Otoboke Beaver – “datsu, hikage no onna” Video

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Otoboke Beaver - "datsu, hikage no onna" VideoOne of the craziest sets I saw at SXSW this year was by Otoboke Beaver. The Kyoto hardcore punks unleashed a blitzkrieg on the inside stage at Mohawk, performing with a passionate aggression most groups can’t muster even when they aren’t hustling across Austin from gig to gig. It was like they had pureed Japan’s … More »

Band To Watch: Injury Reserve

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Injury Reserve“Jailbreak The Tesla” is an evocative title, one that can work as a mantra for the Phoenix hip-hop trio that created it. “That was kind of the idea of Injury Reserve,” says Nathaniel Ritchie, the rapper also known as Ritchie With A T — “taking this thing that’s supposed to be this futuristic modern car, … More »

Lizzo – “Tempo” (Feat. Missy Elliott)

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LizzoOne of the best and worst aspects of SXSW is the ability to wander from showcase to showcase. Sometimes, on nights when you’re presented with an embarrassment of riches, you end up seeing a fraction of multiple great performances rather than sticking it out for a whole concert. So it went last Thursday night. After … More »

Austin Police Promise Tighter Security After Shootings Near 2019 SXSW Festival

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Austin’s police chief is pledging more security for the city’s entertainment district following multiple shootings over the weekend as the South by Southwest Festival drew to a close. The Austin American-Statesman reports officers responded to three separate shootings Saturday morning that sent five people to the hospital. Two more shootings occurred within 24 … More »

One person injured following shooting near SXSW

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One person injured following shooting near SXSWSSW Credit Gary Miller FilmMagic

A shooting on 6th street and San Jacinto in Austin—an area known for hosting several different SXSW events—has left one person injured as of Sunday, March 17 when the event unfolded. Police were able to move in on the culprit within minutes, luckily, avoiding a potentially lethal situation that could have taken lives.

Witnesses described a scene of chaos during the wee hours of Sunday morning, running away in a stampede fashion after hearing the telling “pop” of the weapon. Paramedics arrived to the scene to find one person injured by a gun wound. No other injuries or deaths have been reported since the incident, thanks to the swift police intervention. The thriving nightlife area is patrolled even more heavily by police during SXSW, which started this year on March 8 and ended on the night of the 17.

This isn’t the first shooting happening at SXSW; in 2016 a similar event occurred. The night of the shooting on Sunday saw three separate shootings total across Austin that led to five hospitalizations. No further extreme violence was reported as the festival wound to a close.


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Photo Credit: Gary Miller/Film Magic

Stef Chura Continues To Be Underrated At SXSW

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Stef ChuraStef Chura is the kind of artist that always feels underrated. Although the Detroit rocker’s 2017 debut album Messes won her some critical attention and got her signed to Saddle Creek, who rereleased it a year later, it still seemed to fly under the radar of many. That’s a shame. Messes was a … More »

Barrie’s Sweet, Soft Camaraderie Cut Through The Din Of SXSW

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BarriePleasant may sound like faint praise, but it’s hard work to be pleasant. It’s even harder to be pleasant while sustaining people’s focus. To do so in an attention-span vacuum like SXSW, where another concert is always waiting around the corner, is borderline Herculean. More »

Car Seat Headrest’s Leveled-Up Live Show Lays Waste To SXSW

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Will ToledoBack in February, Car Seat Headrest were the meat in a Matador Records sandwich at Madison Square Garden. Performing after buzzy upstart Snail Mail and before gloomy veterans Interpol, Will Toledo led a seven-piece band through a triumphant set that reportedly blew away many in attendance. I wasn’t there, but my retroactive FOMO grew with … More »

CHAI Show SXSW What Disruption Really Means

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CHAIIt’s CHAI week here at Stereogum, where we just named the rising Japanese punk band’s new LP PUNK our reigning Album Of The Week. It’s also CHAI week here at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where the rising Japanese punk band are playing eight shows over the course of three days. I … More »

Artist Portraits From Stereogum Range Life 2019

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bbymuthaStereogum is in Texas for SXSW right now, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, we played host to an unofficial day party showcase at Cheer Up Charlies in downtown Austin. We know how to throw a party, and we got both established names and exciting up-and-comers, many of them pulled from our own BandMore »