The 10 Best Rap Albums Of 2019

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At the end of 2019, rap is the most popular form of music in America, and maybe in the entire world. We know this. The data bears it out. But one thing that the data doesn’t quite show is us that rap, like every other genre of music in our atomized age, is not a … More »

Underground Rap Will Never Die

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AzChikeWe’re entering a strange new period where there’s no meaningful distinction between rap’s underground and its mainstream. A regional scene can catch fire out of nowhere. A 16-year-old can blow up on TikTok. After the stultifying years-long dominance of Atlanta trap, other sounds are starting to get their moment in the rap sun. Things can … More »

Dean Blunt’s World Music label takes over NTS in September, premieres with Panda Bear, Mica Levi, and DJ Escrow

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What’s your favorite thing about September? Grandparent’s Day? Labor Day? That it’s also National Potato Month? Well, fuck all of the above (fuck you too, while I’m at it!), because Dean Blunt’s label World Music has just kicked off a month-long residency at NTS Radio.

Every Friday, the label will take over NTS for an hour (10 AM EST) and play unreleased songs and mixes with “friends & various artists.” Today’s premiere installment, titled “ZUSHI,” features Panda Bear, DJ Escrow, jonatan leandoer96, Mica Levi, Joanne Robertson, A$AP Rocky, and Sauce Walka. Amazing.

I was kidding about the “fuck you too,” by the way. To make up for it, I’ve gathered the proper embed code so you can stream the debut takeover from the convenient little space below this paragraph and above some nasty ads:

Kenny Beats’ YouTube Show Might Be The Rap Album Of The Year

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Kenny-BeatsA fascinating thing about rap music: It may be the only form of music where personality and digital ephemera matter at least as much as music itself. Within rap music, hit songs make a difference, of course. So do classic albums. But they aren’t the only things that matter. Transcendent rap moments can come in … More »

J. Cole’s All-Star Dreamville Rap Camp Makes Beautiful Chaos

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DreamvilleThere have been rap camps before. In the sessions for his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West famously flew basically all the artists he liked out to Hawaii, hung a “What would Mobb Deep Do?” sign on the studio wall, and tried to figure out whether he could create any magic. He could. More »

DaBaby Is 2019’s Funniest, Scariest Rapper

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DaBabyCharlotte rapper DaBaby looks at his phone, and there is a video of a woman’s butt on it. DaBaby gets so fired-up about this that he drives his pickup truck off of a cliff. While the truck is falling, DaBaby is dancing. The truck crashes, exploding into a crude special-effects fireball, but DaBaby is just … More »

Carnage readies forthcoming XXXTentacion remix

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Carnage readies forthcoming XXXTentacion remixtentacion Live2

Rambunctious, trap-revering DJ Carnage recently shared an Instagram snippet of an unreleased remix of the deceased XXXTentacion‘s track, “Voss.” In the video, Carnage is seen flaunting some compelling dance moves, as his 808-heavy rendition of the track chugs along in the background.

XXXTentacion has received ample outreach from the rap/hip-hop community since his untimely death this past June. However, considerable controversy encircles his legacy, largely stemming from his extensive stream of criminal charges, including domestic abuse and aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, followed by subsequent evidence tampering.

Carnage is also not the only artist in the industry vying to pay homage to the fallen rapper. Lil Peep recently unveiled his forthcoming post-humous collaboration with XXX entitled, “Falling Down.” For those inclined to hear the rest of the track, it is set to appear on rapper Sauce Walka’s forthcoming mixtape, Drip God. 

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Common’s August Greene Project Is A Blissful Middle-Aged Jazz-Rap Jam Session

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If you wanted to argue that Common was a corny motherfucker — an argument that you could make without stretching any bounds of credulity — you wouldn’t have to look any further than last weekend’s Oscars. Common, who’s already won one Best Original Song Oscar, was nominated for another, for a song called “Stand Up … More »