Kim Gordon – “Hungry Baby”

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Kim-GordonIt’s been 37 years since Sonic Youth released their self-titled debut EP. In that entire time, Kim Gordon, the former Sonic Youth co-leader, has been an adventurous wanderer and a force for implacable cool on the rock underground. But she’s never gone solo. That changes this week, when Gordon releases No Home Record, the first … More »

Kim Gordon – “Air BnB” Video

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Kim-GordonOne month from today, Kim Gordon, former Sonic Youth co-leader and eternal avatar of New York cool, will release her debut solo album No Home Record, recorded with Sky Ferreira producer Justin Raisen. We’ve already posted her video for first single “Sketch Artist.” Today, she follows that one up by sharing “Air BnB,” … More »

Sonic Youth announce new release of old live album

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If you’re the kind of person who reads music blogs, you don’t need to be told who Sonic Youth is. You love and respect Sonic Youth, you played the hell out of the copy of Evol you pirated off MediaFire, you considered buying Fender’s Lee Ranaldo Signature Jazzmaster guitar until you realized owning it wouldn’t automatically make you one of Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest guitarists of all-time. That’s why we’ve selected you — yes you — to receive this special news bulletin.

We’ll tell you right now: this isn’t some random series of Sonic Youth album reviews being posted for reasons no one will ever be able to figure out. No, baby, this here is the real deal. On June 7, Sonic Youth will be releasing Battery Park, NYC: July 4, 2008 — a new live album — via Matador Records.

Previously only available as a bonus companion piece to the band’s final album The Eternal, this release marks the first time the live effort will be available for standalone purchase and — for all you physical media doomsayers — on streaming services.

Featuring a set that both “spans the band’s 30-year career” but is also 45% made up of songs from Daydream Nation, the live show captured on Battery Park, NYC: July 4, 2008 comes from — and this may utterly shock you — the band’s show at the River To River Festival in New York City’s Battery Park on July 4, 2008. God bless America.

Upon the live album’s release, Matador will also be putting The Eternal on sale for 25% off, in honor of that album’s 10th anniversary. Who’s the bonus companion piece now? That sale, as well as the release of Battery Park, NYC: July 4, 2008, will be on June 7.

Take a listen to a live version of “Bull in the Heather” and check out the album’s artwork and full tracklisting down below. You can pre-order Battery Park, NYC: July 4, 2008 here.

Battery Park, NYC: July 4, 2008 tracklist:

01. She Is Not Alone
02. The Sprawl
03. World Looks Red
04. Jams Run Free
05. Hey Joni
06. Silver Rocket
07. The Wonder
08. Hyperstation
09. Bull in the Heather
10. 100%
11. Making the Nature Scene

Kim Gordon Announces Art Exhibit, Thurston Moore Forms Supergroup With John Paul Jones

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Kim-Gordon-and-Thurston-MooreWe’re coming up on the 10th anniversary of The Eternal, the last Sonic Youth album. There isn’t ever going to be another Sonic Youth album — or, if there was, we’d all be shocked. But the former members of the band are keeping plenty of busy, and a couple of them have new projects in … More »

30 Essential Noise Rock Tracks

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Grind. Skronk. Pigfuck. Seemingly every word associated with noise rock sounds incredibly unflattering out of context, and even in context doesn’t fare much better. Before noise rock had a name, rock critics such as Lester Bangs and Robert Christgau came up with their own suitably unpleasant ways of describing the tortured sounds of music oozing … More »

Thurston Moore to release yet another archival experimental LP on heavyweight vinyl

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Sonic Youth members have continued digging through their archives since last week’s announcement of their partnership with live archivist site Nugs. Coming up next, guitar aficionado and one-time techno producer Thurston Moore is pressing his 1995 Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv album onto white vinyl. The release was previously only available in New Zealand on inferior compact disc. Featuring the clattering accompaniment of jazz drummer Tom Surgal, the album features three improvisational tracks filled with delicious guitar noise.

Feel free to pre-order the release from Glass Modern Records ahead of its November 2 release. And for all of you content to eschew the material trappings of modernity, catch Thurston in the ephemeral space of a live show throughout November, too. Dates are listed below.

Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitivtracklisting:

01. Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv (Part 1)
02. Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv (Part 2)
03. Phase II

Even more Moore::

11.02.18 – Kingston, NY – BSP Kingston
11.03.18 – New Haven, CT – Statehouse
11.04.18 – Greenfield, MA, USA – The Root Cellar
11.06.18 – Philadelphia, PA – Ruba Club
11.09.18 – Minneapolis, MN – Walker Arts Center
11.10.18 – Minneapolis, MN – Walker Arts Center
11.12.18 – Chicago, IL – Art Institute of Chicago
11.15.18 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere

Sonic Youth to celebrate Daydream Nation by launching live archives, selling gear, lighting a few pale candles

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Everybody’s talking ‘bout the stormy weather…but over at, the go-to fan site for downloading live shows, chatter is all about their recent partner, Sonic Youth, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Daydream Nation. The Kool Things have already got a selection of audio recordings up (in addition to video of a Glasgow 2007 show):

11.05.88 – Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL USA
12.13.88 – CBGB’s, New York, NY USA
08.17.02 – Metro, Chicago, IL USA
08.22.07 – ABC1, Glasgow, Scotland
10.21.09 – Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany
08.12.11 – Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn, NY USA

The celebration doesn’t stop there, though. The band also has plans for events titled as “30 Years of Daydream Nation,” featuring screenings of films and heretofore unseen footage:

11.11.18< – Chicago, IL – Music Box Theater with discussion panel featuring Thurston Moore, Steve Shelley, and Sonic Youth archivist Aaron Mullan.
11.12.18 – Austin, TX – Alamo Drafthouse-Ritz with discussion panel featuring Lance Bangs and Matador Records’ Gerard Cosloy in conversation.
11.18.18 – Philadelphia, PA – PhilaMOCA with discussion panel featuring Lance Bangs and Steve Shelley in conversation.
11.19.18 – Brooklyn, NY – Alamo Drafthouse with discussion panel featuring Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley, Lance Bangs, and photographer Michael Lavine in conversation.

If that’s not enough, how’d you like to own some of the band’s GEAR? Sonic Youth’s Reverb Shop will open Tuesday, where you can get your mitts on over 200 instruments (well, collector’s items now essentially), show posters, poster-sized photographs, memorabilia, and most curiously, “personal relics from concerts throughout the band’s career.” Check out a preview of what’s in store. Hope to see you at one of the events…unless, of course, you’re the asshole outbidding me on something!

30 Essential Grunge Songs

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Essential-Grunge-PlaylistYou can choose all sorts of genesis points when you look back at a moment as era-defining and yet difficult to clarify as grunge. One route might be to focus on the movement’s mainstream insurgence in the early ’90s, to locate the true beginning of grunge as when it arrived and subsequently stormed the charts … More »

Steve Shelley Selling Guitar Pedals From Sonic Youth’s Studio

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Sonic Youth still ain’t getting back together anytime soon, folks. The band broke up, along with Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore’s marriage, way back in 2011, and they have now reached the “ex-members selling off old gear” stage of nonexistence. The silver lining, though, is that if you’re the type who enjoys owning lots … More »

Thurston Moore – “Mx Liberty”

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The former Sonic Youth co-leader Thurston Moore remains busy. Last year, Moore released the solo album Rock N Roll Consciousness and teamed up with This Heat’s Charles Hayward for the experimental LP Improvisations. And in a couple of weeks, he’ll release a new 7″ single that he recorded recently in London. “Mx Liberty” … More »