ANNOUNCEMENT: Zhu is bringing 2.5 tons of sand on tour?! [VIDEO]

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Zhu has officially announced phase one of his upcoming “Dune” tour, which kicks off this fall and will be making stops in LA, Brooklyn, Toronto and more. In tangent with the first wave of tour dates, he’s also released part 1 of his upcoming album — and bringing 2.5 tons of sand on the road with him to make for a truly unique live experience. In this case, part 1 is in the form of snippets that serve as background music under a voicemail by manager Jake Udell (who doesn’t seem too happy about the idea of touring with all that sand in the trunk).

Sources say the EP is set to release on April 26th — although they say Zhu himself will not announce it — and tickets will go on sale Friday April 27th. However, fans can get more information on pre-sale tickets in the meantime by texting “dune” to 773-8BL-KLZT (825-5598).

Check out the teaser video for the tour and listen to Zhu’s latest release “My Life” featuring Tame Impala.

ZHU And Tame Impala Release The Gorgeous And Meticulously Crafted – ‘My Life’

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We heard a teaser of this collaboration a few weeks ago when it was first announced. ZHU also dropped it in a set in the land down under this January. Ever since then fans have been ravenous to get their hands on it. The final product is just about as good as it gets, and

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ZHU and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker share dreamy new collaboration, ‘My Life’

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mylife (1)

Hopefully ZHU and Kevin Parker have more shared work stocked away on a hard drive somewhere, because one single may not be enough. The Tame Impala frontman and enigmatic Mind of a Genius producer were slated for a new joint effort in 2018, and they’ve finally delivered their hotly anticipated new collaboration, “My Life,” a top-notch piece of indie-dance excellence that plays upon both artists most venerable qualities in a seamlessly complementary fashion.

It’s dreamy and palatably psychedelic, carried by Parker’s characteristically sublime vocal work — and while the composition isn’t ZHU’s typically cool, after hours-ready warehouse fare, the step outside of his comfort zone is certainly commendable. “My Life” leans more progressive house, at times even revealing a subtle trance inspiration, driven by its understated percussion arrangements, pronounced keys, and fluttering vocal loops.

Tame Impala’s last output was 2015’s Currents, though Parker has kept busy between records working with the likes of Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga, and SZA. ZHU on the other hand is continuing a white-hot output streak following 2017’s Adidas partnership and his newly inked deal with new Chinese dance label Liquid State. Hopefully a quick stop to smell the roses on “My Life” turned out more than just a single tune though, because Kevin Parker and ZHU make a quality pairing.

Zhu & Tame Impala – “My Life”

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Lately, Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker has been moving around outside the confines of the band that he put together, venturing out into genres far afield of the utopian, bleary-eyed psych-rock that he’s perfected. Over the years, Parker has worked extensively with Mark Ronson, and both Parker and Ronson were all over Lady Gaga’s 2016 … More »

ZHU Teases New Release With Tame Impala, Check It Out Live Here

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ZHU teased on social media that his upcoming release with Tame Impala is on the horizon. The track which comes to as a surprise for many fans has existed for a little bit now. ZHU first played it out at Sydney’s FOMO Festival to a crowd that responded immaculately. Tame Impala and ZHU share a

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Lucius – “Eventually” (Tame Impala Cover)

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Eventually,” the fourth advance single from 2015’s Currents, is my favorite Tame Impala song. From that initial burst of static onward, it’s a beautiful behemoth, dainty yet gargantuan ’70s AOR gorgeously rendered as Obama-era blog bait. Did I mention it’s supremely catchy and that it couches the deeply uncomfortable experience of dumping someone into … More »

Zhu officially confirms Tame Impala collaboration is underway, announces new label

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Zhu confirmed a big collaboration and primed 2018 as another banner year the Mind of a Genius producer. Right as the calendar flipped, rumors of an impending collaboration with Aussie psychedelic rock luminaries Tame Impala began to circulate, with video clips capturing the alleged ID beginning to trickle in soon thereafter.

During a recent performance in China, Zhu took the opportunity to officially confirm to fans that the collaboration does in fact exist and it is underway, and later confirmed in a statement by the “Waters of Monaco” producer’s management team.

Zhu’s exciting news didn’t stop there though. The aforementioned performance in China came as part of a launch event for a new Chinese electronic dance music label called Liquid State, which will host releases from Zhu, Alan Walker, and burgeoning Chinese artists, among others in 2018. Liquid State is backed by Sony and Chinese streaming and tech powerhouse Tencent Music Entertainment. The new imprint will develop dance content with the intent of leveraging Tencent’s streaming services QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music to distribute said content. The move was effectively sealed by a reported 10% equity swap between Tencent and Sony’s licensing partner, Spotify, in December. Tencent, by comparison, boasts nearly double the users as Spotify across their three platforms.

Tame Impala Have A New Collaboration With Zhu

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Tame Impala have a collaboration with the EDM artist Zhu in the works, as Billboard reports. The producer has been teasing the team-up for a little bit now, first via a tweet and then at a show where he mentioned it was on the way. The Kevin Parker-led project’s last album … More »

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, SZA and Mark Ronson reportedly have three songs awaiting release

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Tame Impala

Last summer at Governor’s Ball — during Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) and Mark Ronson‘s DJ set — the DJ duo premiered a collaborative single with breakout R&B pop star SZA. Since then, Parker and Ronson have played a slew of DJ sets together, and Tame Impala has stayed out of the limelight, save for a Currents B-Sides release and festival announcement at Madrid’s Mad Cool Fest.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, SZA has revealed the group have three songs that are ready for release, though a release date has yet to be announced. A recent Instagram post suggests that Parker has been occupying studio time over the past few weeks.

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WATCH: ZHU drops rumored Tame Impala ID in Sydney

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Mystery man ZHU has been teasing a Tame Impala collab for some time now and fans at Sydney’s Fomo Festival managed to catch a clip of what sounds like the track in question being played out live.

Details surrounding the release are slim to none but the track sounds vibe-ier and more celestial than the dark, techno-leaning productions ZHU has been issuing of late.