Talibam! to release ultra-limited box set containing 15 NEW albums in celebration of their 15th anniversary; announce German festival residency and tour dates

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There’s “doing it,” and then there’s “overdoing it.” Guess which way NYC’s premier “Dadaist provocateurs” are leaning?

Never ones to mail it in, Talibam! have carved out a 15-year career revealing the often-engrossing uniqueness of a band that has remained confidently outside any easily recognizable genre but has embraced so many. Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea have never shied from showing us their fun and exploratory side; so to celebrate their musical lives together thus far, they’ve announced a new box set containing basically a bazillion new albums and a bunch of German festival shows that are as quirky as they are.

An ambitious and artistic box set creation, 15th Anniversary Box Set, 2003-2018, Presenting 15 New Albums for 2018 is exactly that: 15 NEW albums on 8 CDs to celebrate Shea and Mottel’s 15 years as Talibam! This is not a band that caters to any act of convention; so, naturally, each album is a different affair featuring a slew of styles and collaborators, such as Audrey Chen and Phil Minton, Alan Wilkinson, and Colin L. (in fine Billy Joel Cover Band form). All eight discs also include covers adorned with photography by Mottel’s father, the late, esteemed lensman, theater director/producer, and media consultant Syeus Mottel. The CD box is being released in a limited-edition of 100 only, so go here now and send it to someone you love (yourself).

Meanwhile, Mottel and Shea are currently playing around in Europe until the beginning of June, after which they will return stateside for a couple of gigs in Miami and Brooklyn. All dates listed from May 18-May 21 are part of Talibam!’s “Artist in Resistance” residency at the Moers Festival in Germany and feature a variety of Talibam! shows and events, sessions, and discussions featuring Mottel, Shea, and frequent collaborators Matt Nelson, Ron Stabinsky, and Luke Stewart. Pour yourself a drink and raise a glass to commemorate one of the most overdoingist bands of the last 15 years. You’ll need a pretty big glass, though; there is a LOT of info below.

Billy Joel Cover Band (2017) by Colin L. & TALIBAM!

15th Anniversary Box Set, 2003-2018, Presenting 15 New Albums for 2018:

I. Talibam! + Audrey Chen & Phil Minton – Purple Piano
II. Talibam! + Tamio Shiraishi & David Watson – Seizure’s Palace
III. Talibam! + Alan Wilkinson – Konfrontationen16
IV. Talibam! – Sequenzas for Cello, Bass Clarinet, Guitar & Tuba/Distortion
V. Talibam! + Joe McPhee, Sandy Ewen & Luke Stewart – Lone Pine Road
VI. Talibam! + Audrey Chen – Elastic Upload
VII. Talibam! + Ron Stabinsky – Trio For Timpani & Synthesizer
VIII. Talibam! – Marimba Files (Launch Pad Extraction 2)
IX. Talibam! + Jeremy Wilms – Sanifarian Equipage
X. Talibam! – Techno Chango
XI. Talibam! + Colin L. – Billy Joel Cover Band
XII. Talibam! – Itri Riff Probe
XIII. Matt Mottel + Steve Dalachinsky – s/t
XIV. Kevin Shea Quintet feat. Sam Kulik, Ron Stabinsky, Tim Dahl & Tom Blancarte
XV. Talibam! – Box Set in Tandem
XVI. BONUS PODCAST — Talibam! discusses their 15th Anniversary Box Set

Talibam! live:

05.18.18 – Moers, Germany – ENNI Eventhalle, Moers Festival (TALIBAM! Hard Vibe feat. Matt Nelson & Ron Stabinsky)
05.18.18 – Moers, Germany – ENNI Eventhalle Foyer, Moers Festival, (“mœrs sessions! #1” feat. Bernd Oezsevim, Bart Maris, Matthias Müller, Matt Mottel)
05.19.18 – Moers, Germany – Schlosstheater, Moers Festival (TALIBAM! & Colin L. – Billy Joel Cover Band)
05.19.18 – Moers, Germany – Innenstadt Musikschule, Moers Festival, (“mœrs sessions! #2” feat. Matt Mottel, Bernhard Meyer, Matt Nelson, Luca Marini)
05.19.18 – Moers, Germany – ENNI Eventhalle, Moers Festival (“mœrs sessions! #3” feat. Wilbert de Joode, Ron Stabinsky, Emilio Gordoa, Steve Swell, Matthias Muche, David Dornig, Matt Nelson, Moritz Baumgärtner)
05.20.18 – Moers, Germany – Innenstadt Musikschule, Moers Festival (TALIBAM! E.T. Pt.2 feat. Luke Stewart & Ron Stabinsky)
05.20.18 – Moers, Germany – Retro 77/Freizeitpark, Moers Festival (“mœrs sessions! #4” feat. John Dikeman, Kevin Shea, Gonçalo Almeida, Luke Stewart)
05.20.18 – Moers, Germany – Innenstadt Musikschule, Moers Festival (Composer Kids collaboration featuring Kevin Shea, Ron Stabinsky & others)
05.21.18 – Moers, Germany – ENNI Eventhalle, Moers Festival (TALIBAM! Big Impakt feat. Chad Taylor, Bobby Hall, Tchseser Holmes, Christian Lillinger, Giuseppe Mautone, Valentin Duit, Spazzfrica Ehd &
Achim Zepezauer)
05.21.18 – Moers, Germany – Innenstadt Gymnasium Filder Benden, Moers Festival (“mœrs sessions! #5” feat. Gonçalo Almeida, Kevin Shea, Jasper Stadhouders, Bart Maris, Ron Stabinsky, John Edwards, Dominik Mahnig, Andy Milne, Luke Stewart, Ralph Alessi)
05.21.18 – Moers, Germany – ENNI Eventhalle, Moers Festival (“Discussion #5” w/Tom Liwa & Gäste, Jacques Palminger, Dodo Kis, Kevin Shea + Florian Walter
05.22.18 – Brussels, Belgium – Magasin 4 (with Dirty Primitives and You Got No Jams)
05.23.18 – Zurich, Switzerland – Umbo (with Flo Goette Solo)
05.24.18 – Marone, Italy – Lido Mad Hops
05.25.18 – Milan, Italy – Cox18 (with Grid)
05.26.18 – Lugano, Switzerland – Lido San Domenico & La Buvette
05.27.18 – Dueville (Vicenza), Italy – Viaroma17
05.29.18 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Fuga
05.30.18 – Vienna, Austria – Celeste
05.31.18 – Prague, Czech Republic – Cafe V Lese (with 5K HD)
06.01.18 – Basel Switzerland – Atelierhaus Klingental, Klappfon Music Festival
06.02.18 – Geneva, Switzerland – L’écurie
06.22.18 – Miami, FL – The Ground, The Perfect Trip: Miami Psych Fest II
07.23.18 – Brooklyn, NY – Pioneer Works (Talibam! + Audrey Chen with This Is Not This Heat)

Matt Mottel of Talibam! releases new solo album, out now on Chant Records

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Aaaaaaaarg! Sort of a bummer to report that an artist you admire has already released a new album on cassette and that the flippin’ tape is already sold-out…

Oh, who are we kidding? We can’t stay mad at Talibam!’s Matt Mottel! After all, it’s not his fault! And besides; we would be seriously remiss not to mention that his new solo album, entitled Slid City, is OUT NOW DIGITALLY on Chant Records!

Like Talibam!, Mottel’s solo stuff is a funky truck with the tire chocks thrown well clear. Full of psychotic episodes and addictive instrumentals, Slid City is a rare mutant breed of idiosyncrasy and invention. Listen below to the joyous opener “Clunk Rok” and tell me you really miss tha hiss.

Besides, let’s face it: when an album is as good as Mottel’s is, you’d buy the thing on wax cylinder if that was the only option. So, don’t fret because the Slid City cassette is sold out, get the digital version and enjoy it over and over…and over and over…and over…with no fear of that pesky analog degradation!

Slid City by Matt Mottel

Slid City tracklisting:

01. Clunk Rok
02. Uniq RoK
03. Untal Cloc
04. Slide Ways
05. Hiegh Weis
06. Schizno Res
07. Resona Moan
08. Bo Dome

Talibam! announce US tour dates, decide to get started TODAY before the end-times get here

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Welcome back, Talibam! fans! When last we left our heroes Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea this past summer, the dynamic duo were plotting the simultaneous release of not ONE, not SIXTEEN (you idiot!), but T.W.O. new foot-lifting, butt-kicking albums — Hard Vibe and Endgame of the Anthropocene respectively — for the ESP Disks’ label on September 22.

And now that (holy shit!) summer is winding down and that first day of autumn is just a little over a week away, the band has realized that, OH CRAP, the time is NOW to tour, tour, tour the USA ‘til their daddy takes the T-bird away.

So, that’s just what they’re gonna do. Starting TODAY, the duo will be playing not ONE, not 1,700 (what’s the matter with you?!?), but F.O.U.R. NYC gigs before hooking up with vocalist Audrey Chen en route to Iowa City’s Witching Hour Festival and beyond. After all that? They’ll presumably return home in peak condition to celebrate Halloween…before hunkering back down again to wait-out the onset of the first of many cataclysmic apocalypses that their band has variously predicted and precipitated. Fun times.

HARD VIBE (ESP-Disk’ 9/22/17) by Talibam! + Matt Nelson + Ron Stabinsky

Endgame Of The Anthropocene (ESP-Disk’ 9/22/17) by Talibam!


09.12.17 – Brooklyn, NY – Honeys
09.14.17 – Brooklyn, NY – H0L0
09.15.17 – Brooklyn, NY – Nha Minh (Block Party for Menu Art’s Exhibition)
09.24.17 – New York, NY – Record Shop (ESP-Disks record release party, 3pm)
10.18.17 – Milwaukee, WI – Sugar Maple*
10.19.17 – Minneapolis, MN – Eagle 34*
10.20-21.17 – Iowa City, IA – Witching Hour Festival
10.22.17 – Chicago, IL – Elastic Arts*
10.27.17 – Baltimore, MD – Red Room*
10.28.17 – Washington, D.C. – Rhizome Arts*

* Audrey Chen