Premiere: Namito – Stone Flower

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Premiere: Namito – Stone FlowerSOL069 Artwork

The world finally got to see just how multifaceted of an artist Namito is through his first LP, Letting Go. Released on Ubersee, the expansive project which combined writing, art, and a sonic biography of his life stunned dance fans across the world. For his debut on Sabo’s Sol Selectas, the Berlin-based artist taps into his Persian roots to present a refreshed, and slightly psychedelic take on a classic.

“Stone Flower” takes vocals from an older tune out of Iran, and embeds them in a deep, 4/4 foundation. It’s dissonant and hypnotic, leading listeners down a metaphorical rabbit hole with lush rhythms, string accents, and entrancing basslines. Namito does well in fitting into the Sol Selectas aesthetic—and has crafted a top opening tune for his sets in the process.

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Premiere: Gab Rhome – Hidden

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Premiere: Gab Rhome – HiddenGab Rhome La Maison

Southern California deep house authority Sol Selectas has invited a new artist into its fold: Gab Rhome. The burgeoning talent has spent the better part of 2018 expanding his influence by way of touring, with a few choice releases on All Day I Dream, Natura Sonoris, and Bar 25. Given his increasingly ethereal, tuned-down aesthetic, Rhome is a perfect fit for Sol Selectas —and he backs this with a well-rounded EP, La Maison.

Each of the EP’s three tracks toys around with symbolism and subtlety. In “Hidden’s” case, one must listen carefully to uncover the song’s classic structure, hidden under a thin house veil. A rustic feeling is present throughout, manifested through warm guitar riffs and hypnotic vocals. This organic nature makes it easy for anyone to connect with the music, and works its listeners into a complete state of trance.

Gab Rhome would do well to play “Hidden” during his upcoming set at All Day I Dream’s annual New Year’s event in Los Angeles, taking place in Gin Ling Way on December 29. More information and tickets to the event here.



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Be Svendsen – Getula [EP Review]

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Be Svendsen ended his year on a sensual note via “Getula.” Through jazzy keyboard riffs, Eastern-inspired instrumentation, and carnal rhythms embedded in a mid-tempo foundation, the Danish producer proves once more that electronica doesn’t need to be pounding and high-charged to create an irresistibly move-able atmosphere. Its hypnotizing layers serve as tentacles that keep the listener hooked until the very last beat.

“Getula” also received remixing treatment from rising Italian/Canadian duo KMLN, who created a more atmosopheric feel with their added synth work and balaeric guitar samples. Yet, their version is also heavier than the original, as KMLN chose to anchor the finished product with pronounced bass-lines and slightly tougher kicks.

Given “Getula’s” mystical nature, it was only natural that the piece be signed onto Sabo’s Sol Selectas label. Both Be Svendsen and KMLN are known collaborators with the Sol Selectas brand, and their work certainly embodies the imprint’s ethos.


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