Slumberjack release debut single from forthcoming EP

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Slumberjack release debut single from forthcoming EPSlumberjack Daggers

Known for their intense drops and bass dubstep fusions, Australian duo Slumberjack have diverted directions with newest collaboration, titled “Daggers.” The track is not at a loss for intensity, thanks to a commanding electronic framework, but the vocals are the focal point of the track. Rising Australian talent Machine Age linked up with the duo for the release.

The single is from Slumberjack’s forthcoming SARAWAK EP, which will be released via Monstercat. One half of the duo wrote on Twitter how surreal this release and the upcoming EP is for them. “I used to listen to Monstercat releases with awe when I was just starting out – I entered their remix competitions and looked up to their artists so much. I never imagined I’d be releasing an EP with them one day.”

“Daggers” is the first single from the album, and it’s certainly giving fans a lot to look forward to for the releases yet to come.

Ekali releases inaugural EP, ‘Crystal Eyes,’ through OWSLA, Big Beat, and Atlantic [Stream Here]

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Ekali releases inaugural EP, ‘Crystal Eyes,’ through OWSLA, Big Beat, and Atlantic [Stream Here]Ekali Crystal Eyes 1

It seems with a single stroke of his pen, Ekali has swiftly solidified his leafy emblem near the crest of the EDM pyramid.

Securing momentous slots at both Ultra and EDC this year the Canadian producer seeks to consolidate his efforts with the release of his first-ever multitudinous body of work, the Crystal Eyes EP.

For an inaugural EP, it would be hard for an artist in the electronic circuit to fathom a better threesome of label-housings than an OWSLA, Big Beat, and Atlantic trifecta; Ekali has managed to acquire exactly that for this watershed notch in his still rather formative release history. A frequent and well sought-after collaborator, the Canadian producer hosts a series of esteemed guests to help the listener navigate the glistening Crystal Eyes topography, including K. Flay, Medasin, Elohim, and SLUMBERJACK. The release will coincide with a North American tour, making stops across major musical hotbeds in the US and Vancouver.

Ekali uses the EP to first and foremost demonstrate his ability to wander spacious experimental sonic terrains while primarily keeping one foot grounded in pop sensibility. His track with K. Flay, for example, sees the producer wield the songstress’s notoriously moody pop vocals to accentuate his woefully drawn out guitar chords and wistful synth twinkling. At the other end of Ekali’s emotional rainbow, with exquisitely nuanced support from Medasin and Elohim, “Forever,” invites the listener inside its halcyon fortress of bouncy, beat-privy idealism. Crystal Eyes is a glimpse inside Ekali’s all at once flourishing and fragmented inner world. The EP functions terrifically as a hallmark of Ekali’s affinity for wide-reaching emotion, unfettered energy, and a perceptive level of adventurousness when it comes to his ever-evolving sound design.


Ekali announces tour with 1788-L and Slumberjack

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As always, Ekali is on fire and is rising at an amazing pace. Today, Ekali announced his tour with 1788-L and Slumberjack. The tour is called the Crystal Eyes tour. Ekali is set to release a fourth EP sometime soon – also called Crystal Eyes – but details of the release are not out just

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Ekali and Slumberjack release dreamy Helios

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It seems as if Ekali is taking over the world. Having just played at Tomorrowland for the first time yesterday, Ekali is one of the fasting rising artists this year. Today, in conjunction with SLUMBERJACK, Ekali released the new tune Helios. Ekali seems to have a signature dreamy, almost relaxing sound. Helios starts out with

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Ekali shares SLUMBERJACK collaboration, ‘Helios,’ ahead of full EP

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Ekali shares SLUMBERJACK collaboration, ‘Helios,’ ahead of full EPEkali SLUMBERJACK 1

While only mid-way through 2018, this has already been a watershed year for Canadian bass producer Ekali. Making milestone stops at EDC Las Vegas and Coachella recently, he has now shared the first tune, “Helios,” off his very first EP.

The song is a joint effort with longtime Alison Wonderland collaborators and fellow Aussies, SLUMBERJACK. The song combines SLUMBERJACK’s multifariously textured sampling and robust trap stamina with Ekali’s affinity for playfulness, inherent in the high-pitched vocal chops. While the drop is characterized by a fervent, machine-like vigor, the interludes carry an almost astral ambiance, wrapped in whimsical melody.

Looking ahead, Ekali is expected to follow up with ample new tunes in the near future, as well as the full scope of his North American tour this fall to accompany the EP.

Meet the artists you can’t miss at Spring Awakening: Alison Wonderland

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This year, Chicago’s Spring Awakening Music Festival, the largest dance music fest in the Midwest, will return to Addams/Medill Park with another packed, meticulously curated lineup, including TchamiVirtual SelfTiëstoAlison Wonderland, and more across its three-day span. Dancing Astronaut has teamed up with the fest to get to know its standout acts a little better, just before SAMF arrives to bid spring adieu June 8-10. 

Alexandra Sholler, aka Alison Wonderland, EDM’s token Aussie with the purplest hair and some the most massive bass beats in the game, is heading back to the Windy City for 2018’s Spring Awakening. Aside from her status as a globetrotting DJ/producer, Sholler is also a classically trained cellist, songwriter, and singer — her voice can be heard on nearly every track she writes. Last year, she made headlines for her stellar performance at Coachella, where she and Rezz were the highest paid females on the ticket — not to mention Coachella history. 

Known for her transparency about struggling with mental health, Sholler has become something of an advocate in that domain for both other artists and her fans, often taking time out of her sets to speak candidly on the topic. Both her new album, Awake, and her 2015 album, Run, are weighted in unequivocal emotion, a redemptive motif encircling her momentous trap beats and intricate sampling.

A highly in-demand collaborator, Sholler has teamed with talent across the spectrum, including Lido, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Chief Keef, and most extensively, fellow Aussies, Slumberjack, whom she speaks so fondly of with Dancing Astronaut before she heads to SAMF’s Equinox Stage June 8. She also divulges into inspiration for Awake, must-see sets at SAMF, and her at-home, one-woman DJ sessions.

You can still buy tickets to Spring Awakening here, and the full lineup is available to view here.

How would you compare the Australian dance music scene to the US’s?

I grew up in the dance music scene in Australia. It’s what shaped my whole career as an artist. I feel like the festivals are different. I remember the first time I played EDC Las Vegas in 2015. I had never seen an electronic festival like that in my entire life.

Quite a bit of time elapsed between Run and Awake. Were you working on Awake for that entire time?

No I was not. I did a lot of touring off Run. To be honest, I didn’t expect Run to get the attention it did when I made it. I find it hard to produce and write while I’m on the road, so I started working on Awake when I had more down time in one place. I am also very inspired by my emotions, and Awake is about a pretty heavy series of events in my life. I can’t pick and choose when things happen to me or where I find creative inspiration, and I started writing awake to deal with those particular issues.

How have you evolved as an artist in that time span?

I am not sure. I feel like as I grow as a human, I grow as an artist. It’s very organic for me. I grow off feelings and intuitions. I am super bad at planning, so I think I just have more insight now. I don’t really think about how I have grown. I think I definitely am a better songwriter and producer. That’s the great thing about art: you can always learn new things.

Last time I saw you live, you got up on the decks and had so much enthusiasm. Do you still get that hyped about DJing?

100%, even when I’m alone I get hyped. I think this is the only thing I genuinely love, to be honest. I DJ alone in my house for fun. Once I played for eight hours straight at a house party I threw in LA. Ask Jai Wolf, he was there. I feel better behind the decks than in front of them. Every time I play I feel at home and it is super cathartic for me.

You’ve collaborated with Slumberjack on your past two albums. Tell me about your experience working with them.

I just f****ng love those boys. We really get each other musically. Everything just flows so easily. We always seem to make music in the most random places. “Naked” was finished in a hotel room with sh**ty laptop speakers and my iPhone as a microphone. “Sometimes Love” was made in a kitchen. I prefer collaborations that feel organic where there is mutual and equal respect. I work better that way. I mean everyone does. It is important to have trust in each other’s creative processes. I feel all of that with the Slumberjack boys.

What’s your favorite part of being on tour? Least favorite?

My favorite part is playing shows and feeling the adrenaline and connection with a crowd that comes with that. My least favorite part is the loneliness.

How does it feel to be returning to Chicago for Spring Awakening?

Amazing. I cannot wait. I love the crowd there.

What three sets would you recommend from the Spring Awakening lineup this year?

I would not miss Virtual Self, Bleep bloop, Oh and this loser. Her mother paid me $20 dollars to say this: Alison Wonderland.

Event Review: Final Show Of KRANE’s “Fallout Tour” In NYC

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If you don’t know KRANE by now then you’ve definitely been living under a rock. This man has been doing some big things over the past year, from releasing his debut album and collaborating with some of dance music’s most prolific artists. There seems to be no stopping his increasing momentum. Not only has he

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SLUMBERJACK & QUIX release futuristic visuals for ‘Vision’ ft Josh Pan

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Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.12.38 AM

SLUMBERJACK X QUIX – Vision (ft. josh pan) [Official Music Video]

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This music video is dope as hell, just like the audio was when it first dropped. The extremely far-out, trippy, animated futuristic visuals are the perfect ‘vision’ for the out of control combination of sounds and feels by this group of next level producers. I’d really love to see more collaborations by these four, shit

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Catch up with KRANE on his FALLOUT tour [Q&A + Ticket Giveaway]

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After countless hours spent honing his sound, KRANE released his debut LP, Fallout, in October 2017. The 10-track album is the culmination of years of listening to and creating music, and was met with high praise from fans, fellow musicians and publications around the world. The producer has followed up the massive release with an accompanying cross-country tour. We caught up with KRANE to hear how the tour is going so far and what’s coming up in 2018.

What can attendees of the FALLOUT tour expect from your shows?

This is the most me performances to date. Tons of old and new KRANE, and a lot of exclusive edits, remixes and unreleased tunes. The sets are dynamic, and don’t just stay within one kind of sound. MYRNE, Slumberjack and Alexander Lewis are all incredible performers as well, and we’ll have a few surprises on stage for people as well. Have also worked to create a new set of visuals to accompany the music – overall I think people should be very excited.

What are you most excited for with this tour? Any dates you’re particularly looking forward to?

I mean, I can’t pick any one city. Because this is my first headline tour, I feel like the crowds have been more exuberant, open-minded and just wanted to have fun compared to any prior show I’ve played. The energy has been incredible and Im just excited to bring the show to as many people as I can. Though.. if I had to pick a fav it might be Austin, because I get to gorge myself on BBQ the next day…

What has reception of your debut LP been like in the few months since its release?

Above and beyond what I could have hoped for – really. I was worried with putting out so much content at once it’d invite a lot of critique – and while there has been some, it’s filled me with excitement to hear how much it’s resonated with my fans. It’s very heartwarming, and I think people are finding their own story within the album and that’s fantastic.

After part one of the FALLOUT tour wraps up, what are your plans for the remainder of 2018?

More collabs, more remixes, another LP or album (in the works), and just finding more and more ways to serve my listeners, who are truly the most valuable part of this whole project.

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