‘Night Bass London’ EP brings blistering bass house to streamers’ speakers

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‘Night Bass London’ EP brings blistering bass house to streamers’ speakersNight Bass Shirt

Night Bass has bestowed three brand new bass house hitters on listeners via the release of Night Bass London [UKF10]. Comprised of just three cuts, Night Bass London [UKF10] keeps it sonically short and sweet, but nevertheless makes every second count. The EP kicks off with the gravelly bass technics of opening number, the Static-supplied, “Phlegmatic Dogs.”

Moving forward, “Phlegmatic Dogs” gives way to Nightline‘s underground-inflected “Shift K3Y.” Layered atop a driving bassline, the chopped, looping vocal cuts add a groovy sense of grit to the dark house showing.

Corrupt shoulders closing duties with the Raas-assisted “I Don’t Care.” The airy, atmospheric tones that accent the song’s opening seconds lend a static-y appeal to the track, but as streamers will indubitably agree, of all the electronic elements that work in harmony on “I Don’t Care,” it’s the undulating bassline that reigns supreme in the constructive context of the EP inclusion.

Anjunadeep stumbles upon ambient gold in boerd [EP Review]

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Curatorial excellence on Anjunadeep‘s part is evident in their newest signee, boerd. The James Grant-run imprint isn’t afraid to travel outside its usual deep and progressive confines every so often, and in this case has stumbled upon a promising ambient talent.

Boerd’s debut EP on the label, Static, is intellectual and nuanced, playing around with spacey elements, white noise, and atmospheric soundscapes to create complexity sans a rhythmic crutch. Such a feat is easy for the Swedish newcomer, who draws extensive experience from his time as a double bassist for various prolific orchestras.

“Lid,” for example, opens Static on a warm note, with crackles lining the background of a guitar-laden soundscape whose chords gently caress the ears. This sentiment persists throughout the EP, continuing on into a smooth, piano and vocal-assisted “Fragment II” and a dissonant, string-filled “Void.” Time is skewed without a constant metronome, making these three tracks feel like they fly by.

Like “Fragment II,” “Diorama” involves heightened lower frequencies and subtle percussion, pairing together with warm background accents and jubilant synths to create a feeling of elation. “Blind” is the most energized track on Static, employing guitar riffs, powerful verses, and hollow vocal edits into a nostalgic, laid-back listen.

“Ebb” closes Static with an homage to classical, Medieval sounds. A choir hums out somber melodies, with the mood further amplified by slight hints of oregon, and moving piano and synth progressions. Though minimal, the piece has a profound effect.

It’s safe to say boerd’s time in the electrosphere spearheading a new ambient movement will be one to watch.



Pick up a copy of ‘Static’ here

Cazzette showcase their versatility with ‘Time’ EP

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Cazzette have remained a prominent dance act through the years for the heart-rendering and infectious energy they put into their music. With every release, the Swedish duo deliver only their finest production, giving every track the proper attention in order to make the most invigorating impact. To further extend upon their explorative and creative journey throughout the electronic realm, the team have delivered their most diversified project to date in the form of their newly released, 5-track EP ‘Time’ – out now on PRSM Records.

With the addition of previously released tracks “Oceans,” “Handful Of Gold,” and “Static,” Cazzette’s recent EP comes with two new singles that catalyze the pair’s genre-bending versatility. “Run The World” featuring Danish vocalist Nadia Gattas is a booming bass-driven number, while “Just People” leans towards a more ebullient edge with heavy guitar rhythms and sweltering lyricism courtesy of British songstress Karen Harding. As a whole, the ‘Time’ EP is a step in the right direction for Cazzette, leading them towards the upper echelon of dance music’s finest.

“We named the new EP Time, because we thought the title fits. Time is something we took to grow and to remain interesting to our creative vision, just like every single one of us. Thank you for listening and being a part of our journey. With Time, we tried everything from Reggae to Garage and we are proud to present it as a showcase of our diversity and creativity.”

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