♫ Listen: Altarage – “Cyclopean Clash”

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When neither sight nor sound can indicate how you won’t rebound from the next swell, you now know the full scope and feel of the undertow’s reel. Onslaught nautical, inner compass is spun, in deeper than you thought, it cannot be undone. Spatial intoxication abounds, as you spin perpetually ’round. Looking for purchase, you slip on thick riffs, never finding the sea’s floor. Seconds turn into minutes, while you yearn for the shore. Farther and farther from the harbor, each beat blast therein, dashes all hopes of taking in two parts oxygen. The deluge is too huge, and so you acquiesce.

Out on now at Season of Mist; The Approaching Roar drags you down…way down:

The Approaching Roar by ALTARAGE

♫ Listen: Drudkh – “Nakryta Neba Burym Dakhom…”

This post was originally published on this site

The line is cast out into the sea, and then they wait. The shrill riff is an effective lure, as there is no resisting the bait. After 30 seconds, the line gives a tug, and they begin to reel it in.

Drudkh knows the game. They unleash a relentless fusillade of well-balanced, discordant guitar progressions. It is a direct hit, and it does not stop, like a Ukrainian steamroller. With guitars maximizing the high end, the percussion cuts a path of solitary precision. Over this inexorable combination of dissonance and dynamic drumming, Drudkh layer filthy vocals, dripping with venom, to provide the final piece in a turbulent triumvirate.

At the half mark, Drudkh cuts the line, as though the thrill of the hunt was enough. When the prey glides away, the thickness of the guitars washes over all, undulating out into the vast sea. The magnitude of their sound is immense; it conjures the ancients, building a monument to the apparitions of the past. By the conclusion, you have been anointed by noxious octaves, hammered by tight toms, and enthralled by sleek bass lines. Drudkh has entranced you with their signature sound, so pure and so evil.