Medasin’s debut album is innovative, warm, and pleasing to the ear

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Medasin’s debut album is innovative, warm, and pleasing to the earMedasin Press Irene E1533913276981

Grant Nelson, aka Medasin, is changing the scope of electronic music. After a flavorful edit of Portugal The Man‘s 2017 hit “Feel It Still,” Nelson was in high demand, earning official remix opportunities for Khalid, Post Malone, Martin Garrix, and more. In early 2018, he sold out eight of 10 shows on his first official headline tour, garnering enough positive traction to further develop his craft. Now, Nelson’s finally chosen to deliver Medasin’s most innovative work yet, gifting the world with his official debut album: Irene.

Back in January, Nelson released a full EP mix entitled “IRENE,” which, in his own words, were “16 original songs I’ve worked on over the past two years.” It was sort of a “pre-EP EP,” giving fans a little taste of what he had in store. However, listeners can expect some completely new content from the Dallas-based producer, as these nine tracks appear to be from an unknown arsenal. The album is versatile, in that it’s not only the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack, but also a great way to escape to some tropical paradise for a bit, collectively fusing Caribbean-influenced sounds with warm, electro goodness.

Steel drums are mixed with jazz-inspired tempos on “Ramen,” the album’s second track, setting the tone for a genre-blending journey. Jazz rhythms are also applied on “Slinky Man,” which utilizes light percussion and electronics, serving as a base for intriguing vocal samples. Other highlights include a smooth R&B track, “Tired,” featuring Sophie Meiers, and “Work For You” featuring Kaz Moon, which goes a bit harder with short staccato’d synths on the drop. On “Home,” listeners will recognize beloved synth melodies that can be traced back to hit remixes such as “Feel It Still.”

To complement his debut album, Medasin will head on phase two of his North American “Irene” tour, making his first stop in Canada on Sept. 27. Tour dates and tickets can be found here.

Culprate surveys new subdued style in new EP, ‘Unity Project, Part 3’

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Over the last few months, Culprate has steadily released a series of EPs with a special twist. The UK-based underground dubstep producer took to his Twitch channel, where he routinely discusses music production and tips, to put out the two previous bodies of work that he created alongside members of the online community itself.

Now Culprate has released the third part in his Unity Project EP series, featuring newcomer artists Quok, Aether, Frequent, Protostar, Bloom and Keota & Sophie Meiers, to further highlight the sense of togetherness and creativity on his channel.

In keeping with his artistic message of unity and togetherness, Culprate’s third EP delivers an eclectic package of subdued, expertly-crafted electronic tracks, taking a step away aesthetically from his previous two EPs. The result is a left-field journey through melodic indie-dance, underground dubstep, and changing tempos. Deep, diverse and unabashedly eclectic, Unity Project, Part 3 neatly encapsulates the limitless potential of artistic collaboration and experimental styles.

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Michael Mason – Evil Presence ft Sophie Meiers

Michael Mason – Evil Presence ft Sophie Meiers

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New York-based Michael Mason has just released a refreshingly distinct collaboration with rising singer-songwriter Sophie Meiers.

“Evil Presence” is far removed from its name in its immensely immersive and delicate indie R&B style. Meiers’ voice does have a hauntingly evocative appeal to it, but rather than being an off-putting eerie tune or brimming with monstrous future bass drops, Meiers’ voice carries listeners through the track in a dulcetly smooth, heroic fashion. In just under three minutes, Mason has situated himself in a pleasing sonic standing of evocative mesmerization.

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Sunday Morning Medicine: seeing extended family sucks, this playlist doesn’t

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Sunday Morning Medicine is an eclectic playlist for the chill at heart. Curated weekly, chillers of divergent tastes Alexandra Blair and Michael Cooper bring you a selection of tracks to relax to. Our editorial feature highlights the cream of the crop, but you can follow the official playlist on Spotify

This week’s opening salvo comes courtesy of vocalist Sophie Meiers. With Baltimore-based producer Vide providing an appropriately oceanic foundation, Meiers’ voice occupies “Shores’” center stage. Her breathy delivery is accompanied by meandering guitar licks, wobbling synth patches, and a rumbling bass that motivates the track without ramping up the energy too high. The end result: an indolent, swaying RnB tune.

A cut from German producer B-Side’s LP When Streets Are Empty, brings laid back vibes and makes the most of its minimal style. An electric piano pings through the audio-spatial spectrum, giving way to nocturnal horn samples. Throughout, a meandering bass line rumbles underneath while a shuffling pattern on a ride cymbal — mostly hidden — provides an element of stability to the affair.

Philadelphia’s Nick Anthony — with an assist from Still Haze — offers up this edition’s most energetic track, “Blur.” A multifaceted production that pulls from styles ranging from 80s nostalgia to the future sounds dominating the electronic music scene today, “Blur” is most impressive in its structure. With so many unique riffs and sound selections, one would expect a thumping powerhouse. However, Anthony maintains a measure of restraint and melds the disparate elements into a cohesive, mellow original.

The penultimate selection is Tajima Hal’s “Until Morning.” A clever patchwork of samples creates a dreamy, hazy atmosphere that mollifies the listener. Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Until Morning” is actually one of Hal’s longer compositions. Still, the track is never in any rush and is perfectly content to float along to its conclusion without ever pushing the energy envelope.

Finally, Pool Cosby’s “New York Band Plays New York Venue” brings this edition to a close. An extended intro of slickly produced piano chords opens into a tightly composed verse. Vocal chops weave in and out of trumpet runs while a clever drum pattern taps out the foundation. The track builds to a cathartic crescendo that never explodes but releases into a grinning, smooth outro.

Stream the official Sunday Morning Medicine playlist below and hit follow on Spotify for updates in real time.

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VALENTINE One Ups Kanye’s “American Boy” and Reveals How He Did It

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Red and pink construction paper, glitter, and heartfelt love letters. This is what comes to mind when the word “valentine” is thrown around. And without surprise, rising producer VALENTINE‘s maximal future bass tunes capture the thrills and spills of new love, with a myriad of chippy blips, thumping bass, and heart restarting synths. After releasing

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