Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

All puns aside, the last thing we expected was Tchami to drop a new track right as his Prophecy Tour kicked off this week. Set to hit numerous cities in North America, the Prophecy Tour will keep Tchami busy over the next several weeks, but the Parisian producer nears the end of the first week of the tour by dropping an entirely new track. The best part? It takes his music in a familiar yet exciting new direction.

“Adieu” finds Tchami exploring a more uplifting side of his sound, one with almost tropical-sounding percussion, soft synths and a powerful sample. A fuzzy warble punctuates the track, hinting at Tchami’s darker side before he rings it in in favor of a more house-inspired mood. Originally known for his future house songs with glitchy vocal samples and dark synths, “Adieu” contrasts to Tchami’s signature sound without sounding alien, a rare feat for a producer known so well for a darker persona. We’re intrigued to see if he explores more of this lighter, house-inclined sound in the future, but for now we are happy to see Tchami step into the light.

Listen to “Adieu” below:

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Source: Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

Tchami – Adieu (Original Mix)

Carrying a genre can often lead to a sharp and sudden case of fatigue, but Parisian heavyweight Tchami just hasn’t gotten this memo yet. Lumbered several years ago with flag-bearing duties in the rise of the so-called “future house” sound, the Parisian’s footsteps have always felt intrinsically focussed on leading a creative and quality driven charge in spite of the genre’s rise to popularity.

On return to Tchami’s own Confession imprint, “Adieu” befittingly says goodbye to some of his more hallmarked musical attributes, channeling a dialed back and semi-progressive take on proceedings. It’s different, but the track keeps enough groove and stamina to have us convinced this one hasn’t been outsourced in the studio department. 2017 is going to be a year where a lot of artists jump ship on the sound they stapled their industry presence with, but for Confession’s latest, Tchami shows that there’s room to shake things up without shamelessly chasing pastures greener.

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Tchami makes his Essential Mix debut

Drezo takes on Tchami and Malaa’s ‘Prophecy’ [Free Download]

Techno is increasingly stepping out of the underground confines it was once relegated to, thanks to artists like BlackGummy, Rezz, and LA’s Andre Haglund. Better known as Drezo, the 26-year-old producer has a knack for pulsing, ominous techno, though releases from his catalog frequently experiment with evident hip-hop and house inspiration.

For his latest offering, Haglund sticks to his warehouse roots with a dark new remix. Crafting an aggressive flip on Tchami and Malaa‘s “Prophecy,” the producer brands the once buoyant house tune with his sinister techno seal. Marking his first release of 2017, Haglund is offering up his remix free of charge.

Modifying the original with slight shifts in tempo and melody, the “Guap” producer swaps Tchami and Malaa’s playful bounce for a pummeling bassline. Chopping and layering the original’s sample selection with a heavy dose of reverb, Drezo adds another ace remix to an already impressive arsenal of inventive reworks.


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Tchami & Malaa – Prophecy (Drezo Remix)

Tchami and Malaa’s “Prophecy” was released about four months ago and since then has been remixed by numerous artists. Hailing from LA, Drezo has been producing remixes and originals that have gained a lot of attention from fans and artists. My personal favorite has been Drezo’s hard hitting remix of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”. Featuring his

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Drezo Drops Dank Remix For Tchami & Malaa’s “Prophecy”

Music fans got a huge treat today with the release of Drezo’s remix of “Prophecy” by Tchami & Malaa.

Already a powerful deep house banger, Drezo put his own dark and twisted spin on the track for maximum dance floor effect. Boasting characteristic synth stabs and a dirty bassline, Drezo’s ability to transform any track into one befitting his own sound is second to none.

Check the track out below and grab it for free if you dig!


Image via Drezo

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Drezo Drops Dank Remix For Tchami & Malaa’s “Prophecy”

Confession Revolution by Evolution of Sounds: Review

Phenomenal preset packs have come far and few between in recent times. With sample and sound packs monster Cymatics taking over as the prime place to go for sounds, several others have tried and failed to mirror what they have done. But finally, they may have contest.

Evolution of Sounds (AKA: Evo Sounds) is a sample and preset company that has been making quality sounds for as long as I have been making music. Most people will recognize Evo Sounds’ boss, Zen World, as a Youtube star in the production community. From his sound remakes, production tips and more, Zen World has established himself as a great teacher for new beginners. After putting out several preset and sample packs, I truly believe Zen World and Evo Sounds have hit their stride with their new release: Confession Revolution.

With sounds based off of the biggest hits from Tchami’s label Confession, producers will have the ability to start and finish their own Confession-esque bass house records. Drums, bass sounds, FX, leads and more are to be found in this “megapack.”

When I first opened the pack, I reached straight for the Serum Presets. As I was flicking through the presets (playing the sounds through MIDI given inside of the pack), I found myself amazed at how many sounds there were, and how great they all sounded. Many are unique, and many are phenomenal remakes of Confessions’ largest records. One sound in particular amazed me: a sound remade from Dombresky’s hit “Utopia.” The preset, named after the song, was remade flawlessly. With so many leads, FX, plucks and more, inspiration is endless when making any genre with this pack. The sounds in here are truly remarkable. My only gripe? The macro knobs don’t show what they’re affecting, so you have to open up the Serum Matrix in order to see what you’re doing when turning the knob.

Reaching for the drums next, I was shocked at how well they fit in records without any processing. Claps are the perfect size, percussion is unique, and everything sounds tight and ready to go. Surprisingly, two sets of kick drums are included. Provided are your standard punchy/clicky kicks used to cut through a mix. Several of those larger, “thumpier” kicks are provided as well a la Jace Mek’sWhales.”

Also included are vocal shots, FX in the form of audio samples, MIDI and Sylenth1 Presets and even FL Studio and Ableton project files that you can go through and reverse engineer to learn how to make your own songs from start to finish.. Through and through, the pack impresses and is something I will reach to consistently when starting my own records. It’s well worth the money, and I’m excited to see what Zen World and Evo Sounds have to offer in the future!

Be sure to get the pack while it’s still on sale here!



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Source: Confession Revolution by Evolution of Sounds: Review

Tchami Shares 2016 Recap Video Featuring New Song

As the progenitor of the incredible Confession label, and one fourth of the Pardon My French crew, Tchami has well established a sea of loyal fans for himself. Though he hasn’t himself particularly stood out in 2016, he’s still managed to be anywhere and everywhere people are willing to listen.

He’s just released a 2016 recap video that highlights just how far his influence reaches, from Lollapalooza and Red Rocks to across the sea and beyond. The video features an incredible new cut from the man himself as well which we frankly can’t wait for. Check it all out below:

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Source: Tchami Shares 2016 Recap Video Featuring New Song

Tchami is embarking on his ‘Prophecy’ tour with Mercer in February

Tchami has announced that his newest North American tour is imminent. Deemed “Prophecy,” the concert series shares its name with the producer’s recent collaboration with Malaa. The tour is set to begin February 2 in Orlando, Florida. From there, the DJ will be making stops all around the US and Canada on a thorough, 32-date tour.

The Prophecy Tour will see the return of Tchami’s famed cathedral stage production, which is decorated with illusions of magnificent stained glass. Fellow DJ and “Pardon My French” affiliate Mercer will accompany the future house pioneer for all of the dates. The Prophecy Tour concludes on March 18 in Seattle, Washington.

View the full tour schedule in the flier below. Tickets are available for purchase here.


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Tchami’s Confession Label Drops Stunning Video For Dombresky’s “Utopia”

Dombresky’s “Utopia” gets a visually captivating music video.

Confession Drops Talent EP ‘Alchemy’

Tchami’s label CONFESSION has been at the forefront of the darker, heavier side of house music with some stellar releases by MALAA, Angelz, Dombresky, and more.

Now, the label is putting out their first ever talent compilation album Alchemy to showcase seven of their aforementioned label-signed talents who will all be looking to make their respective marks in the g-house/bass house world. Tchami took to Facebook yesterday to announce the compilation’s impending release which should speak to the EP’s high priority among the label’s figurehead.

Kicking off with Angelz, the EP moves swiftly from artist to artist and makes a good point to show off works from new and old label artists alike. While Brohug, Dustycloud, and several others may be familiar to diehard CONFESSION fans, artists like Keeld and Landis LaPace get to shine with the former showcasing his debut CONFESSION release while Landis closes us off with his first original single on the label “Ambition.”

Stream it below.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Confession Drops Talent EP ‘Alchemy’