving way too fast // Way too fast for me // I’m just trying to catch my breath.” The lyrics continue to imply a peace of mind from the chaos of social media in an intro that wistfully sheds light on the dark side of becoming a superstar DJ.

After reaching his peace of mind, TIM reaches the pearly gates. “Heaven” the antonym of his stage name and one of the more emotional tracks on the album. It showcases the central theme of Hell to Heaven throughout the project—Avicii wanted to create an album with the precise theme—eerily foreshadowing events to come. “Heaven” was co-written with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and their session began back in 2014 with the song getting festival play in 2015. With Martin’s larger than life voice along with twinkling synths and cheery piano melody, “Heaven” sounds like a cheerful slice of where Bergling could be.

“SOS” featuring Aloe Blacc was the first singles released prior to the LP, highlighting the Grammy-nominated hitmaker’s ability to work with the industries strongest voices.

“Bad Reputation” features Joe Janiak who co-wrote four of the tracks off the project and sang on two of them. This track hits on a hybrid Arabic and blues melody inspired by Avicii’s love for world music and finished by fellow collaborator Carl Falk who co-wrote “Without You.” The track brings an overall island sound to the melodically eclectic project, utilizing mallets and Janiak’s carefree cadence.

“Ain’t A Thing” is another song finished by Carl Falk and features the sultry vocals of Bonn along with the similar mallet sound as “Bad Reputation” and “SOS” with more of a soulful bounce that drives the narrative from melancholy to uplifting.

Bonn also offers his vocals on “Freak,” with continues the theme of dark to light that dives into a carefree whistle known as the Sukiyaki melody, a Japanese song from the 1950s, continuing the listeners’ travels around the globe throughout the long play.

Avicii fell in love with the rhythmic vocals of A R I Z O N A with Co-producer Lucas von Bahder and “Hold The Line” began to sprout. The melody has a brass hook that gives a different weight to Avicii’s sad lyrics with happy song style.

“Excuse Me Mr Sir” is the third Vargas & Lagola feature with their signature acoustic element lead that we’ve fallen in love with through their collaborations with Avicii. Continuing the test the waters of variety, this track combines elements of rap and rock with a 12-string guitar playing a major role.

“Heart Upon My Sleeve” features the Grammy-award winning Imagine Dragons and is one of the more emotional songs on the album due to Dan Reynolds stadium vocals that scream alongside Avicii’s delicate piano parts. Orchestral violin build and drop that give off a an angry, haunting, and energetic atmosphere alongside the vibrant verses giving a cocktail of emotions. We’re even introduced to dubstep gargles towards the end of the track.

“Never Leave Me” is Joe Janiak’s second feature as a vocalists as he floats atop glistening piano and dives into retro synths that add a warm sensation next to the vox. The chord progression is so cheerful on this one again pairing with saddened lyrics for that signature Bergling blend of distressed hope.

“Fades Away” is an emotional finish because Avicii was inspired by the lyric “don’t you love it how it all just fades away” while the lyrics “I can’t go back” repeats and swans into orchestral, cinematic violins. The ending of the song highlights only Avicii’s piano below Noonie Bao’s vocals, while the melody fades away and the vocals are left without a harmony in a graceful fade into darkness.

TIM highlighted melodies from all over the world, and everything Avicii and his friends were working toward when creating music became inspirational again after his break from touring. Bringing Avicii’s final melodies to the public was a decision made by his parents, donating 100% of the proceeds to the Tim Bergling Foundation that aims to help people struggling with mental illness. Bergling was a bright light in a dark place, and from his darkness, his final project looks to bring everyone else out of the shadows with him.

Avicii’s posthumous 12-track LP ‘TIM’ has officially arrived [Stream]

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Avicii’s posthumous 12-track LP ‘TIM’ has officially arrived [Stream]58079782 10156482652156799 8989512003890446336 O

On April 20 of last year, an irreparable tragedy struck the dance music community with the sudden loss of Tim Bergling. Nearly one year to the day following his passing, Avicii‘s family unexpectedly decided to quiet the endless speculation as to what would occur with his unreleased material and announce a posthumous project. The date has officially arrived; TIM is now available everywhere and serves as the producer’s first LP since his sophomore album Stories was released in October of 2015. As a way for fans across the globe to exclusively experience the posthumous LP a week early, Avicii’s team announced the ‘Avicii CUBE‘ concept, where fans in six cities entered a cube structure and received a preview of three select album tracks.

In preparation for its June 6 release date, the album was preceded with a pair of singles—both of which were completed with the assistance of Avicii’s longtime companions and collaborators, Vincent Pontaire and Salem Al Fakir. The respected producers, who had previously worked on notable Avicii releases such as “Hey Brother” and “Waiting For Love,” obtained Avicii’s direct MIDI information in order to finish the work that he was unable to in the time before his passing. “SOS” with Aloe Blacc served as TIM‘s lead single and the official follow up to Blacc’s 2013 #1 hit with Avicii, “Wake Me Up” and was followed one month later by “Tough Love.” Both singles were widely lauded for Avicii’s continual experimentation with refreshing production approaches and his willingness to take risks in unconventional ways.

A multitude of renowned artists are scattered across
the LP’s remaining 12 tracks, including the likes of Chris Martin, Aloe Blacc, Vargas & Lagola, A R I Z O N A, Bonn, Imagine Dragons, and Noonie Bao among others. Although Chris Martin isn’t included in the track’s title, “Heaven” is without question one of the project’s most anticipated release alongside “Heart Upon My Sleeve,” which were staples in Avicii performances dating back to the mid 2010s.

All proceeds from TIM will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which his family arranged earlier this year to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

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Avicii’s Father Speaks out About Mental Health & Tim Bergling Foundation

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Over a year later, the dance music community still mourns the loss of one of its figureheads. Avicii was know the world over for his innovative ideas, incredible work ethic and creative genius. The day he died, speculation abounded as to the cause, but we all learned over time that it was ultimately suicide cause

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Avicii’s family launches Tim Bergling Foundation to focus on mental health and suicide prevention

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Avicii’s family launches Tim Bergling Foundation to focus on mental health and suicide preventionAvicii

Nearly a year after his death, Avicii‘s family seeks to help others and spread awareness about mental illness with the establishment of the Tim Bergling Foundation.

In a March 26 release, Bergling’s family announced that the newly established foundation “will initially focus on supporting people and organizations working in the field of mental illness and suicide prevention.” The foundation will also be active in climate change issues, development assistance, endangered species, and nature conservation.

“[Bergling] wanted to make a difference,” the statement notes. “Starting a foundation in his name is our way to honor his memory and continue to act in his spirit.”

The 28-year-old Swedish superstar died April 20, 2018 in Oman of an apparent suicide. Find a list of resources for those struggling with self harm here.

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