What are Lady Gaga and Boys Noize up to?

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God bless Twitter. It’s a lawless breeding ground for the Internet’s worst moments, but among many other uses, it has become a powerful vehicle for speedy, viral marketing grabs and not-so-subtle distribution channel for our favorite artists. Whatever Lady Gaga and Boys Noize are up to with the recent exchange of some very juicy tweets — we’re already salivating for more. In just three tantalizing sentences between them, the day’s reigning techno don and pop megastar respectively may have confirmed the collaboration we’re likely not yet worthy of.

“And it spit out beautiful weirdness afterwards.” 

Yes, of course it did, but what could this mean? Perhaps BNR‘s head honcho is writing a new track on Gaga’s next project? Is the Perfect Illusionvocalist lending her iconic vocals to a dark, industrial masterpiece? They each sound like a long shot, but the writing is on the Twitter wall for us to relentlessly pick apart. Who knows what came from Lady Gaga’s rather careless episode in Boys Noize’s studio? Whatever they’re up to, Lady Gaga and Boys Noize sound like a strange match made in electro heaven, and we’re already hooked.

It looks like a Zhu and Tame Impala collaboration may be in the works

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As far as strange sonic pairings go, sometimes musical opposites really do attract — just ask Elton John and Eminem, Kanye West and Bon Iver, or Aerosmith and Run DMC, among many others. Now, possibly the next artistic convergence to to join the odd collaborations ranks could be Zhu and Tame Impala, as they’re rumored to have linked up for an upcoming project. This set of rumors reignited speculation that first began circulating on the internet in late 2017.

Zhu took to Twitter to fan the flames, leaving a perfectly nondescript message that will either leave fans scratching their heads, or salivating for a first listen. If this materializes, will Zhu’s enigmatic electro-noir style complement Tame Impala‘s buzzing psychedelic rock fare? Only time will tell, though all signs point to a hit waiting to happen. Fingers crossed.

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The Chainsmokers Show Off Their New Studio

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It may very well be every music producers dream to one day build their own home studio. By now, you’re probably very familiar with deadmau5’s incredible home studio. You might have even seen Danny Tengalia’s studio or Hans Zimmer’s breaktaking one-of-a-kind studio. After the year that The Chainsmokers have had, it’s only right that they’d

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Watch Deadmau5 Getting Frustrated In His Private Music Studio

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Music production isn’t easy, even if you’re one of the best music producers in the game. During one of Deadmau5’s latest live streams, Deadmau5 shows he is indeed human after all. As seen in the video below, Deadmau5 gets frustrated after struggling to come up with his latest writing. Watch as Deadmau5 proves that he

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Skrillex and G4SHI are cooking up a new collaboration and it may be dropping sooner than you think

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Cutting his teeth in the world of post-hardcore screamo and then UK-born bass music, and now celebrated as one of pop’s most in-demand producers, Skrillex makes an unlikely candidate for rap music’s favorite beat maker of the moment, yet still he’s managed to firmly plant his flag in the hip-hop game, aligning with some of the genre’s brightest up-and-comers and most formidable veterans. He has joints with Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, A$AP Ferg, and Rick Ross, with rumors of collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, D.R.A.M., G-Eazy and more underway. Now, the latest rhymer to join Sonny’s growing hip-hop hit list is emerging rapper G4SHI, as the pair were spotted in the studio working on new material together.

G4SHI already has some crossover in the dance space, previously delivering versework on DJ Snake‘s “Oh Me Oh My” alongside Travis Scott and Migos on 2016’s EncoreNow the burgeoning Albanian rapper seems to be cooking something up with Skrillex, and by the clip teased on Snapchat, it sounds like melodic R&B with a heavily saturated auto-tuned hook in the works.

With recent reports of potentially fresh Dog Blood material and recent upload tests from Skrillex on Discord and the new studio footage, perhaps a Skrillex release is not as far off as we think.

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Skrillex teases two brand new tracks in online OWSLA fan forum

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To say that the internet is starved for new Skrillex music would be an enormous understatement. The Great Skrillex Famine may have reached a pivotal turning point recently though, as new teasers appeared on the online communication platform Discord over the weekend, seemingly right from Sonny himself. Uploading two rough audio snippets to the forum, Skrillex sent the speculation mill ablaze nearly instantly. The general consensus seems to be new music on the way, although the where, when and how obviously continue to remain a mystery. This year has brought rumors of collaborations with D.R.A.M., Mr. Carmack, Kendrick Lamar, and more, and with Skrillex on a touring hiatus this year, the prospect of new solo material sometime in 2017 seems highly probable.

The two tantalizing previews that were recently uploaded to Discord total out at 25 seconds of audio, though to ravenous Skrillex fans, 25 seconds of verified new Skrillex music feels like a lifetime. The first clip is titled “DISCORD_TEST_SKRIL” followed shortly by “JUST made this shitty song :D.” While some artists like deadmau5 have made common practice out of creating and testing new material online in real time, verified test uploads like this from Sonny are nearly unheard of. Perhaps going forward new teasers will crop up on Discord, though for now, the wait for new Skrillex music seems to remain stuck on the seemingly endless “soon” status.



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Chance The Rapper and Anderson .Paak tease new collaboration

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It appears Chance the Rapper and Anderson .Paak are in the studio together again with another collaboration in the works. Hip-hop’s two brightest up-and-comers first linked on last year’s “Blessings (Reprise)” from Chance’s Grammy-nominated gospel masterpiece Coloring Book. Now it appears a follow up effort from Chano and .Paak is underway, and the pair have shared a short teaser that already packs a healthy dose of hype.

Currently, details on the new collaboration are scarce, but .Paak is already known to have an album on the way in 2017 with his band, The Free Nationals, and although Chance is still riding the wave of what could prove to be a historic record come Grammy night, he’s rumored to have new projects dropping in 2017 as well. This soulful new funk instrumental is likely to turn up in an official capacity soon, signaling that hip-hop’s mainstream spotlight isn’t going anywhere in 2017 with these two at the helm.

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Mr. Carmack Is Working With Skrillex

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The clouds have parted and the heavens have chosen to beam glory upon Aaron Carmack, known better as his genre defying alias, Mr. Carmack. It was once nothing more than a dream of his to work with the one and only Skrillex, but according to a recent tweet, it’s really happening.

I don’t even have to mention how exciting it is for two artists of this caliber to be getting together, especially considering their styles are worlds apart, yet irascibly intertwined. Along with the entire dance music community, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the final product of this massive collaboration.

For an idea of what they could produce together, check out the tracks below.

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Source: Mr. Carmack Is Working With Skrillex

Pretty Lights & Rick Rubin Collaborate On New Album

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According to a report by Yelawolf’s DJ, Chris Karns, found on The Source, Derek “Pretty Lights” Smith and iconic hip hop producer Rick Rubin have begun collaborative work on Pretty Lights’ upcoming album. Along with the help of Karns himself, who previously worked with Pretty Lights in 2014 at Snowball Festival in Denver, the two spent multiple days inside Rubin’s legendary Shangri La Studios, where Pretty Lights “literally had a semi-truck outside of the studio tons of vintage and rare gear from all over the world.”

Karns said that their initial meeting was not planned, but happened by accident while Pretty Lights was eating breakfast.

“When Derek dropped his album Color Map of the Sun, and was even nominated for a Grammy, and at some point Rick had already become a fan of his work… according to him (Pretty Lights), he was sitting somewhere eating some pancakes and Rick sat down, and didn’t know what to say to him.”

For five days, Karns said Pretty Lights acted as a director from the booth while telling the musicians inside the studio which instruments to play. The result of the recording sessions, he said, is “incredible.”

“He (Pretty Lights) likes to take risks, he’s the type of person to just go for it. He’s very ambitious, he’ll bite off more than you think he can chew, and right when you think he can’t swallow it, he gets it done. He’s a total genius and renaissance man.”


Source: The Source | Image: Chon Suego

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Source: Pretty Lights & Rick Rubin Collaborate On New Album

Kanye West & Pete Rock Are Fans Of Deadmau5’s “Snowcone” [VIDEO]

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After being released from the hospital earlier this week, Kanye West already appears to be back to work as usual. In a video posted by hip hop producer Pete Rock, he and West can be seen in a studio supposedly working on West’s newest album, Turbo Grafx 16. What’s more, the two are shown listening to none other than “Snowcone” off of Deadmau5‘s latest album W:/ALBUM2016/.

Coming as one of the album’s most laid back and hip hop-centered tracks, it’s not surprising that “Snowcone” has caught the ear of two of the most prolific hip hop producers in the circuit. Whether or not the video implies that they’ll be sampling the track, let alone calling Deadmau5 himself to come join them in the studio, is yet to be seen.

A collaboration would be difficult to maneuver, however, as the two have yet to publicly make amends for their Twitter battle in March. Regardless, Deadmau5 proved to be enthusiastic about their support, tweeting out a thank-you of sorts to Pete Rock’s Twitter.

Check out the Pete Rock video below, and revisit “Snowcone” in its entirety further down.


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