This vintage rave footage from Sydney is absolutely mental

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Raves in the 90’s were off the wall.

Absolute madness regularly ensued among those in attendance, and now it looks like we’ve got some proof. A 50-minute video from the Sydney Rave History Website has surfaced and the old school “2036 Rave” at Alexandria’s Graffiti Hall of Fame dating back from 1996. It’s hardcore proof that upped production, stricter restrictions, and police crackdowns on venue allowances over the years have allotted fewer occurrences of such events, which is undeniably a crying shame.

Alison Wonderland helps women propose at Australian show in honor of gay marriage

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Australia joined the ranks of 25 other countries to officially legalize gay marriage on December 7, causing a wave of celebration over a legal battle that has been drawn out in the country for 13 years.

Alison Wonderland was on tour in home country at the height of festivities surrounding this development, and thus decided to use her gig in Sydney to show her support in an emotive fashion. The songstress assisted a woman in making her proposal unforgettable bringing the happy couple on stage and later giving them a shout-out on Twitter while expressing pride in her country.

The battle for marriage rights began in 2004, when the parliament amended the Marriage Act to ban the institution for gays. Since then, an overwhelming display of support for the return of their rights led to a new vote that officiated gay marriage as a legal right.


Alison Wonderland



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Sydney’s getting an insane new warehouse venue as a part of ‘The Warehouse Collective’ music series

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Time to head down under, as Sydney, Australia is set to welcome a vast new warehouse space.

Set to open in Technology Park, the venue is part of an upcoming music series entitled The Warehouse Collective, a project created by the Sydney-based event organization The Division Agency, the mastermind behind events like Days Like This festival and the Goodbar events.

The new space comes on the heels of a questionable future for Sydney’s nightlife. Introduced in 2014, the city’s infamous lockout laws forced a 1:30 a.m. lockout at all clubs and 3 a.m. cease-service policy for all nightclubs and bars in central Sydney and the Kings Cross precinct.

Numerous lockout-law opposition groups have propped up in the city over the last three years, with artists following in their footsteps, offering their support. Nightlife regulators, ones like the Division Agency, still manage to further the musical endeavors in a city. They’re calling The Warehouse Collective “a warehouse experience on a scale never before seen in Sydney”.

And while the group is an innovator of all things house and techno, their new warehouse space will surely see out a series of huge lineups, pristine sound and lighting, and serve up unforgettable experiences.

The first of the events will take place Dec. 16 and will be headlined by the legendary Australian duo The Presets, featuring a formidable cast of support acts including Bag Raiders (live), Kilter, Nyxen, and LUCY CLICHE (live).

Tickets and more information are available here.




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Photo Credit: TheWarehouseCollective/Facebook

Listen to Flight Facilities’ Samsung S8 x Boiler Room Sydney DJ Set

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Few duos in the world of dance music have amassed as loyal and global of a following as Australian supergroup Flight Facilities. Known for their enchanting brand of nu-disco and deep house, they’ve created an unmistakable trademark style and sound. This year the twosome formerly known as Hugo and Jimmy made their Boiler Room debuted in their native Australia to a packed out crowd in Sydney. Flight Facilities showcased their immense musical prowess throughout the nearly two-hour performance, filling the intimate setting with a quirky and euphoric blend of music that communicated their aesthetic.

Boiler Room has long established itself as one of the most cutting-edge events in dance culture and this performance from Flight Facilities perfectly sums up what listeners can expect from this iconic brand. Watch the video from Flight Facilities’ performance in Sydney on Boiler Room’s Youtube Channel.



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Sydney proposes set of reforms to protect beleaguered nightlife

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Sydney’s notorious lockout laws have had quite a damaging impact on the city’s once flourishing nightlife. Introduced in 2014, the laws force a 1:30 a.m. lockout and 3 a.m. cease-service policy for all nightclubs and bars in central Sydney and the Kings Cross precinct. These laws have been widely criticized by Australians, including esteemed producer Flume, who went on to release a track as a form of protest.

The mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, has since decided that the controversial laws are in desperate need of reform. “Unfortunately, the lockouts have had a serious impact on Sydney’s cultural life, businesses and our reputation overseas — and while areas like Kings Cross are safer, we know the balance isn’t right yet in terms of Sydney’s nightlife.”

The reforms will aim to adopt the agent of change principle for residential establishments within 100 metres of a music venue. This rule will shift the onus of soundproofing new installations from club owners to residential developers, and aims to protect the interests of the many nightclubs and live music venues in Sydney.


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Bag Raiders Take Viral Fame In Stride on “Shooting Stars” Tour

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The Bag Raiders might have the most recognizable electro-pop song out there, whether you know their name or not. Jack Glass and Chris Stracy have been producing stellar music since ’08, but a recent viral video featuring their music has catapulted their fame from the EDM scene, to the modern meme cannon. “I like all

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Over 200 Arrested At Australia’s Field Day Music Festival

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Over 200 people were arrested during Sydney’s Field Day Music Festival on New Year’s Day for 215 offenses, mostly involving drug possession and supply, police said.

One woman was found with 130 ecstasy pills and more than $2000 in cash on her inside the festival, and was charged with two counts of supplying drugs and property proceeds of crime.

Paramedics on site treated about 70 out of the 28,000 attendees during the festival, mainly for drug and alcohol-related problems.

“We work closely with event organisers to ensure the festival is safe and fun, and are pleased the overwhelming majority of revellers were well-behaved,” Operation Commander Detective Inspector Andrew Marks said.

“It’s disappointing there were still some people who ignored our advice and tried to bring illegal drugs past the drug-detection dogs and through the gates.”


Source: Huffington Post

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Source: Over 200 Arrested At Australia’s Field Day Music Festival

Flume Sweeps The Aria Awards And Has A Message For Us All

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To say that Flume’s had a stellar year is an understatement. So it will come as no surprise to learn that he pretty much cleaned house at the ARIA Awards on Wednesday night. His sophomore album Skin set a record with 8 awards, including Album of the Year. He also won Best Male Artist, Best

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Flume Slams Sydney’s Lockout Laws As He Sweeps The ARIA Awards

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Flume broke a record this year with the most ARIA nominations to a single artist ever, scoring 11 nominations including Album of the Year, Producer of the Year, Best Male Artist and more. With the ARIA Awards this past weekend, we can now announce that Flume has absolutely swept the awards, with 8 wins in various categories.

Flume took home a well-deserved Album Of The Year award for his sophomore album Skin, as well as awards for Producer of the Year, Engineer of the Year, Best Male Artist, Best Dance Release, Best Pop Release, Best Independent Release, and Best Cover Art.

Flume used the occasion to highlight the current issue of Lockout Laws in Sydney that has been going on since 2014. The laws have crushed local businesses and sent business outside of the city to the detriment of dozens of establishments, forcing closures and radical changes in the city’s nightlife.

“I want to say a big thank you to … the small venues and the small parties that are doing what they’re doing, because that’s where music evolves, that’s where all the exiting stuff happens, and that’s what’s getting shut down right now. To our policy-makers and our politicians, please keep Sydney open so that the young artists of the next generation can have the same opportunities that I had.”

Sydney’s lockout laws continue to have an adverse effect on the city’s culture. Australian artists like Flume, Alison Wonderland and Anna Lunoe continue to protest against them and bring light to the effects.

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images


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Source: Flume Slams Sydney’s Lockout Laws As He Sweeps The ARIA Awards

Drug-testing kits to be handed out at Sydney music festivals

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A large influx of drug-related deaths in Australia — coupled with the government’s staunch prohibitionist approach to illicit substances — has led the grassroots activism movement Just One Life, along with other figures in the Australian medical field, to take matters into their own hands.

At the start of festival season, volunteers for the organization will begin providing free drug-testing kits to festival attendees in order help them get a closer look of what exactly they’re putting in their bodies. The idea was inspired by an initiative put out in February by the Australian Drug Law Reform foundation president Dr. Alex Wodak and his associate Dr. David Caldicott to begin implementing high-quality testing facilities on festival grounds.

Their original idea was stifled quickly by the government, however, which continued to press threats of prosecution on anyone associated with the preparation and installment of such facilities. Thus, they opted to pair with Just One Life to ensure their initiative would move forward anyhow, albeit in a less effective manner than originally planned.

Dr. Caldicott voiced his disappointment over the city’s refusal to listen to the scientific community on this issue: “It is disappointing. There is a far better way we could do this. But they (the government) have ignored the evidence and expertise available to them.”

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