The Chainsmokers whip up Thanksgiving mix for BBC Radio 1

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The Chainsmokers whip up Thanksgiving mix for BBC Radio 1Chainsmokers Australia Adelaide Show 0139 Med

After a glistening halftime performance during the Nov 19 Monday Night Football game, the release of their latest track, “Beach House,” and their announcement of a forthcoming feature film that will provide a cinematic component for their 2017 single, “Paris,” it’s clear that The Chainsmokers have been hustling this year.

Yet, if there’s anything that the “Closer” hit-makers have learned in their time in the mainstream spotlight, it’s how to keep their momentum going at a steady and unimpeded pace. In the midst of their many musical engagements, The Chainsmokers still found time to cook up a Thanksgiving mix, just in time for the holiday.

As many prepared to pass the turkey and the stuffing, those who craved something new from The Chainsmokers would find their appetites satiated in the DJ duo’s debut mix on Annie Nightingale‘s BBC Radio 1 show early on Thanksgiving morning. A “hardcore” showing, in Alex Pall’s own words, the Thanksgiving mix melds cuts from The Chainsmokers’s catalogue with other electronic selections. The Chainsmokers alluded to a stockpile of impending new music during their guest appearance the BBC Radio 1 episode—news that won’t shock any Chainsmokers fans, given that the pair’s next album, Sick Boy, is slated to drop March 2019.

Listen to the mix, here.


The Chainsmokers go vintage electronic with new track ‘Beach House’

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The Chainsmokers go vintage electronic with new track ‘Beach House’Chainsmokers Australia Brisbane Show 2524 Med

The Chainsmokers‘ latest track, “Beach House,” may sound familiar to indie/dream-pop connoisseurs. That’s no accident, as the song indeed alludes to the unparalleled experience of listening to Beach House. Drew Taggart sings on the vocal-led song, while a wistful guitar pluck summon flashes of retro pop, ultimately giving the release a new dynamic than fans have yet to witness in recent memory through Chainsmokers’s productions.

“Beach House” is reminiscent of the pop-dance fusion releases that ascended Pall and Taggart into rampant stardom with Memories…Do Not Open. The track will undoubtedly be a contender for a fan-favorite with seasoned Chainsmokers fans, while further cementing their status as pop icons. In addition to continuing their stream of Sick Boy releases, Pall and Taggart recently performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a performance slot previously held by the likes of Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift.

The Chainsmokers get heavy with new track, ‘Siren’

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The Chainsmokers get heavy with new track, ‘Siren’The Chainsmokers Profound

Apparently The Chainsmokers‘ recent release with NGHTMRE isn’t the only hard-hitting release on Sick Boy. The duo continue their stream of releases from the now seven-track collection with “Siren,” which is a collaboration with Aazar.

The opening of the track features Drew Taggart‘s vocals. Those who have listened to the duo’s live sets will recognize Taggart’s singing, as the duo has been cutting in his vocal clips into their performances. His singing leads to an intense drop, which was seemingly manufactured for club play, thanks to its infectious notes.

The Chainsmokers’ Sick Boy EP has been an intriguing mix of commercial chart-toppers and gritty dubstep releases, taking the duo back to their electronic roots. “Siren” is another example of their versatile production abilities, following the release of other EP hits like “Everybody Hates Me” and September’s “This Feeling.”

The Chainsmokers release new original, ‘This Feeling,’ duo talk shifting career direction in new interview with Zane Lowe

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The Chainsmokers release new original, ‘This Feeling,’ duo talk shifting career direction in new interview with Zane LoweChainsmokers Side Effects Remi Pack

The Chainsmokers‘ string of releases off of Sick Boy continues with a new sultry tune called “This Feeling.” The release is a stark contrast from the previous track they dropped from the album, which came by way of a style-departing dubstep effort alongside NGHTMRE titled “Save Yourself.”

Vocalist Kelsea Ballerini fuels the track, serving as the focal point of the release with The Chainsmokers’ subtle electronic undertones anchoring the backdrop. “This Feeling” is definitely another radio-ready product from the “Closer” duo, and adds an interesting dynamic to the collection of versatile releases on Sick Boy.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart sat down with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 slot for Apple Music to discuss the release, and had some interesting insight for fans wondering what the duo’s path forward looks like. Pall notes,

“The fact that we can just write a new song today, and it’s not like ‘Oh shit it doesn’t fit into the album, we have to wait like ten months to put this out or something.’ You know I mean, now we just swap something out swap it around, do whatever. I think what we’re doing right now, and where our music goes, is going be the most challenging part of our career. The world is changing so fast, and trying to find your identity and write something that connects with people, that you’re proud of is right now the most challenging thing.”

Despite playing 200 shows a year, the duo also spoke about a studio session they recently had with emerging emo rapper Juice WRLD, in which they wrote not one but three tracks. “This Feeling” is a dynamic addition to the duo’s collection of hit releases, but it seems that we should be expecting plenty more to come from Pall and Taggart in the near future.

Owen Norton Remixes The Chainsmokers’ New Hit

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After gaining over a million views on his remix of The Chainsmokers’ song, ‘Young’, Owen Norton once again impressed his melodic vibe on another Chainsmokers release. With big chords, impactful drums, and an infectious vocal arrangement, Owen puts a future bass twist on The Chainsmokers’ acoustic ballad, ‘Sick Boy’. Although he is only 18 years old,

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Yvng Jalapeño puts a freaky spin on The Chainsmokers’ ‘Sick Boy’

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Australian producer Yvng Jalapeño woke up one morning to an email from The Chainsmokers‘ team asking him to remix their new single “Sick Boy.” The Australian producer has made huge strides as of late, remixing  Cardi B‘s inescapable “Bodak Yellow,” to rValentino Khan‘s “Pump,” and many more.

The entire first verse of this rework builds tremendous susepnse, utilizing Drew Taggart‘s pre-drop vocals from the original over crashes and rising, harmonic orchestral scales. The result of this build-up is trap mixed with experimental samples including robot noises and eclectic synths alike.

The remix’s quality, and the fact The Chainsmokers sought the producer out, tag Yvng Jalapeño as one to watch in 2018.

The Chainsmokers drop surprise new track, are actually just a band now

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The Chainsmokers have dropped a surprise video for a new song “Sick Boy.”

The clip shows the duo leaning into the instrument-heavy lineup they’ve been championing of late — a musical affect that seems more akin to Twenty One Pilots than any of their EDM ‘peers.’

“How many likes is my life worth?” moans producer Drew Taggart who serves as the vocalist in the clip while co-producer Alex Pall bangs away at a piano and a drummer keeps the song alive.

While the track is sure to delight the group’s more recent fans, it’s a notably major departure from the progressive house remixes that brought them into prominence.