Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

All puns aside, the last thing we expected was Tchami to drop a new track right as his Prophecy Tour kicked off this week. Set to hit numerous cities in North America, the Prophecy Tour will keep Tchami busy over the next several weeks, but the Parisian producer nears the end of the first week of the tour by dropping an entirely new track. The best part? It takes his music in a familiar yet exciting new direction.

“Adieu” finds Tchami exploring a more uplifting side of his sound, one with almost tropical-sounding percussion, soft synths and a powerful sample. A fuzzy warble punctuates the track, hinting at Tchami’s darker side before he rings it in in favor of a more house-inspired mood. Originally known for his future house songs with glitchy vocal samples and dark synths, “Adieu” contrasts to Tchami’s signature sound without sounding alien, a rare feat for a producer known so well for a darker persona. We’re intrigued to see if he explores more of this lighter, house-inclined sound in the future, but for now we are happy to see Tchami step into the light.

Listen to “Adieu” below:

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Alesso’s New Single “Falling” Releases This Friday

After releasing his successful debut album Forever in 2015, Alesso launched a huge album tour. Many artists would take it easy after such a busy year, but Alesso surprised in 2016 by releasing two new singles: “I Wanna Know” featuring Nico & Vinz and Jolin Tsai and “Take My Breath Away.” Alesso’s continuing that momentum in 2017 by gearing up for his first big release for the year.

Alesso’s new single, “Falling,” will release this Friday, February 3, on Def Jam. He uploaded a teaser of the track with its release announcement, hinting at yet another progressive house track with a female vocalist. Alesso’s MO seems to be “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and “Falling” will likely go down as another hit under the Swedish producer’s hit-laden belt. Spotify users can head here to pre-save the single so they’ll have the track in their collection on release date. Listen to the “Falling” preview below:

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Source: Alesso’s New Single “Falling” Releases This Friday

Tokyo Machine – HYPE [Monstercat]

Tokyo Machine is pumping out bangers like nobody’s business, and he hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down. His newest track – “HYPE” – is just the icing on the cake celebrating six months of successful releases, and boy, he really hid it in a spectacular way.

When Tokyo Machine was revealed to the Monstercat community for the first time last July, he was instantly cemented as a fan-favorite. I mean, who couldn’t love his cutesy Japanese-themed style, catchy one-word titles and chiptune-inspired breaks/electro hybrid sound? It’s no wonder Tokyo Machine’s career has taken off so quickly.

If you’ve been a fan of his past releases, there’s no doubt you’ll love “HYPE” too. In just three minutes, the song encapsulates everything that makes Tokyo Machine a unique name in the scene, plus a little bit more. Two features that stuck out to me especially were the scratching samples and the pitch falling in the second half of the drop, which provided a wonderful contrast between retro and contemporary.

Listen to “HYPE” and buy the track below:

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Source: Tokyo Machine – HYPE [Monstercat]

Listen To Maarten Vorwerk’s New Single, “You’re The One”

We never thought we’d see the day, but Maarten Vorwerk just released a new original on Spinnin’ Records with Mazare and Matthew Steeper entitled “You’re The One.”

Featuring swelling synths and powerful vocals from Steeper and some unnamed female vocalist, “You’re The One” is strangely addicting. It follows closely along with the pop/EDM formula, with vocals resembling those of All-American Rejects or Plain White T’s, giving it an extremely wide range to appeal to all fans.

Check it out below!

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Your EDM Premiere: Keys N Krates x KRANE – Right Here

A match that we never knew we wanted was made earlier today, when live electronic band Keys N Krates and rising underground legend KRANE teamed up to release a collaborative single, “Right Here.” Coming as a fluid blend of the two acts’ iconic styles, the song expertly combines KNK’s minimal, hard-hitting arrangement with KRANE’s sound design and songwriting prowess. The result is a track that’s already primed to hit the stages during the upcoming festival season.

When asked about the start of their relationship with KRANE, Keys N Krates said they became fans from the moment they heard his late 2015 original, “Movin.”

“When we first heard KRANE’s tune ‘Movin’ we knew he was special and we immediately became fans.  We got in contact with him, and just sort of just built and it became natural for us to work on something together eventually.  We sent him this dark RnB driven type idea that he put he then put his spin on and it started really becoming a cool blend of our sounds.”

For KRANE, the experience of working with several of his early inspirations was something to be extremely proud of.

“I remember when I started producing watching vids on Youtube of these dudes rehearsing. Been a long time fan of KnK and what they represent in electronic music, so having come all this way and made a tune with them is really something I’m extremely proud of.”

The song begins with a swell of warm synth above distant percussive strikes and a pulsating ripple, quickly rising towards the vocals as they occupy the spotlight. A gradual series kick drums and claps pairs with the climbing energy towards the drop, until an explosion of powerful future bass waves and signature, high-pitched vocal chops take over the space. Sharp snare hits and a rumbling bass transform the vibe into a riot full of cascading melodies and thick sonic textures.

Listen to “Right Here” below, and check further down for a download and the two acts’ touring schedules!

Click here to purchase your copy via iTunes!


2/10 – Webster Hall – New York, NY

2/17 – Wobbleland – San Jose, CA

3/3 – Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB

3/4 – Exchange – Los Angeles, CA

3/24 – Sky – Salt Lake City, UT

3/25 – Stereo Live – Dallas, TX

Keys N Krates:

Feb 03 – Webster Hall (DJ SET) – New York, NY

Feb 11 – CRUSH – Dallas, TX

Feb 17 – Echostage – Washington, DC

Feb 24 – Create Nightclub (DJ SET) – Los Angeles, CA

Feb 25 – Bassmnt (DJ SET) – San Diego, CA

Mar 03 – BETA Nightclub (DJ SET) – San Diego, CA

Apr 08– Phoenix Lights Festival – Phoenix, AZ

May 05 – Middlelands Festival – Todd Mission, TX

May 26 – Elements Festival – North East, PA

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Illenium’s Team Previews Brand New Track “Fractures” [VIDEO]

Coming off of his epic New Year’s Eve performance at Snowglobe, producer Illenium has just revealed a brand new preview of his latest single, “Fractures.” Thrown over a custom video showing fantastic live footage of Illenium’s shows and his dedicated base of fans in the crowd, the track comes as a very similar sound to his yet to be released ID previewed at Snowglobe.

The immediate appeal of “Fractures” comes from its warm, future bass center and soaring vocal accompaniment. Featuring pulsating synth ripples and powerful, echoing percussion, the track appears to be one suited for Illenium’s live performances more than anything else.

Listen to the short preview of the song below, and keep your eyes peeled for its official release.


Image: Alex Bruski

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Source: Illenium’s Team Previews Brand New Track “Fractures” [VIDEO]

Slips & Slurs – Haunted [Monstercat]

Guess who’s back, back again
Slippy’s back, tell a friend

In all seriousness, it’s been six long months since Slips & Slurs last released an original. Given, that original was the absolutely astounding “Break the Silence,” but still, Slips’ fans – including myself – have been starving for more delicious bass music.

Thankfully, Slips & Slurs delivers on “Haunted,” one of his hardest-hitting bangers to date. Though the producer has been most recognized in the past as a trap producer, Slippy has more recently gained widespread popularity in the brostep scene for his greasy brand of dubstep, even gaining Excision‘s support on “WiFi Tears.”

With “Haunted,” Slips & Slurs brings back his dubstep sound in full force. However, many of the trap elements that made Slippy great to begin with are very much still a driving force in this track, so older fans should be more than pleased with this one.

If you’ve never heard of Slips & Slurs before now, I would definitely encourage you to keep up with his releases. “Haunted” is just the first of many innovating tunes he’ll be putting out this year, and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Listen to “Haunted” and buy the track below:

Support on all platforms:

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Here Are The Best Remixes Of “Paris” By The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have released a new single, and you know what that means… Everyone and their pet llama is about to upload their own oh-so-fire remix of “Paris,” but don’t be fooled, not all fire is created equal. We’ve gone ahead and collected out the best remixes thus far, and thrown them in one convenient post.

From the ubiquitous future bass spin, to throwback vibes akin to Alice Deejay, here are eight of the best remixes (so far) of The Chainsmokers’ new single, “Paris.”


Photo: Rukes

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KUURO – Savage [Monstercat]

When we listen to EDM, we sometimes get overly caught up in critical analysis and forget about the root and ultimate purpose for the genre, dancing. Though their releases in the past have been almost exclusively experimental, KUURO‘s newest single got my head back into the mindset that the “dance” element is the most crucial piece of electronic music.

With “Savage,” KUURO steps out of trap and walks into some unfamiliar territory. Though house is not usually a genre associated with heavy experimentation, KUURO’s case is a little bit different. Having never veered into any vein of house before, KUURO makes a great first impression.

“Savage” is crazy catchy. Be warned: if your feet don’t start shuffling uncontrollably during the drop, there might be something wrong with you. Fans of Promise Land‘s “X-Press” and MUST DIE! & Skrillex‘s “VIP’s” will definitely be able to vibe to this as well.

Listen to “Savage” and buy the track below:

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soupandreas – Melatonin [Monstercat]

Monstercat‘s head chef is back at it again with another delectable treat, and nobody was expecting this one. Though the NYC-based producing prodigy soupandreas is widely known for his diverse catalog of music, his newest release truly came as a surprise to everyone. After dipping into R&B-heavy future bass on his last two releases (“Tumbling Down” and “Over You“), soupandreas has made a 180° flip with “Melatonin.”

Though it might be named after a bedtime drug, “Melatonin” definitely isn’t going to put you to sleep. Simply said, it’s one of the hardest-hitting works of glitch hop Monstercat has released in some time. soupandreas makes good use of influence from house, dubstep and even chiptune to craft together this glorious four-minute instrumental.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think! If you like it, support the artist by following the buy link below:

Support on all platforms:

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