Stream SOPHIE’s 25-track remix album for ‘Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’

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Stream SOPHIE’s 25-track remix album for ‘Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’SOPHIE

SOPHIE has made the two-part remix album for her 2018 album Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides available to stream online via Youtube. The experimental producer has captivated the mainstream scene with her provocative avant-garde take on pop music and equally intriguing visual aesthetics, garnering the attention of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and frequent work alongside fellow electronic producer Flume. SOPHIE released Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides to widespread critical acclaim last year before she proceeded to launch a limited edition remix album in July 2019. Only 100 copies were made available alongside the purchase of a $285 exclusive clutch bag, made in collaboration with MAWI & Ciaran Moore.

The remix package features 25 tracks and includes five versions of “INFATUATION” as well as new tracks “XTC Acid” and “Leeds Heaven and Hell”. SOPHIE has shared both sides of the non-stop remix LP and accompanying visualizers for each upload. Listen to both sides of SOPHIE’s Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides remix album below:

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SOPHIE shares non-stop remix albums of OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES for FREE

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What are you doing for the next 1.6 hrs or so? Oh, yeah? Wow. Sounds kinda important. DOESN’T MATTER. I now have you scheduled to listen to SOPHIE’s freshly-announced non-stop remix album of last year’s OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES (our #1 album of 2018, btw). Like with that album, the two-part remix release — with each installment consisting of over 47 minutes of seamless fun — has been graciously made available for FREE on YouTube, and it could very well expire tonight. I mean, we don’t know that to be true, but who knows what’ll happen between now and then. We’re not taking any chances.

Listen to both remix albums below. Whole new world down there.

05. PUSH EMISSION (wHor3 moans)

08. DIVE (SDF)

SOPHIE launches limited edition remix album for ‘Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’

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SOPHIE launches limited edition remix album for ‘Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’SOPHIE

Experimental Scottish pop songstress, SOPHIE, has launched an extremely limited edition sale of her remix album for her Grammy-nominated Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides LP.

Only 100 copies of the “non-stop” remix LP are currently up for grabs. Along with the release, SOPHIE has sweetened the offer for fans interested in shelling out the $285. The purchase comes with an equally exclusive clutch handbag, available in either black or red, produced alongside MAWI and Ciaran Moore. In total, fans will receive the clutch and three-CD set, which includes the original LP and twofold remix album.

The package is available via SOPHIE’s website.

SOPHIE announces limited-edition remix album of OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES + exclusive clutch bag

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You’re a TMT reader, which means that, according to our demographic data, there’s a 74% chance that you earn a yearly income of at least $30k. Which also means that you could possibly be 1 of the 100 lucky fans to afford and purchase SOPHIE’s latest release: a “non stop” remix CD of OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES + an exclusive clutch bag for $285. GO NOW GO!

The “custom extended” clutch bag is made in collaboration with MAWI and Ciaran Moore, and comes in black or red. No info has been released yet about the remix CD, but if you’re not part of the aforementioned 74% elite, you probably wouldn’t have the leisure time to listen to it anyway lol.

Oh, is that a teardrop in your eye? It’s okay to cry, ya bum!

Palmistry – “Rovin”

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Palmistry-RovinThe London-based singer and producer Palmistry is a fascinating figure: A guy who makes a version of dancehall reggae that strips the music back to minimal pulses and emotional longing. The Irish-born Benjy Keating doesn’t exactly sing in a fake patois or anything, but he understands the way dancehall beats work, and he lets his … More »

Palmistry – “Water” (Prod. SOPHIE)

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English artist Benjy Keating crafts left-of-center dancehall pop as Palmistry. His bouncy, elastic rhythms made a splash on his 2016 debut Pagan. Now, Keating is gearing up to release his sophomore Palmistry album, Afterlife, this May. On the album’s lead single, “Water,” Keating finds support in his off-kilter pop inclinations from the current-reigning … More »

Palmistry unveils a devious blueprint on new track with SOPHIE, announces new album Afterlife

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In 2016, Rafael Lubner noted with surgical accuracy that Benjy Keating (a.k.a. Palmistry) “makes minimal pop music to maximal ends.” That truth has not wavered over the three years since Pagan, though Keating has been working head-down in Athens and in his secret lab at Mixpak, producing liquid tracks for big names in small-name hip-hop (with frequent collaborations, including his recent work with Triad God).

But really, it’s all been a part of a perfect-crime pop blueprint. As the pieces fall into place, we can now see that a new album, Afterlife, is on its way. And as if he didn’t already have us under his thumb, the skullduggerous Keating has nabbed a certain TMT-beloved human being named SOPHIE as a collaborator/co-conspirator on a new track available now. Maximal ends indeed…

“Water” is a track that sounds like — well… Keating’s restrained ethos dissolves easily into SOPHIE’s production: a universal solvent. It’s a 3-dimensional chess move, an untraceable neurotoxin.

Security systems be damned, Palmistry is already inside. He played us all like checkers, and there’s nothing left to be done but watch this twilight campaign unfurl, waiting patiently for this May, when Afterlife is destined to hit shelves via Mixpak.

Afterlife by Palmistry album cover
“Water” single cover art

Afterlife tracklisting:

01. Rovin (prod. Palmistry, Mechatok)
02. Venom (prod. Palmistry)
03. Tru Luv (ft. Toian) (prod. Benny Blanco, Palmistry)
04. Water (prod. SOPHIE)
05. Sway (prod. Palmistry)
06. Peel & Slice (prod. Palmistry)
07. Deet (ft. Klu) (prod. Palmistry, Mechatok)
08. River (prod. Palmistry)
09. Vexed (prod. Palmistry)
10. Euphorion (prod. Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, Palmistry)
11. Afterlife (prod. Palmistry)

Flume enters matured new chapter in ‘Hi This Is Flume’

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Flume enters matured new chapter in ‘Hi This Is Flume’Flume Credit Tyrone Bradley

“Stagnation” isn’t a word in Flume‘s vocabulary. The prodigious talent had barely turned 21 when he admissibly defined and spoon-fed the contemporary future bass sound to the masses via his debut, self-titled LP. Sure enough, a star was born. He moved on to solidify his position as one of the most groundbreaking and forward-thinking artists of the current generation after collaborations with Nick Murphy (then known as Chet Faker) and Emoh Instead under their omnipresent What So Not alias.

By 2016, he’d become a fully independent entity, dedicating all his time to solo work and treading the line of pop and electronica with finesse in his Grammy award-winning Skin album. He’d set the bar improbably high for himself. But, being the true innovator he is, Flume has managed to finish another revolution around the experimental sun with Hi This Is Flume. Short, but indubitably sweet, the mixtape stands out as perhaps his most idiosyncratic work to date.

Hi This Is Flume is the product of an artist unburdening himself his self-imposed boundaries and surrendering himself to the abstract. It’s a complete change of pace from Skin, which, likely due to its numerous collaborations, strikes a tame, and even formulaic, chord at times despite its cohesive and invariably appealing nature. This body of work feels structure-less—take for example cuts like “Wormhole” and “Dreamtime”—but united all the same. Flume’s enduring love for squelchy, staggered arrangement is the bedrock of the record, with each of its 17 tracks ebbing towards the next, as organically as the tides turn over. We’d gotten a taste of this in the Skin Companion EPs, but the Aussie talent eclipses expectations in this latest undertaking.

Flume’s work alongside Vince Staples and other rappers appears to have influenced the direction of Hi This Is Flume, as well. The mixtape is packed with low-end stunners, like the euphorically unorthodox “Ecdysis” or the resplendent, twinkling “Jewel.” His choice of collaborators this time around also mirrors this irreverence towards convention: the eternally strange EPROM makes his way into the fold on two tracks, one of which was an ethereal rework of SOPHIE’s “Is It Cold In The Water?” Meanwhile, “How To Build A Relationship,” featuring superior lyricism by JPEGMAFIA, arrives as an unearthly melding of warped bass and avant-garde rap.

Awe-inspiring too is the amount of impact Flume manages to squeeze into such a short time span. Most of the productions in Hi This Is Flume are two minutes or less, but are so cleverly engineered, texturized, and intricately layered that they feel as expansive as a piece that clocks in at triple the length. “Voices,” another powerhouse effort crafted with SOPHIE and Skin collaborator KUČKA, is biting, with glitchy effects galore, contrasting with dreamy, fluid undertones to facilitate a cerebral and fully loaded listening expedition in all of 115 seconds. The hazy, lo-fi tune “Daze 22.00” captivates with Eastern influence and viscous synthesis that make for an off-kilter combination, without proving too jarring. And optimism lives inside a single song in “Spring”—a gracious way to end such a stunning compilation, with its subtle, saccharine buoyancy.

It would be remiss not to mention the stunning visualizer that accompanies Hi This Is Flume. Crafted by Jonathan Zawada, who’s also behind Skin’s designwork, the video is as quixotic and crafty as the music beneath it. While the record is plenty enticing on its own, Zawada’s interpretation of it in a visual medium really bolsters the entire listening experience, with its swirling psychedelia and internal/external journey premise.

Hi This Is Flume points to a new era for Flume that sees an already remarkable artist stepping away from convention, while remaining accessible. The advanced sound design and clear step outside his creative cavern showcase a matured talent who continues to carve new niches in the modern electronic sphere where no artist formerly thought to look. With news of even more music on the horizon, Flume is poised to continue throwing himself from experimental precipices for the better.



Photo credit: Tyrone Bradley

Stream Flume’s New Mixtape Featuring JPEGMAFIA, SOPHIE, slowthai, & More

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Sydney-born, LA-based producer Flume has just released a mixtape called Hi This Is Flume, his first new music since 2017’s Skin. The 38-minute mixtape features contributions from SOPHIE, JPEGMAFIA, Eprom, and slowthai, among other artists. The track list includes Flume and Eprom’s remix of SOPHIE’s “Is It Cold In the Water?” from 2018’s … More »

Predicting The 2019 Grammy Winners

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