Excision Announces ‘The Paradox’ Tour for 2018

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After finishing up the inaugural Lost Lands Festival in Ohio, Excision has already decided to announce his the official Paradox tour set for 2018. The “face-melting” 150,000 watt PK Sound system will officially kick off in San Bernardino on January 19th, 2018. From there, Excision will take The Paradox to Portland, Denver, Knoxville, Detroit, Pittsburgh,

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Excision releases relentless remix pack for ‘Virus’ album

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Excision‘s powerful, slamming Virus album featured collaborations with heavyweights like Space Laces, Dion Timmer, Protohype, and Datsik on standout songs like “Throwin’ Elbows,” “Are You Ready,” and “Final Boss.” Like everything Exicision does, Virus was all-encompassing, showcasing the power the dubstep genius is able to harness.

The remix album is unforgiving to say the least. From start to finish, the impressive slew of remixers skillfully put their own heavy spins on the album’s biggest hits. The collection contains powerful remixes from Dillon Francis, FuntcaseCookie Monsta, 12th PlanetAntiserum, Kai Wachi, Wooli, Sullivan King, Wavedash, DubloadzSeven Lions and Dimibo

Stream it in full below.

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Excision – The Paradox (Funtcase & Cookie Monsta Remix)

Excision gives fans a sneak peak into Lost Lands festival grounds

Excision – The Paradox (FuntCase & Cookie Monsta Remix)

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FuntCase and Cookie Monsta have released a bone-rattling remix of Excision‘s “The Paradox.”

It begins with lightly-sprinkled elements engineered to create a spooky atmosphere, with the collaborators slowly pushing the song toward absolute havoc. When the re-work’s climax finally arrives, it shakes the walls and stirs controversy with the audio spectrum. Squelching synths, wobbling filters and basses scramble for airtime, showcasing FuntCase and Cookie Monsta’s true power when they’re given a slamming Excision tune.


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Listen to Excision’s Shambhala 2016 mix

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Excision’s annual Shambhala mix is one of the most anticipated offerings in the bass world every year. His 2016 edition has arrived, offering a 1.5 hour mix packed with 83 tracks that represent the best in the bass music sphere from the past year. Highlights include various new IDs by up and coming artists, in addition to hits by JAUZ, Doctor P, and more. Naturally, a good portion of the mix is filled with a bundle of tracks by the Canadian artist himself, such as his new single “Paradox.”

Excision launched a brand new stage design sharing the same name as his new release earlier in 2016, which immerses his audiences in an intense auditory experience populated by 150,000 watts of heavy bass andmeliorated LED screens which can be customized to fit whatever setting he performs at. View a fan’s video of the intensity here.

1 Excision – Virus
2 Dion Timmer – Panic
3 Reid Speed x A Boy & A Girl – Stampede ft. Armanni Reign (Rafii Remix)
4 Ruxell – Gaitero
5 Trolley Snatcha x FuntCase – Warfare
6 Kill The Noise – Fuk Ur MGMT (Snails Remix)
7 Krimer – Timeout
8 The Frim – Swipe My Swords
9 Jauz & Ghastly – Ghosts N’ Sharks
10 Mantis – BATman
11 Dion Timmer – Plug Me In
12 Dirtystack – Shotgun ft Tima Dee
13 Black Tiger Sex Machine & Lektrique – Armada
14 Mayhem & Antiserum – Breaking In ft MACTurnUp (Bro Safari Remix)
15 NGHTMRE & LOUDPVCK – Click Clack
16 Delta Heavy – White Flag (Tisoki Remix)
17 Dr Ozi & Adair – D.O.G.
18 Excision & Dion Timmer – Africa (VIP)
19 Dirty Audio – Who Else
20 Excision – Death Wish ft Sam King
21 Benasis & Cherney – RAXX
22 Debroka & TYNVN – Wonderbread
23 Barely Alive x Twine – Smash! (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
24 Ehallz & Pasdat – Space Adventure
25 Bear Grillz – Fuck Bitches Get Honey
26 Downlink – Moshpit
27 Excision & Space Laces – Throwin’ Elbows
28 Pegboard Nerds – Heartbit ft Tia Simone (Sikdope Remix)
29 Lookas & Crankdat – Game Over
30 Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma – Emotional (Must Die! Remix)
31 Jauz & Pegboard Nerds – Get On Up (Yultron Remix)
32 Habstrakt – ID
33 Oliverse – Wormholes
34 Wiwek & Skrillex – Killa ft Elliphant
35 Excision & Datsik – Swagga
36 Pegboard Nerds & Miu – Weaponize
37 Krimer – Blow Up!
38 Aazar – Lay It Down
39 Shockone – This Is Good Dubstep ft Phetsta
40 Eptic – Nightshade
41 Virtual Riot & FuntCase – Borg (Downlink Remix)
42 Chode Gang – Boy Were They Wrong
43 Excision – The Paradox
44 Dirty Audio & Rickyxsan – Gettin’ That
45 Barely Alive & The Frim – ID
46 Bassnectar & Levitate – Level Up ft Macntaj
47 Excision & Dion Timmer – Lost
48 Boombox Cartel & Quix – Supernatural ft Anjulie
49 Excision – With You ft Madi
50 Excision & Dion Timmer – My Boo Remix
51 Zomboy – Lights Out
52 Doctor P & Flux Pavilion – Party Drink Smoke ft Jarren Benton
53 Barely Alive – Scoop (Mayhem & Antiserum Remix)
54 Carbin – Rukkus
55 Ray Volpe – Full Control
56 lux.impala & Infuze – Collapsed
57 Excision & The Frim – Earthquake Remix
58 Excision & The Frim – X Up ft Messinian (Hydraulix & Phase One Remix)
59 Downlink – Bass War
60 Excision – Rave Thing
61 Barely Alive – Doggo (ShockOne Remix)
62 Wavedash – Bang
63 Eptic – Swords & Dragons
64 Excision – Neck Brace ft Messinian
65 Excision – Codename X (Virtual Riot Remix)
66 Excision & Dion Timmer – Final Boss
67 Wooli – Wave It Up ft Clinton Sly
68 Cookie Monsta – Dem GirlZz
69 Wavedash – Like That
70 Getter – Wat The Frick
71 Excision & Dion Timmer – Mirror
72 Jauz & Megalodon – Shark Attack
73 LAXX & Brillz – Destruktion
74 Kill The Noise – Without A Trace ft. Stalking Gia (Kill The Noise & Virtual Riot Remix)
75 Warrioez- Nothing On Me (Phiso Remix)
76 Spag Heddy – Hugs and Stuff
77 Bear Grillz – Back On Top
78 Doctor P – Rekt Again (Every Single Night)
79 The Frim – Kill Em ft Messinian
80 Getter – Rip N Dip (Kill The Noise Remix)
81 Slips & Slurs x Mihka! – WiFi Tears
82 TBBT x Dirty Zblu – Fresh (Bass Trick Remix)
83 Phiso – Jotaro
84 Excision, Datsik, Dion Timmer – Harambe

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