Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 23

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

There’s a serious shortage of glitch hop on my radar lately, so I’m delighted when some pops up. I’m a long-time fan of Au5 and his incomparable style. He crafts flawless, ethereal soundscapes that never fail to impress with their otherworldly qualities. He’s reworked APEK‘s “Supernatural” into a remix that juxtaposes Stassi’s delicate vocals with heavy glitchy elements. It’s both melodic and hard-hitting, which I love.

This next track continues with the theme of otherworldly music. WDMA’s “I Walk Alone” is an intense adventure of a track, containing elements of deep and tech house. Throughout its four-minute length, the song goes through an array of phases, making it more of a story than a song. With gorgeous builds and serene vocals, “I Walk Alone” caught my ear from first listen.

Stonebank and Darren Styles have teamed up for a legendary happy hardcore track on Monstercat called “Sky Is Falling.” With dreamy vocals from EMEL, the two top-notch producers are pushing BPM boundaries with this latest collaboration. As with many happy hardcore releases, the verses shine with emotive vocals, building up to a fiery, fast-paced drop. It’s addicting.

Party Ghost is back releasing music, and all is right with the world. Less than a month after the release of “Alone,” the Californian producer is back with a shimmery new track called “Keep Me Around.” The track focuses on Party Ghost’s vocals over a simple guitar melody, taking a minimalist approach to his music. Though it’s a bit melancholy, “Keep Me Around” still has catchy elements that keep the listener hitting “repeat.”

For his latest piece of work, GoodSex has released a remix of fellow Chicagoans Win & Woo. GoodSex gives the track a sultry vibe, with a deep bass line that gives the chorus a gritty, rough-around-the-edges feel while still maintaining top-notch production quality. It’s reignited my love for “Recognize” in an entirely fresh way.

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Monstercat unveils Best of 2017 results

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Canadian label Monstercat is ending their year on a decidedly strong note. On Dec. 6, they announced voting was open for their Best of 2017 selection, allowing fans to vote on their top 10 Monstercat tracks of the year and support their favorite artists. Just two days later, voting closed and results were released, unveiling longtime Monstercat artist Pegboard Nerds at the No. 1 spot with their track “Heaven Let Us Down,” which came out at the end of October. Also claiming top spots are Grant with “Are We Still Young,” Tokyo Machine with “Spooky,” MYRNE with “Confessions,” and Kuuro with “Possession.” View the full list of winners below.

1. Pegboard Nerds – Heaven Let Us Down

2. Grant – Are We Still Young ft Jessi Mason

3. Tokyo Machine – Spooky

4. MYRNE – Confessions

5. KUURO – Possession

6. Stonebank – Ripped To Pieces ft EMEL

7. Unlike Pluto – Everything Black ft Mike Taylor

8. Aero Chord – Drop It

9. Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King – Sight of Your Soul

10. Conro – Close

11. Muzzy – Spectrum

12. Slips & Slurs – Moving Hectic ft Harry Shotta

13. Tristam – Bone Dry

14. DROELOE – JUMP ft Nevve

15. Darren Styles – Us Against the World

16. Puppet – Bigger Picture

17. Kayzo & Slander – Holy ft Micah Martin

18. Bad Computer – New Dawn

19. Infected Mushroom – Spitfire

20. Gammer – The Drop

21. Feint – Outbreak ft MYLK

22. Ephixa & Laura Brehm – Losing You

23. Notaker & Declan James – Who I Am ft Karra

24. WRLD – Everything ft Ashdown

25. Anevo –  Waiting On Your Call ft Park Avenue

26. Rogue, Stonebank & Slips & Slurs – Unity

27. Bishu – Eyes Wide Open

28. Dirty Audio & Delta Heavy – Stay ft Holly

29. Duumu – Illuminate ft Slyleaf

30. Dion Timmer – Till I Make It ft Tima Dee

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Monstercat unleashes ‘Uncaged Vol. 2’ compilation

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The title is appropriate.

After the smashing success of its inaugural Uncaged compilation in May, Monstercat has followed up with a second set of tantalizing tunes.

The Canadian label’s Uncaged Vol. 2 came out on Aug. 25 and includes 31 songs and a nearly two-hour album mix. The album features Monstercat favorites like Pegboard Nerds and Tut Tut Child, along with newcomers to the label like Slander and RIOT. In addition to the producers, skillful vocalists like Elizaveta and David Benjamin also lend their voices to this incredible collection of music. Lovers of everything from playful house music to hardcore dubstep will find themselves immersed in this unique collection of music.

The independent label consistently pushes the boundaries of electronic music, uniting artists that might’ve otherwise never worked together. Uncaged Vol. 2 is Monstercat’s 32nd compilation album since its founding in 2011.

In addition to the collection of music, the label has also released an accompanying line of merchandise. Check it out here.

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 2

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Let’s kick off this week’s playlist with a beautiful track from Puppet that blurs the lines between electronic music and alternative rock. After following his music through various Monstercat releases, I can enthusiastically say that “Here Again” is one of Puppet’s best yet. His vocals and production in “Here Again” truly impress as he takes his own spin on A Will Away’s original song. As electronic music spreads its roots into other genres, we need talented producers like Puppet at the forefront of the movement.

First things first: Madeon is a genius and “Pay No Mind” is a work of art. The disco-fueled collaboration with Passion Pit came out as a part of the French producer’s Adventure album in 2015 and has since received a medley of reworks from artists like Lemaitre. Since it’s a few years old, though, I figured the remixes were done. I was wrong. Phantom Sage released his own version of the iconic track after seeing that Madeon had released the stems, and “a hundred projects later,” he put out his own interpretation. The Colorado producer pays homage to one of his favorite songs in the best way, with dancing synths and an even funkier groove than the original.

It’s now time to switch gears completely. I’ve been following PsoGnar and Teminite‘s collaborations since they first started working together and was thrilled when I saw they were putting out an entire EP together. With PsoGnar’s reggae-infused, silky vocals and Teminite’s filthy dubstep stylings, the two are a unique, formidable force. “Rally The Troops” has both a fierce, driving melody and the elements of grimy dubstep both producers’ fans have come to know and love. It’s one of those songs that’s truly a story: taking listeners on an exciting adventure from the first second to the last.

The journey continues with Stonebank‘s newest trap anthem. The introduction to this song is masterfully composed, with the first 30 seconds feeling practically symphonic. Though I love the entire track, the beginning 60 seconds are what really drew me to this track. Stonebank has proven he can produce everything from happy hardcore to trance to drumstep and shows no signs of slowing down.

My love for drum & bass knows no limits. My love for 80s-style music lately knows no limits, either. After a song called “Kyra” by a Los Angeles group called The Midnight popped up on SoundCloud and mesmerized me with beautiful saxophones and gorgeous vocals, I began following the duo’s music. Yearning for more material from them, I put their discography on repeat and waited patiently (OK, impatiently) for more. Luckily, they released a beautiful remix album at the beginning of the month that has (for now) quenched my thirst. The highlight of the album is a six-minute drum & bass remix from Russia’s PROFF. His take on The Midnight’s track “Days of Thunder” is a beautifully minimalist drum & bass rework that highlights the vocals and tunes in completely to the euphoria of the original track.

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Seven Lions, Echos – Cold Skin (Remix EP)

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Seven Lions and Echos have put out the Cold Skin Remix EP on Monstercat. Koven, Stonebank, V!RTU, Mr FijiWiji, MitiS, and INTERCOM all have put their spin on this already amazing song. I am not going to lie, normally I do not like it when other people remix Seven Lions, however when so many talented

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Stonebank – The Only One feat. Ben Clark (Darren Styles Remix) [Monstercat]

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Just when you thought Monstercat was all out of surprises, BOOM, it’s Darren Styles. If you’re asking “Who?” it might be time for that to change. Styles has been one of the leading names in UK hardcore since the early 90s, before many of Monstercat’s dominant producers were even born.

Though Darren Styles’ Monstercat debut sadly didn’t come in the form of an original, a remix is probably the next best thing, especially when it’s for Styles’ fellow hardcore producer Stonebank.

Though not an extreme variant of the original, Darren Styles’ remix of “The Only One” is not to be taken for granted. Styles gives the original hardstyle track a beautiful happy hardcore flavor, something that comes pretty rarely to Monstercat. The original’s melody even arguably fits better in this remix than the original, which is truly impressive. Though it might be an off-day release, this remix is definitely not one to miss!

Listen to Darren Styles’ remix of “The Only One” and download the track below:

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Source: Stonebank – The Only One feat. Ben Clark (Darren Styles Remix) [Monstercat]

Stonebank – The Only One feat. Ben Clark [Monstercat]

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From uplifting trance to happy hardcore to trap to drumstep, Stonebank has done it all. Though the British wonder has proven himself time and time again, Stonebank seems to have reinvented his sound for the fourth time this year, jumping into the raw energy of hardstyle.

Though hard dance generally has been Stonebank’s primary genre since the release of his smash “Stronger” in 2015, his newest single “The Only One” steps past Stonebank’s typical bright, jumpy tones and immediately brings on some serious 150 BPM punch.

While this rapid transition into hardstyle was surprising, what threw me off the most with this track is that it has a vocal feature that isn’t EMEL or Concept. The culprit is none other than Ben Clark, a UK-based singer/songwriter whose experience in EDM has been little to none. Personally, I think Clark’s rock-oriented vocals and Stonebank’s production combine to make some very tasteful hardstyle. We hope you think the same!

Listen to “The Only One” and buy the track below:

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Source: Stonebank – The Only One feat. Ben Clark [Monstercat]

Monstercat Returns Strong with 28th Compilation Album ‘Uproar’

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Following up Cataclysm wasn’t going to be easy, but Monstercat somehow managed to do it. With their 28th regular compilation Uproar, Canada’s biggest independent EDM label is pulling no punches.

Much like 027, Monstercat has brought a few established artists to their lineup (notably Snails and Candyland) in addition to a heap of fresh talents (Glacier, Topi, ForiaTokyo Machine and MIU, just to name a few). Uproar also sees the triumphant return of Monstercat veterans Vicetone (see our writeup on “Nevada”) and Project 46.

Whether or not you’re a big fan of Monstercat, this is definitely not an album to overlook. If the insane amount of new names on the lineup isn’t enough, a good chunk of their long-time artists have completely reinvented their sounds recently, which truly broadens the compilations’s diversity.

Below, we have picked our five favorite tracks from the album. We would encourage you to listen to the whole thing yourself and let us know what your favorites are in the comment section below!

Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep in the Night

Snails’ Monstercat debut is everything we had hoped it would be. “Deep in the Night” smashes Snails and Pegboard Nerds‘ sounds perfectly together, creating a filthy 5-minute wad of vomitstep that will be blasting out of speakers worldwide for months to come.

Eminence & Alex Klingle – Altitude feat. Danyka Nadeau

Progressive trance at its finest, there is not a single bad seed in this track. “Altitude” also marked the first-ever Monstercat appearance of rising trance star Alex Klingle, who typically makes his home on Enhanced Recordings. Hopefully we’ll see him as a Monstercat regular soon!

Anevo – Electric Heart feat. Ameria

2016 has been a year of spectacular Monstercat debuts, and Anevo‘s “Electric Heart” is no exception. From its soul-piercing guitar plucks to its gorgeous vocals from Ameria, this track is perfection. Hats off to you, Anevo.

Stonebank – Soldier

Stonebank‘s first attempt at drumstep is oh-so-sweet. If you thought Stonebank hit hard with “Never Looking Back,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised with “Soldier.” The track has one of the straight-up dirtiest drops of 2016, so bassheads will be all over this one.

Rezonate – Highlight

“Highlight” is Monstercat’s first-ever R&B release; how can it NOT be memorable? The vocals and production are ridiculously catchy on this one, and I’ll forever have its sassy “whatever!” sample drilled into my mind. Thanks, Rezonate.

Listen to Uproar and buy the album below:

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Source: Monstercat Returns Strong with 28th Compilation Album ‘Uproar’