Anna Lunoe drops a handful of new tunes in brand new Diplo & Friends mix

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Like Annie Nightingale and Annie Mac before her, Anna Lunoe is using the airwaves to her advantage in becoming one of dance music’s next big influencers. The Aussie triple threat is already an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and producer, and along with her tastemaking sensibilities as a touring DJ, she also holds down a weekly feature on Beats 1 Radio, HYPERHOUSE, that has grown into one of the freshest curation platforms in the current dance space.

Moving into 2017, Lunoe is featured as a guest selector on Diplo‘s famed BBC Radio 1 slot, Diplo & Friends, dropping off an hour long mix that digs deep into her personal crate of oldies and favorites.

Mixing in her own releases that span across Fool’s Gold, OWSLA, and Ultra Records, Lunoe pieces together dance floor rattlers from RL Grime, Lil Wayne, Three 6 Mafia, Disclosure, Joyryde, and Rusko to name a few. Lunoe even hides a few unreleased goodies throughout the hour-long session for fans to find. Hopscotching from house to hip-hop and everything in between, Anna Lunoe sets the year off right with her Diplo & Friends mix, signaling another big year for the budding tastemaker in 2017.

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Listen to Diplo’s new ‘Best of 2016’ mix

Dash Berlin Gives The Remix Treatment To Maroon 5 & Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Wanna Know”

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Back in October, the pop and hip hop worlds combined to bring a powerful but unlikely duo together. Maroon 5 and Kendrick Lamar created a track called “Don’t Wanna Know,” a laid back and tropical house-oriented swayer with a fantastic music video to boot.

Now, the EDM world is beginning to take notice of the song’s unmistakable remix potential. Dash Berlin, Dutch DJ responsible for some of the most well-known dance tracks of the era, tried his hand at flipping “Don’t Wanna Know,” releasing a 3-minute rework on his official Youtube page earlier this week. Filled with immense percussion, a heightened melody and a festival-ready backbone, the track is sure to become one of the next live show classics.

Listen below to Dash Berlin’s rework.


Image: William Rutten

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Source: Dash Berlin Gives The Remix Treatment To Maroon 5 & Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Wanna Know”

Kaskade Uploads New Version of deadmau5 Collab “Beneath With Me”

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The story behind the new Kaskade and deadmau5 collaboration “Beneath With Me,” featuring the impeccable talents of Skylar Grey, is a bit of an oddity. Deadmau5 uploaded a preview of the track way back in May last year and then uploaded a second version a few days later. Then, silence until April of this year when Kaskade uploaded the track to his own Soundcloud, apparently without deadmau5’s knowledge. Finally, two months ago, Kaskade released the track with an accompanying music video, yet again without deadmau5’s knowledge.

To make this story even more confusing, Kaskade just uploaded yet another version of “Beneath With Me” to his SoundCloud account. This upload includes a “Kaskade’s V.4” in the title, potentially a playful nod to the “V.3” notation that was in the title of Kaskade’s original upload. This version differs from the officially release version primarily in its genre, with the original being a slow-burn, electro house banger and this new version veering off into glitch-hop, future bass territory. We wonder if deadmau5 will chime in yet again, but despite any background politics, this new version of “Beneath With Me” contrasts nicely to the original and offers fans a new look at a great collab.

Listen to Kaskade’s V.4 version of “Beneath With Me” below:

And you can catch up with V.3 here.

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Source: Kaskade Uploads New Version of deadmau5 Collab “Beneath With Me”

The Chainsmokers Rank Among Billboard’s Top Streamed Songs of 2016

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Every year it seemed like EDM was going deeper and deeper into the mainstream pool; turns out 2016 was the year EDM dove in headfirst. Billboard unveiled its most streamed songs of 2016, and naturally The Chainsmokers scored a number of spots on the list thanks to their massively radio-friendly singles. Among those spots include “Closer” featuring Halsey at #7, “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya at #9 and “Roses” featuring Rozes at #36.

Other EDM appearances on the list include Skrillex as a producer credit on the Justin Bieber hit “Sorry,” the smash Calvin Harris and Rihanna collaboration “This Is What You Came For,” and the Seeb remix of “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.” Additionally, the list featured Major Lazer, Justin Bieber and MØ’s anthem “Cold Water,” along with the 2015 carry-over Major Lazer and   hit “Lean On,” DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s (seeing a pattern yet?) “Let Me Love You,” DJ Snake’s track with Bipolar Sunshine “Middle,” the Daft Punk and The Weeknd track “Starboy,” and Flume‘s crossover hit with Kai “Never Be Like You.”

Despite EDM’s strong presence on the list, no song could compete with the number-one streamed song of the year: “Panda” by Desiigner. Maybe next year EDM will take the top spot.

Check out the full list at Billboard.

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Source: The Chainsmokers Rank Among Billboard’s Top Streamed Songs of 2016

Deadmau5 Shares Secret Production Files & Much More On Live Stream [VIDEO]

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On Monday, Deadmau5 took to his Twitch account to live stream some quality studio time for his fans. As is usually the case, Deadmau5 began the stream by chatting with his viewers and sipping on his coffee. But after about 20 minutes, he took a turn towards a completely new kind of Twitch stream.

For nearly eight hours, Deadmau5 crawled through veritable mountains of stored production files on his computer, some dating back to the very earliest days of his career. From never before heard, fully finished tracks to simple loops and percussion fills, the entire stream quickly became dedicated to exploring the darkest corners of Deadmau5’s private creations.

In addition to hours of unreleased and experimental material, his viewers were also treated to some hilarious moments and brand new pieces of information about upcoming releases. For one, Deadmau5 live streamed himself deleting the only copy of his 2013-produced album for his ex-fiancé Kat Von D.

Next, he happened upon a folder titled “SECRET PORN FOLDER.” Lucky for him, it appeared to be empty.

He then displayed a folder of 20 older tracks that he said were “remastered” and waiting to be sent to the label for release. While some of the tracks like “Creep” have been included in Deadmau5’s earlier albums, many of the songs on the list appear to be brand new. Whether they really are old mau5 tracks with new titles or if they’re completely original tracks, we can’t yet say. Either way, Deadmau5 said that they’ll be available for purchase on iTunes.




Next, Deadmau5 opened up a large folder of tracks from his old days operating under the side project Halcyon441.


Finally, at the 7:15:40 mark in the full stream VOD, Deadmau5 reveals that the “Faxing Berlin” project was originally called “Da Outer Limits.”

Check out the full stream upload below, and lose yourself in some of the best and most interesting pieces of unreleased Deadmau5 goodness.


Image: Rukes

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Source: Deadmau5 Shares Secret Production Files & Much More On Live Stream [VIDEO]

Eric Prydz Releases Three Brand New Tracks Under Pryda Alias

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Eric Prydz has just taken to his Pryda alias to release an unexpected three-track EP, comprised of tunes that span the complete spectrum of the progressive house legend’s iconic style. Featuring lengthy, ever-evolving melodies and powerful percussion sections, the brand new originals showcase Pryda is his natural, hybrid habitat.

The first, “Choo,” sees his production enter a dreamy and atmospheric environment complete with sparkling synth punches and pulsating bass. As the energy ebbs and flows throughout the length of the song, Pryda is able to take the listener on a psychedelic journey from start to finish that culminates in a positively anthemic close.

The next, “The Future,” takes listeners to a slightly darker realm of house. Ominous, UK-style basslines and punchy snares expertly combine the feelings of nostalgia and the wonder of innovation as Pryda crafts a timeless mixture of sounds old and new.

Wrapping up the three-track EP is “The End Is Just The Beginning,” an powerful yet refined piece that relies on simplicity and incredible sound design to give off its true impact. Stings of delayed synth and airy hi hats give this track an inherent groove that never seems to grow stale, despite the song’s nearly 10-minute length.

Purchase your copy of the EP now through Beatport!

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Source: Eric Prydz Releases Three Brand New Tracks Under Pryda Alias

Martin Shkreli premieres unreleased Wu Tang Clan album after Trump victory

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November 8, 2016 is a day that will remembered as one of the most unprecedented political upheavals in American history. Though, beginning November 9, the manner in which we deal with the outcomes, consequences, and divides from this electoral cycle is what will come to define this moment in American history. While millions are waking up today scratching their heads at how to live in the reality of a Donald Trump presidency, many of us can take solace in one silver lining: Martin Shkreli is delivering on his promise to release the Wu Tang Clan’s one-of-a-kind Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Yes, Donald Trump will be our country’s next president, and that’s right, our only hope today is Pharmaswine Supreme, but even against those odds, the power of the Wu is still nothing to fuck with. 

Last month, Martin Shkreli, the sole proprietor of the Wu Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, which he purchased for millions of dollarspromised to share the elusive LP with the world if Trump was elected president. Last night, as the final states were being called, Shkreli began to tease snippets of the supposed album online. Coincidentally, today also marks a significant milestone for another Wu Tang masterwork, as Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) turns 23 years old today. Shkreli said he will have to connect with The Wu Tang Clan for a wider, proper distribution of Once Upon a Time, though for now, it seems as though even Shkreli is sticking to his word in all of this.

Things do feel a little backwards today for millions of people. A reality TV star pulled off the greatest upset in the history of modern American politics yesterday, but today it is crucial that we reach out to people who supported different views and reunite — even if that means joining one of the most hated human beings in the world and listening to a leaked Wu Tang album.

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Flume’s self-titled debut album arrived four years ago today

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Flume has arguably challenged the boundaries of electronic dance music more than anyone else since his career began. On paper, that was only four years ago, but in terms of influence, it feels like Flume has been a critical fixture in dance music for much longer. Four years ago today, on November 9, Harley Streten officially launched the Flume project behind the release of his self-titled debut LP. Since then, the Future Classic proponent has made massive strides in his career, and a quick look back at Flume’s debut release proves his infectious brand of sonic experimentation has absolutely stood the test of time.

The self-titled LP introduced the aesthetic that Flume’s body of work as an artist would soon be defined by. Psychedelic visual accents accompany distinctly off-kilter, cutting-edge production work for a cohesive blend of dance music that wasn’t quite designed for clubs or festivals, but for almost everything in between. The LP explored the divide between vocally-focused dance music and innovative instrumental grooves with tracks like “Sleepless,” “Holdin’ On,” “Insane,” and “Ezra.”

These tracks, now a part of the Flume canon, would eventually come to outline the style and feel of Flume’s sophomore release, 2016’s Skin. In less than half a decade, we’ve seen Flume travel across the world, split from his side-project What So Not, and deliver two of the most boundary-pushing albums that contemporary dance music has yet to see. Four years feels like an eternity within the electronic music space; imagine where Flume will take things in four more.

Listen to Flume’s self-titled debut LP below:

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Stream Empire of The Sun’s new album ‘Two Vines’

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Empire of The Sun have perfected their craft of making irresistible indie pieces filled with expert synth work and adventurous songwriting, cementing them as a heavy favorite among those craving a more alternative form of electropop.

After three years of relative silence on their end, the pair began teasing news of their new album in 2015, finally giving away official information in August. Two Vines has now been unleashed, granting fans access to fifteen compositions that traverse various soundscapes all tying into an “urban jungle theme,” from the cheery title track, to more laid back pieces like “Way To Go.”

Listen to the full journey below.

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Boiler Room Is Launching A Virtual Reality Music Venue

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Scheduled to launch in 2017, Boiler Room has just announced a partnership with virtual reality hub Inception to create a VR music venue.

The venue will be specially constructed to host VR streams, which audiences will then be able to experience from the comfort of home with their own VR headsets. Blaise Bellville, Boiler Room’s CEO, says that the new endeavor is a result of their growing interest in immersing remote audiences, touting that the new venue will “bring people even closer to what it’s like being at a sweaty rave or an amazing concert half-way across the world.”

Check out Run The Jewels’ 360° Boiler Room show below, and imagine even more freedom supported by quality video… We can hardly wait.


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Source: Boiler Room Is Launching A Virtual Reality Music Venue