‘We will put Axwell Λ Ingrosso on the shelf,’ Ingrosso says of joint project pending Swedish House Mafia reunion

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‘We will put Axwell Λ Ingrosso on the shelf,’ Ingrosso says of joint project pending Swedish House Mafia reunionAwell Ingrosso

While the ‘sun is shining’ for Swedish House Mafia fans, it’s waning for Axwell ^ Ingrosso, for with the reinstatement of Swedish House Mafia comes the retirement of the duo’s offshoot joint project that picked up when The Mafia disbanded. Sebastian Ingrosso recently spoke about the trio’s full fledged 2019 reunion with Swedish news source, Metro, during which Ingrosso noted that the Axwell Λ Ingrosso would pause under to resume Swedish House Mafia’s renewed reign. Ingrosso elaborates,

“No, we will not do that, we will actually put it on the shelf. As I usually say, there are three dots, it’s not two plus a dot. But we will definitely still do our individual stuff.”

Ingrosso additionally touched on the basis of the electronic superpower’s reunion. “Me and Axwell did our thing and Steve did his thing and Axwell and I felt we had done our thing for five years. We felt it was time, we missed it,” Ingrosso said of the group’s decision to reconvene. As we inch closer to the reunion we’ve all been waiting for, a dominating force on the EDM circuit that nearly filled the Swedish House void is hanging it up — for the best.

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Steve Angello: Swedish House Mafia will play Tomorrowland 2019 ‘by any means necessary’

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Steve Angello: Swedish House Mafia will play Tomorrowland 2019 ‘by any means necessary’Swedish House Mafia Ultra 2013 Rukes

Sources with insight on Swedish House Mafia‘s future moves don’t get any more veritable than Steve Angello.

A series of posters bearing three consecutive Adidas logos recently appeared in London, further fueling speculation that the Swedish supergroup would soon announce a 2019 tour given the posters’ resemblance to those that appeared in Miami just before SHM’s reunion at Ultra 20.

While Swedish House Mafia’s comeback at Ultra‘s 20th anniversary celebration might very well have been the worst kept ‘secret’ of 2018, an ensuing Swedish House appearance–whether in the form of a tour of in that of a Tomorrowland 2019 performance–could be the 2019 equivalent.

Angello recently chatted with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, during which he told the source that the group would play Tomorrowland 2019 “by any means necessary.” Angello’s comment crystallizes the long suspected, but formally unconfirmed return of the trio, despite a lack of formal affirmation from Tomorrowland festival organizers.

Tomorrowland has not released the dates of its 2019 production, but given Angello’s remark, tickets to the Boom, Belgium based affair can only be expected to sell out with increased rapidity next year if “means” prove propitious.

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Steve Angello hints at full-fleged SHM reunion tour & Tomorrowland 2019 appearance in new interview

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Steve Angello hints at full-fleged SHM reunion tour & Tomorrowland 2019 appearance in new interviewSwedish House Mafia 1

Fans have eagerly been awaiting word of a Swedish House Mafia reunion tour since the three reunited at Ultra in the spring, and now, it looks they’re one step closer to full-fledged confirmation.

Steve Angello just hinted in a new interview with Dutch Publication De Telegraaf that the three will be playing the festival together next year. Of course, such an appearance would appear to be in tandem with a world tour, considering the group’s mysterious posters and teasers that have been popping up around the world.

Further confirmation comes from when Sebastian Ingrosso played out he and Axwell’s new single “Dancing Alone” at Tomorowland, where he also bid a farewell, for now. During the set he spoke for a moment on the revelation, announcing that Tomorrowland wouldn’t be seeing the duo for a while as they presumably prepare to join forces with Steve Angello once again.

“I just realized this one thing,” Axwell said. “This is the last time we see Tomorrowland for a while. We’ve had so much fun with you guys over two weekends. Thank you so much for the love — thank you so much.”

Angello also recently confirmed, “It’s happening, obviously.”

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The songwriters behind smash SHM hits announce new VCATION alias, release debut single [Stream]

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The songwriters behind smash SHM hits announce new VCATION alias, release debut single [Stream]JohnMartinLindstromMichelZitronqn3J1mKIbi M

Swedish House Mafia‘s “Don’t You Worry Child” and “Save the World” exude a vibrant and timeless electronic personality that would earn the respective singles acknowledgment in an EDM canon if one ever were to exist. The lyrical mastery behind two of SHM’s biggest hits, as well as that of Tiësto‘s”Red Lights,” Avicii‘s “Fade Into Darkness,” and Martin Garrix‘s “Now That I’ve Found You” can be attributed to the collective work of songwriters John Martin and Michel Zitron.

Martin and Zitron’s prowess in songwriting circles will empower the lyricist duo’s latest project, an electronic alias by the name of “VCATION.” SHM enthusiasts can for now put aside their question as to whether Martin and Zitron will pen future releases for the superpower group, and can instead enjoy a nascent preview of VCATION sound through the release of VCATION’s debut single, “Lay Low.”

“‘Lay Low’ is about allowing yourself a break, a breath of fresh air and maybe just pulling the curtains down for a day,” Martin and Zitron said of the song. “The world is f’d up, and we play a bit with irony in the song regarding the current state of society, and regarding ourselves and our own behaviors,” the songwriters added.

A mellow number that touts Martin and Zitron’s fluid, easy listening approach to melodic arrangement perceptible on tracks like “Red Lights,” “Lay Low’s” male vocal-centric aesthetic and unimposing synth work make for a familiar yet fresh showing from the pair.

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Oliver Heldens lets slip that Swedish House Mafia’s returning for world tour in 2019

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Oliver Heldens lets slip that Swedish House Mafia’s returning for world tour in 2019Swedish House Mafia 2013 Billboard 1548

Rumors of Swedish House Mafia‘s reunion in 2019 have been swirling since the trio’s performance at Ultra this spring. From Steve Angello’s announcement to a billboard advertisement, the legendary group has set the dance music world abuzz with excitement for a possible world tour next year.

Next to further the speculation is Dutch powerhouse Oliver Heldens, who let slip a confirmation of the group’s reunion and world tour while introducing a classic track in his Heldeep radio show.

“So, Swedish House Mafia have now officially reformed, and are announcing a World Tour in 2019,” he says during the show. “This week’s Heldeep classic was made in 2007 by two thirds of Swedish House Mafia. This is Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso with ‘Together.’”

The trio haven’t officially announced the world tour themselves yet, but the continued rumors and sources are keeping fans waiting with bated breath.

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[BREAKING] Steve Angello confirms SHM reunion: ‘in 2019, we are back’

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Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia‘s reunion at Ultra 20 left all fans of the supergroup with one question that would lingered since the trio stepped away from the decks in Miami: what is SHM’s next move, presuming, of course, that there would be a next move?

SHM’s recent removal of all posts previously shared on their official Instagram page seemed to lend credibility to suspicion surrounding an extended SHM reunion, but now, Steve Angello has confirmed that the mafia’s Miami re-appearance wasn’t just a one-off performance.

“It’s happening, of course,” Angello stated in an interview with Sydsvenskan, “All details aren’t set, but in 2019 we are back!”

So ‘don’t you worry,’ SHM fans, the boys are back, and they’re here to stay.

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Axwell / Ingrosso Tell Fans In NYC “Swedish House Mafia Tour 2019”

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Last night, Swedish superstars and 2/3rds of Swedish House Mafia, Axwell & Ingrosso, played a mammoth show at the Brooklyn Mirage in New York City. On a marvelous holiday weekend the place was packed to the gills and to end the special night Axwell shared some pretty big news. As they were closing down their set

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Is Tomorrowland cryptically teasing a Swedish House Mafia performance?

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For months, Ultra Music Festival had been saying “expect the unexpected” leading up to its 20th anniversary celebration. While many believed the phrase to mean Daft Punk was planning a return to the festival circuit, viral rumors all but confirmed a Swedish House Mafia reunion. After all, the iconic Swedish trio hadn’t performed together since their One Last Tour in 2013, with Steve Angello stating to HuffPost, “I just wasn’t having fun anymore. It was this humongous monster. We felt…tired.”

In addition to premiering three unreleased songs at Ultra 20, Axwell concluded their set by saying, “We are Swedish House Mafia for life this time.” Steve Angello’s talent manager, Scooter Braun, then took to his Instagram story following the set, and hinted, essentially confirming that Sunday’s SHM reunion was “the beginning” of something much larger.

I think it’s more or less confirmed that this was not a one time thing

Fans immediately began speculating over whether an arena world tour was in the works, or a possible summer festival run, despite the fact that most large festival bookings have been finalized for the 2018 season.

Following the SMH reunion at Ultra Miami last weekend, Tomorrowland may have further fueled fan hopes when they posted an image of the Belgian festival’s main stage on Twitter with the caption, “expect the unexpected.” The tagline is the exact same phrase that Ultra used when announcing the “secret guest” slot for it’s 20th edition.

Nothing has been confirmed, and the tweet has since been deleted, but the coin of phrase has sparked controversy that another secret guest appearance by SHM may be in the programming for Tomorrowland’s 2018 edition, “The Story Of Planaxis.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 11.31.54 AM

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There were a minimum of two new IDs in Swedish House Mafia’s Ultra set

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swedish house mafia ultra 2013 rukes

“Expect the unexpected” just might continue to be salient advice to Swedish House Mafia fans long after Ultra 20 has concluded.

A tweet from 1001 Tracklists alleges that the Swedish super group’s closing set at the Miami festival contains two brand new IDs, directing attendees and live stream viewers alike to the set, exhorting listeners to “Take a look and listen again.” Ultra 20’s live host, Andrea Helfrich, noted that there were “three IDs” in the set during UMF TV’s live stream of the set, thus signifying that there are a minimum of at least two new IDs in the set, and possibly a third.


Originally published on the evening of March 26, the tweet has since been removed from Twitter.

If the news holds true, a future Swedish House Mafia release could be arriving sooner than perhaps expected. Those seeking to probe the set for the reported new IDs can find SHM’s Ultra set, here.

[BREAKING – STREAM NOW] The wait is finally over – Swedish House Mafia have taken the stage at Ultra

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Swedish House Mafia


Dance music fans and pundits have spent the past few weeks in anxious agony as rumors of Swedish House Mafia‘s fabled return to close Ultra on Sunday swirled around the the internet. Speculations began arising as to who the “surprise special guests” would be shortly after Ultra Miami announced its lineup, reaching fever pitch after a series of events including a mysterious social media update and a cryptic confession from a lighting technician all but validated the rumors for those tracking the case.

Those refusing to believe anyone aside from the iconic trio would be chosen as the festival’s 20th anniversary closers can sit back in vindicated contentment, as Steve Angello, Axwell, and Ingrosso have just set foot on the main stage in a dramatic fashion to take the decks as “One.” A palpable wave of emotion can be felt through the stream, even, as the reunited legends began their “surprise” set with a dynamic array of visuals, ethereal hints of familiar vocals, bursts of synth roars, and finally, their crowd-favorite single “Miami To Ibiza.” A joyous moment has been marked in dance history, indeed.

Per a Tweet from FPIA, the outfit will have debuted three new SHM productions by the time their set is done. Now the question remains: Will Swedish House Mafia’s reunion be a one-off event, or will their “One Last Tour” cease to be with the announcement of a new slew of gigs? We’ll be watching the dance space heavily to find out.

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