Wikipedia’s surprise streetwear collab is an internet kid’s dream

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Wikipedia’s surprise streetwear collab is an internet kid’s dreamWikipedia Street Collab

At this point, it’s hard for an apparel drop to be truly surprising with all the outlandish combinations of seasons past. But it’s still hard to imagine many saw Wikipedia expanding its domain to the fashion game. That’s exactly what the people’s encyclopedia has done with LA-based streetwear brand Advisory Board Crystals. So far, the collab is limited to a long-sleeved T-shirt, but the piece is stuffed with ABC logos and nods to Wikipedia’s global web dominance. The back of the tee features the iconic puzzle piece globe visual, flanked by the words “Internet Master” in all caps.

Although the pairing is easily the most headline-grabbing so far, this isn’t the first time Advisory Board Crystals has joined forces with a nonprofit tech company. They previously collaborated with fellow Los Angelos Early Warning Labs to create an Earthquake zine and hoodie package. Each hoodie sold from the collection even came with a QR code giving access to an early-warning earthquake app.

The shirt has already sold out on the brand’s website, but before it flew from the shelves, the piece was selling for $85. Whether or not that’s a steal or robbery may depend on taste – but fans of open source online knowledge can take heart knowing that 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the Wikipedia Foundation. And as Advisory Board Crystals states in the product’s description, “Knowledge is power and awareness is survival.”

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Marshmello partners with Zumiez to launch new clothing line, Marshin

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GQ named Marshmello one of 2017’s “Worst Dressed” men, but 2018 sees the puffed producer well on his way to a saccharine style comeback via the reveal of Marshin. The “Alone” hit maker’s new men’s clothing line, Marshin will be exclusively sold at Zumiez stores. The partnership is a complementary one given Marshin’s streetwear aesthetic.

Marshin is available now, exclusively at @zumiez

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The Marshin brand is now available at Zumiez retailers, consisting of six different options: a hoodie, long sleeve T-shirt, and four T-shirts, each with a unique design. The full line can be viewed here.

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