Abbey Road Was The Best-Selling Vinyl Of The Decade

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Abbey RoadPeople are still coming together right now over the Beatles. As 2019 drew to a close, so did the entire decade, and according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data’s 2019 Year-End Music Report, the Beatles’ 1969 masterpiece Abbey Road — which got a big 50th anniversary reissue this year — was the best-selling … More »

The Beatles’ singles to be reissued in massive vinyl box set

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In the Tiny Mix Tapes offices, Mr P is always teasing me about dropping massive chunks of change on Beatles vinyl reissues. “J-man, why are you throwing down mad coin on something you can stream for free,” P asks. My reply typically goes something like, “Well, Mr P — if that is your real name — remasters enhance the audio quality from the shoddy analog and early digital stone age to a crisp, state of the art sheen. I’d be a fool not to drop $100 for Sgt. Pepper. Vinyl production in 2k19 > vinyl production from the 60s. It’s just science!” It’s a great atmosphere at TMT HQ.

Well, after dropping a hefty box set of Abbey Road, the lovable lads from Liverpool have unveiled another wallet buster in a limited-edition 23 x 7-inch vinyl singles collection(!!!). I’m picturing the TMT end of the year party, where I insist on playing every single for all my colleagues and pointing out how the new mix brings the snare hits on “Love Me Do” front and center. C Monster loves when I get all professorial about the Fab Four.

If this be something you’re into (and I guess folks like my dad DO stumble upon TMT every now and then), pre-orders are up ahead of the box set’s November release.

Watch Big Thief’s Stunning Performance Of “Not” On Colbert

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Big-Thief-on-ColbertWhat a time to be Big Thief. Today, the New York band releases Two Hands, their second frankly amazing album of 2019. (The first was U.F.O.F.) At this point, they’re basically the best indie rock band currently working, and it would be contrarian to try to argue for anyone else. To … More »

The Revolving Door Between Country And Pop Keeps On Spinning

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Marshmello & Kane BrownPress play on the year’s biggest country album and you might wonder if you’re listening to a country album at all. Thomas Rhett’s Center Point Road is the genre’s only release to hit #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart this year and enjoyed the biggest debut streaming week ever for a country album, with … More »

The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ gets re-mixed to celebrate album’s 50th Anniversary [Review]

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The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ gets re-mixed to celebrate album’s 50th Anniversary [Review]AbbeyRoad

The Beatles are sacred territory for most, and returning to their base material to make significant changes could easily be compared to painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. The newly released Anniversary Edition, a re-mixing of Abbey Road, however, cleverly paints The Beatles’ 11th LP from an invigoratingly new perspective, highlighting underappreciated elements and respectfully lifting the mix to be more in line with modern sounds while remaining true to The Beatles’ original vision.

From the get-go, the re-mixing of Abbey Road is simply louder than the original. While that might be an instant killshot for some, the album manages to avoid many of the consequential tropes of what people call ‘the loudness war.’ By preserving the majority of the 1969 release’s dynamic range (i.e. the volume difference between the loudest and quietest elements in the mix), the Anniversary Edition creates more space for individual instruments and vocal harmonies to shine, all while retaining the crispness in the mix that Abbey Road is known for. Another stark difference is the boosting of thet basslines, even in tracks that initially seemed to lack one altogether (“Oh! Darling,” we’re looking at you). Between this and the generally brighter EQ tuned by project leads Giles Martin (son of ‘5th Beatle,’ George Martin) and Sam Okell, Abbey Road confidently slaps, much like subsequent rock albums from decades later.

The best example of how modern mixing was used not to alter, but polish The Beatles’ original vision lies within the first 15 seconds of “Here Comes The Sun,” where a very early, even primitive version of the Moog lays down the track’s extremely hum-able melody. Although the original mix arguably buries the lead synth, the 50th Anniversary release flaunts it, accentuating the synthesizer’s soft, mystical nature before being pitched down into George Harrison’s iconic vocals. The result doesn’t necessarily change the character of such a classic tune, but sure puts in the elbow-grease to strengthen it.

The deluxe editions of the Abbey Road Anniversary release also come loaded to the brim with outtakes and cuts that never left the studio floor. While some, particularly “Something (Studio Demo)” and “The Long One” are worth the price of admission alone, the real headlining act is indeed the re-mixing of the original Abbey Road, which offers a refreshing and surprisingly welcome take on an album that many fans know like the back of their hand.

The Anniversary Edition of Abbey Road is available now through The Beatles’ official site.

The Beatles Share “Come Together” Studio Outtake And 2019 Mix

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The-Beatles-Come-TogetherNext week, Abbey Road — arguably the Beatles final proper album, inarguably their final masterpiece — will turn 50. And next week, Abbey Road will get a massive 50th-anniversary box-set reissue, featuring a ton of unreleased music and a new mix from Giles Martin. (Giles Martin is both the son of Beatles producer … More »

Taped Conversation Reveals The Beatles Were Planning More Albums After Abbey Road

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Abbey RoadConventional wisdom suggests the Beatles made 1969’s Abbey Road as a sort of goodbye present to their fans, that they set aside their considerable differences and buckled down to make one last masterpiece. Supposedly they knew they’d be breaking up soon and wanted to go out on a high note. Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn suggests … More »

Drake Gets Beatles Tattoo After Beating Their Billboard Records

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Drake“I got more slaps than the Beatles,” Drake boasted on Meek Mill’s “Going Bad.” And now he has the tattoo to prove it. Complex reports that Drake just got a tattoo of himself standing in front of the four Beatles walking in a line inspired by the iconic Abbey Road album … More »

Because The Beatles’ Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Box Set is coming, it turns me o, o-o, o-o-o-o, on

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Well, here we are again, y’all: another year, another hoaky “It Was 50 Years Ago Today” meme and giant, zany, exciting, annoying clusterfuck of a box set to commemorate another “legendary” Beatles album.

And seeing as how The White Album was rolled out late last year, that must mean…hmm, it’s time for the uncannily amazing Abbey Road to get in on some of this madcap, 21st century, post-truth action. Here come ol’ Flat-top, bitches!

As per usual, the Fab Four’s chronologically-official swan song has been mixed all over again by Giles Martin (son of late Beatles Producer George Martin and whatnot) with mix engineer Sam Okell — because it FUCKING SUCKED ASS THE FIRST TIME. The full kit ‘n’ caboodle also comes with 23 additional tracks’ worth of outtake recordings and demos.

There’s a 4xCD collection — complete with “100-page hardcover book” (yay, heavy reading!) with forward by Paul McCartney and intro from Giles, as well as plenty of historical naval-gazing from the likes of Kevin Howlett and an David Hepworth — as well as a 3xLP deluxe vinyl edition, a 2xCD deluxe edition, and of course, a standard one-disc stereo mix edition on CD, LP, and (god help us) picture disc.

Also as per usual, there’s a LOOOOOT more details about this wacky enterprise — which will utterly devastate the world’s paper and plastic resources come September 27 — over at The Beatles’ website (I love saying “The Beatles’ website,” by the way).

Head over there to learn more and/or to pre-order this monster, so that I can stop furiously typing all this and watch some of these carefully-curated promotional vids instead:

The Beatles’ Abbey Road Gets 50th Anniversary Reissue With Unheard Demos, Outtakes

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The Beatles’ Abbey Road is getting the deluxe reissue treatment for the album’s 50th anniversary. The reissue was announced today to coincide with it being 50 years since the famous cover was shot outside of London’s EMI Recording Studios by photographer Iain Macmillan. The album’s songs have a new mix courtesy of producer Giles Martin, … More »